Steam’s summer sale has started

Welcome to the Level-Up Mega Zone. Spin your cap backwards, grab your skateboard, and prepare to gleam the cube as Steam’s summer sale goes live. Several thousand video games are now on sale, many of them absurdly cheap. If you want to hang with the keyboard cowboys in the 500+ club, now is your chance to buy a great many video games for not much money. Or to buy one video game you’ve been hoping would become cheaper. Or buy none. It’s your life, pal. Just ask yourself: are you living it to the cybermax?

For people who missed the minigames and guff of some past Steam sales, this year’s summer sale has a sticker book.

The Steam Summer Sale sticker book contains sixteen virtual scenes — from a sunny beach to a tents in the woods — with stickers to collect for each. The book comes blank, and stickers are unlocked by completing ‘Quests’. As summer quests go, they’re not very exciting. They include looking through your Discovery Queue, checking out your Store Preferences, and generally mucking about with Steam stuff.

I’ll give my own stickers to people who complete better quests, such as picking up a dead starfish found on a beach, rolling down a hill, and buying me an ice cream. Magnum Black Espresso would be grand, thanks.

My sale recommendation, as always, is to buy Deadly Premonition for £1.99. It is one of the best games and also a terrible game, and that tension is enough to make some people loathe it. And you need a mod to change resolution. But it is wonderful. And rubbo. But definitely wizzo. At £2, it’s worth a punt.

Our boy Brendy will have some fresher recommendations in a bit, once he’s done interviewing someone over the roaring sound of a chainsaw (true story), and tomorrow we might all comb through the sale like a circle of chimps looking for delicious lice.

The sale will end on Wednesday the 5th of July.


  1. GomezTheChimp says:

    `The Steam Store is experiencing some heavy load right now error 503` :O

  2. Amphetamine says:

    I’m already in the 1000+ club but hey more games :D

    • Suits says:

      Yeah, I joined too recently. Not sure if it’s good thing or not :)

    • malkav11 says:

      1000+ was cool and all, but 2000+ is far more elite and exclusive. Shooting for 2500+ now.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        I recently joined the 100+ club and I feel quite content to stay there for a good while.

  3. goodpoints says:

    such a classic pic

    thought it was a DOS prompt on the screen at first from a glance.

    • Zantium says:

      So that’s what it is! Yes, it’s much clearer now I can see and create the picture myself locally in high resolution.

      I will try again later then.

    • and its man says:

      Nah I’m pretty sure it’s from a text-adventure-game and reads:

      “You’re sitting at your desk, facing a white CRT monitor. What do you do ?

      1. Grab your joystick
      2. Shout in mike”

    • MajorLag says:

      You know, a DOS-themed Steam sale sounds pretty neat. They could use the high-contrast CGA palette with the full-intensity cyan and magenta. Not nearly enough cyan and magenta these days…

  4. Little_Crow says:

    The wishlist seems to be the best way to browse the sale currently – though it’s taking some time for the discounts to actually show up

    • SirSnake says:

      Oh yeah me too. Maybe I’ll just wait and see if the problem resolves itself!

  5. Jerppa says:

    Why do I have Helldivers theme playing in my head after reading this?

  6. ThePuzzler says:

    The new Master of Orion is 50% off. Was that any good?

    • Nauallis says:

      Better than 3, not as fun as 2 but different, and I’ve never played 1.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared for what’ll happen if someday, a game actually IS better than MoO2.

      • Ejia says:

        Better than 3 is good enough for me!

  7. SirSnake says:

    Anyone else having issues with the discounts showing up erratically?

    In my wishlist some games are not discounted, then on the front page they are, but on the actual game page they sometimes are and sometimes aren’t.

    And a combination of such. Bit weird not encountered this before with steam.

    • Suits says:

      The usual thing when a sale starts, normally it takes a few hours for everything to get back to normal

  8. Baf says:

    Yeah, it looks like the main purpose of these Quests is to make people aware of features that were escaping people’s attention. Like, one of today’s quests is to view your store preferences. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at my store preferences before. It turns out there’s a checkbox there to make it stop recommending VR titles, which seems worth doing. So, hey! Quests have already made my life that much better.

    • durrbluh says:

      Yeah, if only. I tried excluding VR/visual novel titles about a month ago, and while it seemed to work at first, they still get served up in my queue on a fairly regular basis in the weeks since. Disappointing.

    • magnificent octopus says:

      I’d never looked at my preferences before either. Steam suggests, based on my preferences, I might want to filter out games that are tagged single-player and those tagged multiplayer. Steam seems to think I should give up gaming.

  9. Morte66 says:

    Well, I would have bought Sniper Elite III at 80% off but the store is broken.

    Still no discount on Fable Chapters.

    I make it a rule to never pay more then five pounds for a game without a demo (or suitable substitute). So, I’d be delighted to buy Knee Deep (which had a demo I enjoyed) at the knock down price of 5.99. But, the store is broken.

    How many years has it been like this? To have your store fail during a major sales event once might be considered unfortunate, but failing this many times is just careless.

  10. Neurotic says:

    I’d forgotten it was today until my son asked me to look something up on Steam this evening. *long pause* *server error message* *sudden remembering* “Ahhh.”

  11. Kittim says:

    It’s the same every bloody year.
    Valve don’t scale their servers to take the extra load into account.

    This is why hippy commune companies are utter crap.
    No bugger will knuckle down and do the unsexy stuff, like plan the bandwidth and server requirements for the next sale based off of the last few they’ve had.

    Valve’s greed is directly proportional to Gabe’s waistline :p

    • Regicider 12.4% says:

      Since they’re always hard on the ball when it comes to $$ they likely prepare some scaling within costs not exceeding the increase in profits for the initial insano rush – Not worth the hassle when people won’t care as soon as it’s normalised and the plebery has got the Start Steam With Windows setting ticked anyway.

      The entire internet flooding in the first evening when every cybersite simultaneously fires their startgun articles but the blunt of sales increase comes later when people has had time to look around a bit since they stopped doing time limited flash deals.

    • fish99 says:

      So many people log into see the deals and know exactly when the sale starts. There’s probably 100x the normal traffic. It’s really not worth paying for extra hardware/bandwidth just for those 30 minutes. Everyone just comes back and buys the games a few hours later.

  12. Kefren says:

    IS that Paypal deal still broken? Paypal seem to have deleted their tweet, as if in a bait-and-switch. Weird if their offer to tie in with the Steam sale ended before the Steam sale.

    • tigerfort says:

      It said in the small print that it was only good for the first five thousand or so people; it’ll have been used up pretty fast. Almost as though it was just a cheap way of advertising or something….

  13. DeadCanDance says:

    Hey Alice, here in Brazil we have some açai ice cream I think you’d love. Anytime you visit give me a call and I will buy you one.

    • April March says:

      I’m in Brazil as well, and I don’t like açai. It’s the purple. Açai, beets, eggplants – all the purple food is bad. Wait, what’s that? Grapes? No, my theoryyyyy

  14. April March says:

    Seeing the stickerbooks makes me torn between being glad that Steam decided to add these things back so the sale isn’t just a cavalcade of consumerism, and angry that Steam decided to add these things back to disguise the fact that the sale is just a cavalcade of consumerism.

  15. Ejia says:

    The sticker of what I assume is a Khajit merchant selling things on the boardwalk is adorable.