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RPS is about PC gaming. Lovely, delicious, strange and compelling PC gaming. It’s written by a gathering of Britain’s top games critics, and aims to cover everything from the latest breaking stories about the biggest releases to esoterica from the format’s most obscure peninsulas. Our philosophy is that AAA and indie are just as likely to produce fascinating games worthy of our time and coverage, and give all extremes equal prominence.

We also believe that opinions are vital and wonderful, eschewing confused notions of ‘objectivity’ in favour of flavoured, nuanced and intelligent views and comment, whether it be raised eyebrows or furrowed brows at corporate claims, or exploding, delighted hearts at gaming wonders.

We endeavour to cover as many interesting games as we can, but with literally twenty or so PC games being released on just Steam every day (let alone the treasure troves of games on Itch, Humble, GOG, and so on), we obviously can’t write about everything. As amazing as your game may be, it was one amongst dozens of amazing games, amongst thousands of emails that pour in every week. We try our best, but we’re seven people working flat out. Some smaller great games will get missed, others just aren’t that great and we choose not to cover them.

(Quick tip: it’s a good idea to direct your email to the writer you think is most suited to your game, and briefly say why. And most of all, don’t ask if we want codes, just include codes!)

Oh, and before you send that press release about your new iPhone game, or link to a dog playing the Zelda theme tune on a noseflute, please remember that we are a PC site. Just PC, nothing else. You wouldn’t believe how many people haven’t noticed that.

The absolute best way to get in touch with us is via email. (Twitter is an utterly terrible way – don’t do your PR in 140 characters, you twits.) And there’s no harm sending a follow-up email if you didn’t hear back.

Here’s the email address. You remembered we’re a PC site, right?

Now meet the wonderful writers of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Enjoy.

The Team

Graham Smith

  • Name: Graham Smith
  • Occupation: Editor-in-chief, Writer, Scottish
  • Speciality: Organising, roller derby, foot-to-ball managing

Proving once again that being called “Smith” is a short-cut to a job at RPS, former PC Gamer editor Graham is RPS’s Editor-in-chief. Which means he’s in charge of spreadsheets. And shooting freelancers. He is too tall.

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Adam Smith

  • Name: Adam Smith
  • Occupation: Deputy Editor, Writer, Mancunian
  • Speciality: Foot-to-ball, strategy, Being Northern

The old new boy. He went to Oxford, and is all brainy, even though he’s from Manchester. He understands things like “sports” and other alien concepts, and possesses an inner calmness that frightens us all. The calm are not to be trust. Adam is not to be trusted.

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Alec Meer

  • Name: Alec Meer
  • Occupation: Senior Editor, Writer, Transformer
  • Speciality: RPG, RTS, FPS, three-letter acronyms

Alec’s true power is in his ability to charm us with a smile and a sunny outlook. With never a dour word to say about anything, Alec is the unique positive energy that has powered RPS through the years. Alec loves the internet, and he also enjoys robots, ladies, and vegetables. Yes, sir!

Follow Alec’s Twitter, read Alec’s blog, email Alec, or read all of his RPS posts.

John Walker

  • Name: John Walker
  • Occupation: Senior Editor, Writer, Crier
  • Speciality: Funny words, consumer advocacy, emotions

Britain’s leading grumbler, John Walker is the handsome, British critic who just wants you to be nice. Please hug him on sight. No, really, he’s okay. He seems cross, but actually he’s just got an itch. He is the oldest of the RPS team, and thus chooses the bedtimes.

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Alice O'Connor

  • Name: Alice O’Connor
  • Occupation: News Editor, Writer, Muser
  • Speciality: News, rumpuses, pond swimming

Controller, creator and trumpeter of news, Alice stalks the streets of London with her magnifying glass held aloft, striking at anything that may appear newslike. Fear her newsing ways. She’s also involved in the organisation of The Wild Rumpus, which makes her way cooler than you.

Email Alice and read all of her RPS posts.

Brendan Caldwell

  • Name: Brendan Caldwell
  • Occupation: Writer, News Generator, Sunbather
  • Speciality: Diaries, management sims, Spanglish

Brendan lives on holiday, meaning he doesn’t get to have holidays. He is a man known for his premature evaluations, and an uncanny ability to tackle games from any genre. He is a witch.

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Former full-time staff include: co-founders Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossignol, and writers Quintin Smith, Nathan Grayson and Philippa Warr.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun is built with the assistance of the best freelance writers, video makers, and people in the world. Here are just some of those people. (All links go to their RPS post page.)

Angus Morrison, Ben Barrett, Brendan Caldwell, Caelyn Ellis, Cara Ellison, Cassandra Khaw, Duncan Geere, Emily Gera, Emily Richardson, Jeremy Laird, Joel Goodwin, Jon Blyth, Jonathan Morcom, Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Laura Hudson, Laura Kate Dale, Leigh Alexander, Marsh Davies, Michael Cook, Nathan Ditum, Paul Dean, Porpentine, Rab Florence, Rich Stanton, Richard Cobbett, Rob Sherman, Rob Zacny, Robert Yang, Shaun Green, Sin Vega, Tim Stone, Wasim Salman.