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The Evil Within 2 free trial lets you play the opening chapters

The scare necessities

If the prospect of spending time with your family this holiday season isn't horrifying enough you can always download The Evil Within 2's free trial, which is available now on Steam. In her The Evil Within 2 review, Olivia White called the game "a definitive, well-produced classic survival horror experience" so it's worth a go if you fancy a spooking.

The free trial allows you to play through the terrifying open chapters of the game and if, at the end of the demo, players feel like this intense fear is something they want more of, you can choose to upgrade to the full game. Doing this will allow you carry over all your save data and continue right where you left off.

Developer Bethesda has even provided us with a lovely new trailer to sink our infected teeth into, which you can check out below.

The Evil Within 2's free trial also gives players full access to disgruntled detective Sebastian’s customization options, allowing you to build the best character for your playstyle and to help rescue your daughter.

Though the original The Evil Within was nothing to write home about, the sequel has been well received since its launch in October, even landing itself an RPS recommendation. Maybe you can sit down from grandma after Christmas dinner and take down some pesky zombies, I'm sure she would love that.

You can download The Evil Within 2's demo from Steam.

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