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Man O' War: Corsair sailing out of early access next week

Avast, ye scurvy sea... rats? Oh god, Skaven!

Man O' War: Corsair [official site], the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's tabletop naval wargame adaptation of the music of codpiece enthusiasts Manowar, will leave early access and properly launch next Wednesday, April 19th. That's one year and four days since its initial early access launch. Rob Zancy Prematurely Evaluated the naval strategy game back then, quite enjoying sailing the fantasy seas and questing, trading, and scrapping with other ships or the occassional sea monster, but he did wish it simply had more to do. Early access, eh? Perhaps we can press-gang someone into a return voyage when Corsair is out in full.

Here, this trailer introduces what's coming our way:

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April 19th will bring version 1.0 but, er, in these confusing modern times that doesn't mean the end. Once 1.0 is out, developers Evil Twin Artworks plan to keep on adding to Corsair. The top items on their list are Imperial and Bretonnian campaigns, extra Chaos campaigns, and a higher difficulty mode.

Man O' War is on Steam Early Access and GOG for £22.99/27,99€/$29.99.

If you've been Manning O' War over early access, what do you make of it now? I note that a patch or two has arrived most months since the early access. Is it almost ready for launch?

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