Man O’ War: Corsair sailing out of early access next week

Man O’ War: Corsair [official site], the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s tabletop naval wargame adaptation of the music of codpiece enthusiasts Manowar, will leave early access and properly launch next Wednesday, April 19th. That’s one year and four days since its initial early access launch. Rob Zancy Prematurely Evaluated the naval strategy game back then, quite enjoying sailing the fantasy seas and questing, trading, and scrapping with other ships or the occassional sea monster, but he did wish it simply had more to do. Early access, eh? Perhaps we can press-gang someone into a return voyage when Corsair is out in full.

Here, this trailer introduces what’s coming our way:

April 19th will bring version 1.0 but, er, in these confusing modern times that doesn’t mean the end. Once 1.0 is out, developers Evil Twin Artworks plan to keep on adding to Corsair. The top items on their list are Imperial and Bretonnian campaigns, extra Chaos campaigns, and a higher difficulty mode.

Man O’ War is on Steam Early Access and GOG for £22.99/27,99€/$29.99.

If you’ve been Manning O’ War over early access, what do you make of it now? I note that a patch or two has arrived most months since the early access. Is it almost ready for launch?


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    But can I get married like in Sid Meier’s Pirates! series?

    Can I marry an Ork? Or a skaven?

    These are the important questions.

    • Flimgoblin says:

      If only you could talk to these creatures, then perhaps you could try and marry them, form alliances… Now that would be interesting.

      (sadly, Man O’ War: Corsair is currently lacking any marriage content)

      • Premium User Badge

        Drib says:

        You seem to be one of the dev staff judging by your other comments.

        Now I have to look into the game, because I appreciate people being accessible about their products.

        Also because I like WH Fantasy. So long as this title isn’t headed full Age of Sigmar in future updates.

        • Flimgoblin says:

          Cool, thanks.

          This one’s set firmly back in 4th edition WH times so unlikely to bump into the AoS stuff.

          And my apologies for the terrible, but obligatory, talk to the monsters joke.

          • Premium User Badge

            Drib says:

            Man I was talking about marrying a skaven.

            I don’t think a joke about talking to monsters is a problem!

  2. racccoon says:

    Thats good! about time one game finished early access!
    Now you just got to other 1000’s of crappy early access’s rubbish to get off there arse’s and stop begging and get on with it & finish the game development!

    P.s. don’t waste your money people do not buy early access games!

    • Firedog says:

      Saying all early access titles are “rubbish” is flat out not true. I have been very happy with a bunch of the early access games I’ve bought (The Forest, BlackWake, Dead By Daylight, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, 7 Days to Die… to name a few).

      When buying something that is in early access, you just need to be aware that it is not technically complete yet. If you are happy with the current state of the game then it is a worthy investment. There are definitely bad early access games out there, but read reviews and don’t buy them. I don’t see anything wrong with a developer hoping to get early financial support to dedicated fans as long as they do it right.

  3. Vacuity729 says:

    Please do a WIT for this one; it seems to be just my barrel of grog, but I’d like to read a trusted opinion before I lay out for the full price.

  4. CartonofMilk says:

    I tried this a bunch of months ago (around the time RPS evaluated it).I can’t speak to what it is now, but then it was ugly (which i can get over..although i woudl expect at least the water to look pretty good in a naval game..that’s the least you can do) and boring as hell (which i cant). You’re better off playing AC: Black Flag. The ship combat is about as shallow except there’s not even good combat when you board. It’s like all the worst parts of black flag without any of the good ones.

    the map is tiny and you can’t even get down at ports. Garbage.

    • Flimgoblin says:

      Good thing we spent the last year adding a few more things then (the map in 0.1 had 5 ports, there are now over 50 and it extends from Kislev to Sartosa). You can also now wander around the ports however we’ve sadly not added any discotheques so sadly still no ‘getting down’. Some quests will have you staggering around port completely inebriated though…

      Might still not be your cup of tea, which is fine :) (AC definitely has shinier graphics/more polish/better assasination, but it doesn’t have a ship that propels itself backwards by firing its main cannon… or ships that grab you with claws to smash you with their hammer, depends what your priorities are) – thanks for giving it a go :)

  5. shaw815 says:

    I bought this game in early access about a month or so ago, due to my recent Warhammer craze, mainly due to all the new GW titles being released at the moment.

    I can honestly say it is the best early access game i have seen on steam ever. Mainly because they actually have used it for what it was for and completed their game in good time with a lot of hard work.

    If you like Warhammer, or any of the old open world pirate games like Pirates of the Caribbean and Sea Dogs, then you should like this game.

    The graphics are not the best, although for me they are still very good, but most importantly it is a lot of fun. Good gameplay, huge map, a large variety of enemies. Build your crew, upgrade your ship with all manner of cool stuff, from Pegasus Knights flying overhead you can order around and use as scouts, to Hellblaster volleyguns mounted on deck. You can also hire wizards and the game has quite a comprehensive magic repertoire, with most schools of magic represented well.

    Looking at how much work the devs have done over early access, adding new features pretty much every month to get us here to a launch, i think it is in good hands.

    The game should only get stronger going forward from launch.