The RPS Advent Calendar, Dec 8th


There’s more than one type of Christmas card and more than one way to deck the halls.

It’s Hand of Fate 2!

Alec: A delightful melting point of recent gaming vogues: CCG, dodge-or-die combat RPG and survival/permadeath roguelike. HOF2 does a hell of a lot in a remarkably understated way – it could well have wound up wearing an ill-fitting costume with garishly clashing colours (the Sixth Doctor, if you will), but instead it pulls it all off with cool aplomb. The plate-spinning always feels thoughtful rather than frantic, and a structure that essentially sees the game composed of lunchtime-friendly short stories suits it down to the ground.

The broader focus over its predecessor means that game’s best feature, a wryly malicious narrator/rival, is sadly lost in the mix. As such, I don’t feel locked in battle with my own computer in quite the same way. But maybe the same joke wouldn’t have been funny the second time anyway.

Adam: I liked the first Hand of Fate well enough but I’m surprised by how much the second has won me over. It’s doing something similar to games like Guild of Dungeoneering, HeroQuest and Pathfinder Adventures by offering bite-sized quests with a boardgame-like structure. But in a year that has seen bitter (and often justified) complaints about unlockables in the form of lootboxes and the like, Hand of Fate 2 is also a brilliant example of progression done right.

New cards and adventures are unlocked through skill and experimentation, and everything about the system of unlocks and discoveries is designed to encourage thoughtful, playful interaction.

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  1. subprogram32 says:

    Hand of Fate 2 truly embodies what a sequal should be, and I am very happy for it.

  2. somnolentsurfer says:

    Huh. This is an actual thing then? I guess I must have missed the first one somewhere ’cause every time I’ve seen a reference to this I’d just assumed it was some kind of fan made sequel to the Westwood adventure game.

    • Turkey says:

      Man, RPS’ readership really is populated by electronic old men. I made a Kyrandia 2 joke under the last HoF2 article, and another person even recognized the reference.