Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 announced, due October 12th

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

Surprising absolutely nobody, Call of Duty is getting another game this year, and as per Activision’s alternating annual release schedule, we’re headed back to the Black Ops side-series.

It’s been too long since we’ve had a chance to use the most accursed of abbreviations, but Cod Blops is back, and possibly now the even more absurd Cod Blops IIII thanks thanks to the series apparently abandoning proper usage of Roman numerals.

The official announcement also confirms that Treyarch are back in the driver’s seat for this one. After finding myself very pleasantly surprised by their previous Blops title, I’m eager to see what they’ve got planned.

This being an Activision mega-franchise, it’s no surprise to see that they’ve got all the dates worked out already. The official unveiling of the game is scheduled for May 17th, and it’ll be available on store shelves (both physical and digital) on October 12th.

Beyond that, they’ve not released much in the way of details. Personally, I’m hoping that they return to the cyberpunk setting of Black Ops 3, although I’d not be surprised if they went historical this time, matching up with the World War 2 setting of the latest mainline entry.


  1. jellydonut says:


    • BobbyDylan says:

      Yep. After Battlefield 1, the 7th main sequence BF game, I guess BlActivsion needed to compete on the silly name front.

  2. mascarpwn says:

    As far as Cod games goes, Treyarch really is the best developer team. They implement useful features like the theatre mode and actually listen to the player base. Blops III is one of the cleanest shooters out there and that’s because they keep their ban-hammers handy. Heck, if you video-report someone via twitter @pcdev, they have the douchebag banned within 24 hours.

    Unlike Sledgehammer, who abandoned both AW as WWII a few months after release.

    • woodsey says:

      I find it hard – almost impossible – to believe that these teams have any kind of individuality when it comes to things like managing the online community.

  3. crazyd says:

    The teaser video shows robot parts, so I’m guessing it’s Titanfall-lite again. Unless they were just snapshots from the earlier games, they are generic enough it’s hard to say. I much preferred their half-assed, lazily slapped in sci-fi elements to the boring boots on the ground play, but that’s not really saying much. Even at it’s best, COD has been firmly supplanted by Titanfall in my mind.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    I hope next year they just stay quiet and silently dump the next COD on our steps without notice.
    By now we’re all so accustomed to regular releases that I’m sure their sales won’t suffer in the slightest.

  5. NailBombed says:

    CODBLOPS. CODBLOPS never changes.

  6. Laini says:

    Does anyone wanna explain to Activision how Roman numerals work?

    • ThTa says:

      To be fair, this isn’t a new thing. Lots of clocks also use IIII for 4, though nobody seems to know why.

      Though if you ask me, it’s probably the “It just looks more neat and is more easily recognizable as 4.” theory that wins out, which I’m sure the designers for this logo were aiming for as well.

    • Turkey says:

      Maybe there’ll be diagonal line over the IIII once CODBLOPS 5 comes out. Then you’ll have to eat crow and admit that CODBLOPS IIII was much more clever than you gave it credit for. Oh, the CODBLOPIAN irony.

      • Laini says:

        That would actually be kind of great. Works better as a sort of tally mark thing which would fit a first person shooter.
        Also CODBLOPIAN is a great term.

    • RedViv says:

      Clearly this is meant to be read aloud. Black Ops AYAYAYAY.

      • Railway Rifle says:

        And there I was thinking “Cod Blops Ivy” would sound too silly.

    • alkonaut says:

      Theory: CODBLOPS 5 will be 4 vertical lines and one diagonal across all of them.

    • Sandepande says:

      IIII is fine. See Eurogamer (and/or British Museum).

  7. thomas16632 says:

    BO3 was the 1st BO when they introduced lootboxes, in a very bad way in addition to that. 99% special weapon are locked under ultra rare “legendary” drop. Meaning, i never got one, and currency to get ingame is too hard for me to farm. So i gave up.

    SOOoo, it’s simple. “AAA” + lootbox ? go to hell. Any game + lootbox, go to hell too. You will never ever get my money again, and you will get bankrupt because players are fed up with you.

    unless no micro transaction like BO2 ? I can still dream, can i ?

    • Nauallis says:

      BO?!? You sound like some sort of crazy person. BLOPS is clearly the best.

  8. Diliraba says:

    Can’t wait for the Final Fantasy IIIIIIIIIIIIIII crossover !

  9. Vodka, Crisps, Plutonium says:

    That “IIII” has intimidatingly V-shaped bottom.

  10. BlackeyeVuk says:

    And Im yet to play the first one. And the last one that I bought….

  11. Kebab Mate 69 Pro says:

    C’mon, I was waiting for MW4 and it’s just another Black Ops.