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Itsa Me, Ripandteario: Brutal Doom 64 Released

Rip and tear

Borrow a seven-year-old child, fill them with sweeties and juice, make them spin in circles for five minutes, give 'em a nip of whisky, and have them play Doom for fifteen minutes then describe it to you. Whatever giddy image of Doom their imaginations vomit up, Brutal Doom actually is: a frenzy of ultraviolence with gibs by the bucketload. Now it's slopped all over Doom 64, the game release on Nintendo 64 in 1997. Unlike the Quake port for N64, I'm only now realising, Doom 64 was a new game with new levels, art, and weapons. And now Brutal Doom 64 [official site] is out to brutalise it.

Brutal Doom chief gutripper Sergeant Mark IV released the first version of Brutal Doom 64 over the weekend in preparation for Spookyday. You'll need asset files from Doom 2 or Final Doom to play it (installation instructions are through the link, okay?).

Along with the customary Brutal Doom lashing of gore, it revamps levels a bit, adds new effects, animations, and sounds, and restores some monsters and other content cut from the original game. Here's the fancy featureboast trailer:

And here's straight action from the launch party server, in the Survival Cooperative mode where each player only gets one life per level:

I'd somehow missed that Doom 64 was its own game, despite hearing chatter from folks who adore it. Maybe I was confusing it with the shoddy Quake port. I suppose I didn't really pay attention, as I was content with Doom and Quake on PC. How about you, gang: have you much experience with it?

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