New Humble Bundle features Zeno Clash 2, Resi 4, Dead Rising and more

Humble Capcom x Sega x Atlas Bundle b

Humble is back with a brand new bundle – the Humble Capcom X Sega X Atlus Bundle which, for some reason, groups together those three publishers for one big bundle that offers you the chance to pick up games featuring blue hedgehogs, robot arms with stories to tell, FMV silliness, and a mall full of zombies, among other things.

Head over to the main site and you can drop some money on the bundle, with some of the proceeds going to charity as well.

Here are some thoughts on a few of the games included: Renegade Ops is a wonderful game that is a bit of a love letter to the 90s EA series of Strike games (Jungle Strike, Soviet Strike, and so on) that I’ve lost many hours too; Tesla Effect is the kickstarted revival of the classic Tex Murphy FMV series of games, which is silly, silly fun for point-and-click aficionados; Dead Rising is the recently released HD’d up version of the game that stole almost its entire plot from George Romero; Bionic Commando stars Mike Patton (singer from Faith No More) as a dreadlocked fella with a robot arm and grudge – he swings on things and punches people.

Here’s what your money will get you:

Pay what you want
Rollers of the Realm
Zeno Clash 2
Sonic Adventure 2
Bionic Commando
Citizens of Earth

Pay more than the average
Renegade Ops Collection
Sonic Generations Collection
Resident Evil 4
Dead Rising
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Pay $12 (£9.04) or more
Motorsport Manager
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition


  1. TotallyUseless says:

    Hmmmm what do you think guys, is this Bundle any good?

    Only interested with the DLC associated with Renegade OPs since I always forget to get it on Steam sales lol. I don’t know the other games, or either the games are quite “old”.

    • Crafter says:

      I fondly remember the first level of Bionic Commando.

      It plays very well with the disempowerment of the protagonist.

      The game itself would have been awesome as an open world action game.
      Moving with the grappling arm is tons of fun. Unfortunately the devs have created very tight area where going too far from the path == instant death.

      There is also : Zeno Clash 2, Dead Rising, Resident Evil 4, DMC4 … this is a very strong bundle

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Kinda underwhelming. Most of these I have zero interest in, or I already own.

    Still, Dead Rising isn’t bad for folks who don’t own it. Motorsports manager got a good review here I think, and Devil May Cry might be fun for a time-waster if you don’t just want to get Nier Automata.

  3. Artyparis says:

    Not sure it s worth an article. Really.

  4. oliwarner says:

    Not sure it s worth an article. Really.

    It’s an excuse to dump an affiliate link. That sets RPS as the “partner” for your session for the next 24 hours (or until you click another partner link).

    That gives RPS 15% (minus card fees) if you do nothing but Humble being humble allows you to allocate 100% to the partner.

    Given most people don’t touch the payment settings other than cranking the amount down, getting 15% from lazy people seems pretty bloody ludicrous.

    Just to add some numbers… If they send through 500 people who buy the BTA for £9, that’s over £600 for a floppy little update post like this. Not too shabby. Not to mention it covers everything on the Humble site within 24 hours, if they stray around.

    • Gordon Shock says:

      Thanks for the break down, cool stuff.

    • Person of Interest says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. RPS has been posting Humble Bundle announcements for over half a decade; Humble Bundle’s affiliate program is barely six months old. Are you gonna argue that RPS has been playing a long con on us so we don’t notice when their grand money-making scheme (affiliate links!) finally comes to fruition?

      RPS was gonna post about this bundle regardless of whether they could add an affiliate link. Don’t ask them to say no to free money by omitting the affiliate code; that’s dumb. Yes, there’s a potential conflict of interest, but there’s that potential for every article RPS posts or declines to post. You can’t recklessly claim an actual conflict of interest when evidence points to the contrary and you bring no new facts of your own.

      • Premium User Badge

        Drib says:

        But someone could be making money! Don’t you see how terrible that is?

      • Viral Frog says:

        Well, you see, RPS should obviously not be allowed to earn funding to keep the site operating other than through the supporter program. Obviously.

      • oliwarner says:

        I really didn’t say it’s their only reason for posting, just highlighting (in response to a quote) that it is very much worth something to RPS now.

        You’re the only one here who’s grumbled onto conflicts of interest.

    • Creepfish says:

      Nice, thanks for the breakdown. I’m okay with it, I’m actually glad to hear RPS is getting a bit of funding out of this.

  5. Slazia says:

    Unavailable in my region (Japan). Sega, Capcom, and that other company I have never heard of before must hate Japan.

    • bill says:

      Bundles by Japanese publishers are never available in Japan.
      It’s not that they hate Japan, it’s that they price gouge Japan and they don’t want Japanese consumers to get wind of the fact they’re being ripped off… or discover that there are cheaper options out there.

  6. xvre says:

    Tempted to get it for Dead Rising. For some reason the first 2 games never seem to get significant Steam discounts, compared to the 3rd.

  7. Darth Gangrel says:

    I feel good for having played games recently and completed them – decreasing my backlog, having fun and expanding my gaming knowledge. Yet, I feel bad for not being able to trade away most of my bundle games for something better (though I can’t blame them since my trade list isn’t that good and I’m quite picky).

    I really enjoyed DmC Devil May Cry, despite the platforming and bosses and would want to play DMC 3 and 4 someday, but then I’d get all these other games in the lower bundle tiers which I’m not wholly uninterested in, but which I will put on the back burner of the back burner.

    Playing Dishonored’s Daud DLC makes me realize how marvelous it is to play a game built for the PC, so if DMC 4 (including fan made fixes) isn’t a good port, especially concerning keyboard controls and camera, then I will give this bundle a pass.

    What say you, fellow RPSers?

  8. geldonyetich says:

    The bundle was a good fit for those who have bought many humble bundles in the past, as it neatly filled many of those gaps. Already got Sonic Adventure off of a past humble bundle, here’s Sonic Adventure 2. Already got Citizens of Earth on a Wii bundle, here’s the PC version. And so on.

    That said, I honestly don’t know how when I’ll have time to play any of these, especially considering I just decided to take Witcher 3 on from ground zero. $12 well scored on their part, but I really need to curb this collectivist tendency of mine.