Super Hydorah blasts out today

Swell shoot ’em up Hydorah returns today, expanded as Super Hydorah [official site]. As bad at shmups as I am, I did enjoy Hydorah’s side-scrolling action and weird locations. The Super version isn’t massively different but it is fleshed out and fancied up, and the 2010 original is free so heck, it’s hard to complain about a £9 price tag. Hydorah is the creation of Locomalito, whose fine freeware Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins-ish platformer Maldita Castilla was similarly revamp-o-rereleased last year.

Hydorah is, I’m told, inspired by vintage shmups like Gradius, R-Type, Darius, and Turrican. I wouldn’t know about that but I can tell you it’s a side-on autoscrolling shmup with a selection of weapons powered up by collectibles, some interesting environmental hazards, neat and unusual bosses, and difficulty that made me mutter and frown a whole lot because I’m a big fool. I have never finished it.

The Super version builds on that with revamped graphics and sounds, two-player local cooperative multiplayer, a little minigame, five new levels, five new bosses, thirty-odd new enemies, one of those oh-so-trendy CRT monitor filters (optional), and more music from Gryzor87.

Super Hydorah is out on Steam for £8.99/€11.99/$11.99. Abylight Studios are the gang who picked this up for the commercial release.

The original Hydorah is still free from Locomalito, by the way.


  1. DrJ3RK says:

    Thanks for the tip! I didn’t even know about this or the original. I love good SHMUPS. This looks like it has a little bit of everything from Gradius, to Darius, to R-Type/X-Multiply, and maybe some specs of Katakis or the like. Definitely going to grab it.

    • flashlight_eyes says:

      prepare to feel humble. I adored hydorahs soundtrack and couldnt get past the 4th level or so. Its definitely one of those games though in which you start to get in a groove and can suddenly crush multiple levels when you are able to to get past the first, but the game is unrelenting.

  2. syllopsium says:

    Yep, they’ve definitely played a lot of Gradius before making that game. Looks interesting, although if they’re using a progressive weapon selection bar like Gradius it’s a bit subtle.

  3. Dominic Tarason says:

    More than anything, Super Hydorah feels inspired by Gradius Gaiden, right down to the wonderfully space-adventurey soundtrack.
    link to

    As an aside, you might spot me in the credits for Super Hydorah, as I did some playtesting on the original freeware version.

  4. RuySan says:

    Looks indeed like Z/X-Out and Turrican shmup levels. If the music is of the same quality of those games, i’m in.

    • DrJ3RK says:

      I absolutely loved Turrican 2’s ship levels. They were obviously completely inspired by Gradius and Air Buster. Air Buster is one of my favorites. The music in the Factor 5 games though was incredible. Chris Huelsbeck has remakes of all of the Turrican music on his BandCamp page. I bought all of them. :)

  5. Shazbut says:

    Locomalito is/are super skilled. Viriax is one of the best free games ever in my opinion