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The Evil Within 2 headlines Amazon Prime's January 2023 game freebies

Along with five other free titles

You can grab free games from every corner of the internet these days. Well, that's if you consider 'at no extra cost' free. One such place is Amazon Prime, where members can claim and keep six free games from now until the end of the month, with 2017 horror The Evil Within 2 leading the pack. The other freebies are Elsewhere, Breathedge, Beat Cop, Faraway 2, Lawn Mowing Simulator, and Chicken Police - Paint it RED!

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Surprisingly, I found The Evil Within 2 to be just as scary as the original. While the first game is a more relentless, claustrophobic horror experience, the sequel sets you loose in a series of rural open environments. A bunch of optional buildings and points of interest contain the high thrill scares you'd expect, but you can just tackle them at your own pace. Plus, some of the art on display is jaw-dropping, even if it's not always as disturbing as the first game.

Even in 2017, RPS' review had tons of praise for Tango's second outing as a studio. Olivia White said that it was a "surprisingly heartfelt and sincere tale" while still providing "a definitive, well produced classic survival horror experience."

In January, other Amazon Prime gaming perks include in-game items for Madden NFL 23, Apex Legends, FIFA 23, and League of Legends. You can claim all these perks and freebies with an Amazon membership and if you're looking for more deals, don't miss out on Steam's Winter Sale which ends tomorrow.

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