Meet The Evil Within 2’s tortured/torturous artist


Let’s all go on holiday! To a twisted horror-world that exists solely as the manifestation of a fractured and agonised mind. Sure, the walls will probably bleed and that clock over there is definitely screaming about the severed threads of temporal stability, but there’s so much to see and do. And let’s not forget all the wonderful people we’ll meet as we hike from one attraction to the next.

There’s Stefano Valentini, for instance. He used to be a photojournalist but now he’s an artist who likes nothing more than creating tableaux of peoples’ dying moments. And because it’s not every day you stumble across someone’s dying moment, he’s taken to creating some magical moments of his own. By murdering people. The Evil Within 2 [official site] looks as gruesomely and gloriously daft as the first, and I am totally on board with this nasty disciple of Sander Cohen.

The original is one of the rare games that I’ve completely re-evaluated after revisiting it in its entirety. It’s an odd game, shifting tone almost as much as it shifts locations and realities, and that left me a little fed up and confused the first time I played it. Going back, expectations suitably reset, I loved almost every minute, some of the longer fights and carnival levels aside.

The sequel is due on Friday the 13th of October, which is the spookiest day of the year. Rumour has it that Halloween really wanted to move to the 13th of October but only if it would always fall on a Friday, and Big Calendar Corp turned Pumpkin Day down and refused to make any alterations to the flow of time.

Big Calendar Corp is no fun at all. Hopefully The Evil Within 2 will be and we may well have much more to say about it next week if Gamescom reveals some fresh horrors to us.


  1. Unsheep says:

    The visual design of the first game was awesome. That’s what interests me the most about this sequel, to see what kind of settings and atmospheres they can create. So far this game looks really cool.

  2. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Really excited for this even though Shinji is only producing it. Loved the first game and am looking forward to what crazy boss fights this one throws at us.

    Just as a thought, the mad-artist has been a trope in books and film for a long time it seems. Has there ever been any real life cases of serial killers who are motivated by a desire to create?

    • poliovaccine says:

      I mean, Jeffrey Dahmer comes to mind. He was trying to create sex automatons haha.