Cabin – a cool tiny project that will make your eyeballs ill


On an afternoon trawl of cool free projects I came across Cabin [ link]- a “fleeting experimental game about spending time in a cabin” in which you can “relax”, “drink a beer”, “stare at the moon” and “paint the sky”. I’ll admit that it was the latter which was of most interest as I can do the other three IRL once the sun sets.

It’s a small project with a fondness for an aesthetic which is hellbent on meandering back and forth across the line between pretty and vomit-inducingly awful. I both want to stay in it for ages and leave immediately so that the world stops moving and stuttering.

If you fancy an interesting/pretty/nauseous experience this is a good option. Cabin is pay-what-you-want over on

I need to lie down.


  1. Someoldguy says:

    That screenshot is doing bad things to my brain even in miniature. I’ll have to pass.

  2. Zuolin says:

    Is it supposed to be just a white line that shrinks while random noises play?

    • crawlspace says:

      Hello! I made cabin, so I can answer that question. The main part of the game is supposed to load after the white line entirely shrinks. However I found that too many people had issues with the game never loading and the noises looping forever. I’ve removed the opening noises sequence for now and uploaded a new version to itch, if you wanted to check it out again!

  3. caff says:

    Hey crawlspace, this was rather nice. I feel like I need more stuff like this in my life.

  4. SC says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve seen some of the Crawlspace games before but over the last week or so, I’ve worked through the whole list and . . . the world needs more Crawlspace games. I like Cabin but I like Vermont more and I’ve had a few bad dreams about Crisp Ricies and Liminal Thoughts. Very sweet work.