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Affiliate Linking Policy

You may spy affiliate links on RPS. These mean we receive a teeny-tiny commission from a retailer if you buy something after following one of those links.

CORRUPTION? Well, no, because that would be rubbish. We don’t allow editorial to be dictated by advertising in any form, and it’s the same here. In fact, if you followed a link about a graphics card, decided against it, then bought the complete works of Judy Blume that same day, we’d get a commission from that purchase instead! We’re basically trying to take money away from Judy Blume.

The links are there as a convenience to you if you’re interested in whatever we’re writing about, whether we’ve said it’s fantastic or a stinking poo, and if you buy something from that store, then we get a smidgeon of cash to spend on sweets/writers. Win-win.

We will never, ever, cover something because of a potential affiliate link, for two extremely important reasons:

1) We will NEVER allow our editorial to be affected by our advertising, because that stinks.

2) We are FAR too disorganised to pull off something like that.

If you don’t like them, please don’t click on them. In fact, say a swear at your monitor as you don’t click. If you do, and you fancy helping us out with a spot of cash, then click away. We’ll love you the same either way.