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Katharine Castle

17 hours ago

Death Stranding runs beautifully on PC, even on a GTX 1060

Kojima Productions' esoteric postman simulator Death Stranding isn't out on PC until July 14th, but I've been strolling around an early preview build of the game for the last couple of days and man alive, it's really very heartening to see such a good-looking PS4 game run at a proper 60fps on PC, lemme tell ya. It bodes extremely well for Horizon Zero Dawn's eventual…

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18 hours ago

23 hours ago

2 days ago

Cyberpunk 2077 gets another ray tracing glow up with new screens

If last week's dose of Cyberpunk 2077 RTX goodness wasn't quite enough for you, Nvidia have released some more ray traced screenshots of the game's fancy lighting effects in action. The images don't give much away in terms of the specific ray tracing effects being used in each shot, or what each scene looks like without ray tracing switched on, but if you like shiny…

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Feature: The best 1TB SSD just got even better

Samsung 870 Qvo review: the best that SATA SSDs have to offer

When Samsung launched their 860 Qvo SSD back at the end of 2018, it finally brought high capacity SSDs down to a more affordable price. Why was the 860 Qvo suddenly so much cheaper than the 860 Evo? Well, it was mostly down to the type of storage tech Samsung used inside the Qvo - what's known as 4-bit MLC (multi-level cell) V-NAND technology, as…

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3 days ago

Feature: Virtual reality check

Best VR headset 2020: the best virtual reality headsets for PC

VR has been going from strength to strength in recent months, and with many of us continuing to be stuck at home, we've put together this list of our best VR headset recommendations to help you decide which VR headset is right for you. With the recent launch of Half-Life: Alyx and more heading up our best VR games, there's never been a better time…

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Graphics card deals of the week – 29th June 2020

It's a good day for graphics card deals hunters this week, especially if you've been eyeing up a new Nvidia RTX card, as there are plenty of graphics cards enjoying price cuts in the UK and US this week, including the Palit GeForce RTX 2060 StormX, which is down to £281 from Overclockers UK and the MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super for $670 from Newegg after rebates…

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Feature: A 60% keyboard that's great for games but not much else

Hands on with the HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard

How small is too small for a gaming keyboard? Personally, I think my lower limit stops at tenkeyless jobs like the Logitech G915 TKL or my current best gaming keyboard champion, the Fnatic miniStreak. Losing a keyboard's number pad has never been an issue for me, but I can't say the same thing about losing my beloved arrow keys, which is the main thing that…

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6 days ago

Feature: Cheap games, graphics cards, SSDs and more

Best PC gaming deals of the week – 26th June 2020

Well, would you look at that. Someone's invoked the Steam Summer Sale ritual and caused all game prices to come crashing down around our heads. Thanks, deals summoner, your deals herald is most pleased. It also means that putting together this week's best PC gaming deals may include a teensy bit of overlap with those aforementioned Steam deals today, but I've done my best to…

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Here’s a closer look at Cyberpunk 2077’s RTX tech

We already know that Cyberpunk 2077 will one of the biggest ray tracing games of 2020, but Nvidia have now given us a closer look at exactly what ray tracing effects RTX owners can expect to see when the game comes out later this year. It's not entirely clear whether ray tracing will be available on day one when Cyberpunk 2077 launches on November 19th…

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Gaming monitor deals of the week – 26th June 2020

It's been a pretty all right week for gaming monitor deals. Not only are the ones we sourced last week mostly still available, but we've been able to add four new gaming monitor deals to the mix as well, giving you plenty of choice. All of this despite the ongoing supply chain woes caused by the coronavirus.So, read on below for all the cheapest gaming monitor…

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7 days ago

Nvidia’s latest graphics driver brings DirectX 12 Ultimate support to RTX cards

I'll take any excuse to wheel out the terrible official logo for Microsoft's DirectX 12 Ultimate tech gubbins, and today's new Nvidia driver gives me just right occasion to do so, as the graphics card giant has just added support for Microsoft's new hardware accelerated ray tracing standard to their latest GeForce driver.

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Philips have stuck a B&W soundbar onto their new 55in gaming monitor

Philips have unveiled two new gaming monitors today, the first (and literally) biggest of which is their jumbo and catchily-named Momentum 558M1RY, a huge 55in screen with a 4K resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate and a whopping great soundbar built into it courtesy of the high-end audio folks at Bowers & Wilkins. If you've ever wanted to play PC games in your living room, this…

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Feature: Quiet as a mouse

Best gaming mouse 2020: top wired and wireless gaming mice

With so many different gaming mice to choose from these days, finding the best gaming mouse for you and your budget can sometimes seem like an impossible task. After all, gaming mice come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and some have more buttons than you know what to do with. But we're here to help. Having tested dozes of top gaming mice…

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1 week ago

Feature: The key question

Best gaming keyboard 2020: the top mechanical and wireless keyboards for gaming

There are so many different gaming keyboards to choose from these days, but the good news is that we've done the hard work for you and put together our very own list of all the best gaming keyboards you can buy today. We've tested dozens of gaming keyboards to compile this list of our best gaming keyboard recommendations, and below you'll find all of our…

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Feature: Yeah, you heard me

Best gaming headset 2020: top wired and wireless headsets for PC

As more and more of us head online to play games with our mates, having a great gaming headset is absolutely vital if you want top notch audio and crystal clear voice chat, so we've put together our list of the best gaming headsets you can buy right now to help you find the right one for you and your budget. The best gaming headsets…

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Oculus Go is going away this December

Oculus have announced they're ending sales of the Oculus Go this year, just two years after it first launched. The all-in-one Oculus Go was the precursor to the now wildly popular Oculus Quest, offering an untethered VR experience that didn't rely on you on having a particular kind of phone or a powerful PC. It also cost a fraction of the price, with 32GB models…

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It’s silly, but I’m actually in love with the two little trolley wheels on Acer’s Orion 9000 mega rig

It's the little details that really make a gaming PC special. Sure, the newly-unveiled 2020 refresh of Acer's Predator Orion 9000 mega desktop might have one of Intel's Core i9 Extreme Edition CPUS and two Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards SLI-ed together for maximum gaming frames, but it's those dinky little trolley wheels on the back of its chassis that really caught my…

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