Battlefield 1’s final DLC, Apocalypse, thunders in next month

Battlefield 1

All good things must come to an end. Not to imply that World War 1 was good in the slightest, but the fanciful and oft-spectacular playground of historical inaccuracy that is Battlefield 1 is finally reaching the end of its extended development cycle.

Battlefield 1’s final DLC pack, Apocalypse, will launch in February. Set in the closing months of WW1, it brings the usual bundle of guns, vehicles, gimmicks and new features you’d expect from a Battlefield expansion, as well as an aerial-only playmode and five maps, although that number might seem a little cheeky if put under closer scrutiny.

While technically accurate, saying that Apocalypse expansion brings five maps is a little brazen. While there are three entirely new maps for most of the standard modes of play, Passchendaele, Caporetto and River Somme all set during the very darkest and bloodiest final months of the war, the final two maps – Razor’s Edge and London Calling – are reserved for the new dogfight-centric Air Assault playmode.

Given the high altitude nature of such engagements, the Air Assault maps probably haven’t had quite the same detail lavished on them as the infantry-level battlefields. I’m especially interested in the River Somme map, as Dice promise that what begins as lush wheat-fields will be a shattered hellscape by the end of the match. An interesting and thematically powerful workout of the Frostbite engine’s terrain deformation systems.

As standard for Battlefield expansions, there’s the usual collection of new murder-gubbins to play with. In the melee category we’ve got the especially brutal meat cleaver, and a somewhat more practical (if improvised) prybar, if you want to see if theoretical physics can bloom on the battlefields of the early 1900s. Naturally, you’ll want to be shooting people at least some of the time, and the bizarre-looking French Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 SMG/heavy pistol and its 8-round magazine should allow for that, along with a handful of other firearms.

On the more gimmicky front, the Assault class is getting an anti-air rocket gun, which can do ruinous damage to aircraft, but still requires you to nail a plane from your position on the ground. If nothing else, it’ll make for some spectacular replays, but doesn’t seem like a piece of kit that the average player will get much mileage out of.

Even more gimmicky, but of significantly more interest to me is the new Afflictions system; selectable handicaps that players can apply to make multiplayer that little bit harder for bragging rights. The two examples provided are Mortality (you lose 200 score every death) and Paranoia (you wear a vision and hearing-limiting gas mask at all times), and I’m interested in seeing what the others are. Not many players are willing to put themselves at a disadvantage, so more power to those brave or foolish enough to play that way.

No firm date has been pinned down for the launch of the Apocalypse DLC, but it should be rolling out some time in February, with Premium Pass owners (or folks who picked up the Revolution edition of the game cheap during the sales) getting access to it two weeks earlier. So, who here is still hacking their way through the trenches, or planning on returning now that the game is finally approaching its final completion?


  1. Premium User Badge

    Grizzly says:

    February is quite quick considering that the previous pack, turning tides, isn’t fully out yet.

    Still hacking my way trough the trenches (albeit with some intervals), as it’s imo the best battlefield they’ve made in a long time (even though it’s has very firmly strayed into “Secret weapons of WW1” territory at this point). The additional content is in itself quite grand, with some maps added to the base game, and doubling the amount of content for those that have premium/revolution. They’re up to 23 maps now IIRC, from the 10 that were in the base game at launch.

    Well worth a try if you have origin access, as I think it’s quite a well rounded multiplayer shooter, striking a neat balance between the mass multiplayer chaos of the battlegrounds and the individual-focused shenanigans of Overwatch or Rainbow Six. It’s also definitely way, way better then Battlefront 2.

    Incidently if you own just the base game you can try those expansion maps right now, they’re on trail.

    • Lord_Mordja says:

      Yeah, I’d say it’s the funnest Battlefield since BC2. The fact that different weapons actually feel different from one another is a welcome change, especially considering BF4’s glut of very samey firearms. The maps are a lot more varied too, and the destruction is pretty great. One of the best looking games out there, also. I picked up the Revolution edition (all DLSC) late last year for about $30CAD and I’m glad that I did!

      • OmNomNom says:

        Really? This is one of my biggest gripes with BF1. The weapons feel SO similar and the lack of customisation narrows this gap still.
        They may sound or look different but if you compare them in practice or in a stat site like Symthic you can see just how similar they are.

    • Chaz says:

      So, is it as fun as the video suggests? As I was just looking at that thinking, wow that looks great fun! But then, that’s the whole point of the video right?

      Maybe it’s piqued my interest because it’s rekindling my fond memories of Codename Eagle. I haven’t really played a Battlefield game in earnest since the 1942 series, as I’m not a particularly big fan of all the modern warfare type stuff. Love biplanes and what not though, so this looks quite fun to my jaded eyes.

    • PiiSmith says:

      Everything is more fun than Battlefront 2. Battlefield 1 at least feels like a proper Battfield game.

  2. Zenicetus says:

    I must be too old for these games (and I am an old gamer, to be honest). I was mildly interested in this, but the music under the fast-cut video was just too weird and jarring.

    Does anyone here actually think that soundtrack fits the trailer?

    • Premium User Badge

      Earl-Grey says:

      Fittingly atrocious considering the subject matter.

    • Premium User Badge

      Grizzly says:

      The ingame soundtrack itself is a nice return to the orchestral theme of the older Battlefield games. No idea who put that music under the trailer, it’s really jarring.

    • OmNomNom says:

      What counts as an old gamer these days? You’re never too old for any game.

    • Kollega says:

      In Russian language, things like using soundtracks in this style for a game about World War 1 are called “dancing on bones”. Admittedly, the whole thing with Battlefield 1 making a fast-paced popcorn shooter out of trench warfare has been argued To Hell and Back, but my point is more that soundtracking Battlefield 1 with modern-day pop music is just adding insult to injury. If you ask me, this particular song would be far more at home in Titanfall.

      On the other hand… as said by Grizzly up above, the game is basically “Secret Weapons of WW1” already, so maybe it’s more congrous than it would appear at first glance :P

      • dr.denton says:

        Even though we have been through the question of ethics, I just have to ask: how is it we’re only talking about this now that there is a AAA shooter set in WW1? Are WW2 and the war in Vietnam so entrenched (heh..) in popular culture, that we don’t see them as things that happend to real people any more?

        • Kollega says:

          This is a good question, but in the here and now, I’ll gladly ponder this from the music perspective particularly. Like, did WW2-themed Call of Dutys use pop music at any point? I don’t even remember the recent CoD: WW2 doing that. So WW2 doesn’t generally get pop songs attached to it, while just-as-horrible WW1 gets scored with pop music (like this, or Seven Nation Army) as far as BF1 is concerned. And the Vietnam War is also an interesting one, because it’s inextricably tied to rock-and-roll music and contemporary counterculture.

          • dr.denton says:

            Ah, that was a bit misleading, 8
            I’m sorry. I was thinking more about the general issue of making some of the worst tragedies in human history onto “fun and engaging” action games.
            We didn’t mind in Medal of Honor or Vietcong, but now in BF1 it becomes an issue? I don’t really get it.

          • Kollega says:

            Yeah, the cultural perception of World War 2 as noble and heroic and awesome and so on just because the Nazis totally deserved to get shot up is generally something that has to be questioned. But I think Vietnam War isn’t often portrayed in a similar light; given its unpopularity in the Anglosphere and murky causes, I don’t think there are many games that outright glorify it.

            DISCLOSURE: I have not played Battlefield: Vietnam, and have only passing experience with CODBLOPS.

            Honestly though? It’s not a question with an easy answer. All I was saying here is that World War 2 games don’t get pop-music trailers, and Vietnam War is scored with vintage rock music because it was a major cultural component of the times.

  3. Plunkbat Oranges says:

    The meat cleaver was often referred to as the ‘Plunkbat’ in WWI due to the sound it would cause while lopping off enemy appendages – the ‘plunk’ of metal slicing flesh and the fact that the newly severed arm could be used as a makeshift cricket or baseball ‘bat’ by less discerning survivors during time in the trenches.

  4. Hartford688 says:

    Since they have gone full on fantasy with World War One in this game, I do wish they’d still add Wonder Woman in this final DLC.

  5. OmNomNom says:

    Such a shame this beautifully art directed game is such a muted cousin of it’s older siblings. The lack of freedom of choice in both gameplay style and loadout just feels like an afterthought in order to make it appeal to everyone and make it more easily accessible (console crowd).
    The atmosphere is second to none but balance and depth fall by the wayside. I can’t wait for the next installment but I’m hoping it’ll be a return to the old ways.

    • OpT1mUs says:

      What an obnoxious comment. Every single bf in last xyz years was released on consoles also, unless you’re talking about 1942 and BF2, “console crowd” has nothing to do with game being “simple” or accessible, you mouth-breather.

      • Bomarty says:

        You could argue tho that for a game to be played on consol it has to be made for a hand held controller there for making it “simpler”..? If you made a PC only shooter perhpas more would be possible. There is nothing making a consol player more casual, saying that is just silly.

      • OmNomNom says:

        Aww someone is touchy.

  6. Kollega says:

    Looking at this trailer, I can honestly only say one thing. And that thing is: “Damn, I wish there were more dieselpunk shooter games!” I mean, they could basically be anything, because dieselpunk can be basically anything a shooter dev needs. It can be a wave-defense hero shooter where you fight off fascist goons, a tactical game where you play as retro-future SWAT (with or without totalitarian implications) cracking down on superpowered spy rings and organized crime, a Titanfall-style twitch shooter with longcoat-wearing soldiers wall-running and dodging fire… or basically any other kind of shooter game!

    As it is, though… we’ve got Bioshock, Iron Storm, good old Wolfenstein, maybe newer Fallouts if you stretch the definition, and… what else? I think that’s about it. Damn we need more of this!

    • Nokturnal says:

      There’s also the Metro games, two so far and a third coming this year.

  7. Vasily R says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite Battlefield games. I still haven’t bought any of the DLCs yet though :(