Oxenfree devs announce Afterparty, a Hellish pub crawl

The makers of creepy/lovely adventure game Oxenfree have announced their next game, Afterparty. It will send us on a pub crawl across hell with the ultimate goal of out-drinking Satan to save our souls. I’m in. That’s all I need to know. But wait, there’s more: every dialogue choice will offer the option to drink, and different drinks give different moods/social powers. If I’m focused on the laddish side of the game, it’s probably because I spent the night in a Brighton hotel room overlooking a kebab shop on the high street. The rest sounds good too, but we’ll need to wait until 2019 to play.

So! Life-long besties Lola and Milo are about to graduate university but find themselves suddenly dead and in hell’s sprawling waiting area for reasons unknown. Trying to figure out what happened and why, they set out on a pub crawl across hell to gain entrance to Satan’s exclusive eponymous afterparty and out-drink him to earn their freedom. Beats playing Twister against the Grim Reaper, I suppose.

It does sound an interesting Hell, a sprawling city around the River Styx with neighbourhoods drawing from many faiths. And karaoke.

Drinking seems a big part of the puzzling, with different boozes having effects like loosening inhibitions or sharpening wits, opening new opportunities.

That’s how it sounds, anyway. This information is all second-hand from an exclusive announce-o-prevview on the Ian Games Network, which explains more. The game’s official page has newsletter signups for future information.

Oxenfree is one of best PC games, sez us, so more from developers Night School Studio is certainly welcome. Check out Pip’s Oxenfree review for more too.


  1. Michael Fogg says:

    Such nice art in the service of normalising binge drinking.

  2. woodsey says:

    Oxenfree didn’t grab me especially in terms of plot or character (a weird mix of well-realised characters who nevertheless sounded exactly like a thiry-something’s entirely unconvincing impression of real teenagers), but the naturalistic dialogue system was quietly jaw-dropping.

  3. Masked Dave says:

    This is the game I have always wanted, I just didn’t know it.

  4. Viral Frog says:

    Huh. If I believed in an afterlife, I’m assuming this is exactly how mine would play out. I’m interested in learning more!

  5. April March says:

    Hello, new desktop wallpaper.

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