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Man O' War: Corsair Docks In Early Access

Boats 'n foes

The Warhammer-themed Man O' War board game may now be discontinued, but, as you may already know, that's not stopped Games Workshop from licensing a videogame adaptation of its tabletop wargame. With Evil Twin Artworks, the makers of Victory at Sea, at its helm, Man O' War: Corsair [official site] is a naval combat adventure that's now cast its net into the seas of early access.

In line with the universally accepted fictional pirate remit, you'll build a ship and form a resilient crew in Man O' War: Corsairs. You'll hunt for treasure, fight other Warhammer-inspired sea dogs and form unlikely alliances. By way of long-range canons or by forcefully boarding hostile vessels and facing off one-on-one, you'll fight opposing ships until they surrender, bagging you and your comrades a wealth of booty. Watch out for the sea monsters, though.

At present, you'll do all of this under the banner of the Empire in campaign mode, however full release promises more directly and indirectly playable factions - such Orcs, Skaven, Dwarves, High Elves, Dark Elves and Chaos - as detailed on this Early Access road map. There's no multiplayer just yet, however Evil Twin plan to introduce a skirmish battle mode at some stage during the game's planned four month stay in early access.

Man O' War: Corsair is out now on Steam Early Access for £20.69 with a 10% discount, and GOG's Games In Development for £20.79. For more info, Evil Twin have put together a handy FAQ and here's the game's early access launch trailer:

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