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Demon battling Slavic myth RPG Black Book has summoned a release date

Getting demons to resurrect your beloved can't possibly go wrong

Dark, witchy RPG Black Book has summoned itself up a release date and a new trailer. The grim adventure based on Slavic myths follows the story of a witch named Vasilisa as she attempts to use the demonic Black Book to bring her betrothed back from the dead. You know, the kind of quest which has never, ever had terrible repercussions. We'll find out just how Vasilisa's story goes down when Black Book launches in August.

In her quest to resurrect her beloved, Vasilisa does a bit of deck-like RPG battling, using spell cards against big demonic baddies. Developers Morteshka say you'll also be doing side quests and riddles throughout seven chapters of Vasilisa's adventure through the countryside. Oh, but collecting demons has consequences. If you don't keep them busy with your bidding, they'll torture you instead.

You can catch glimpses of the side questing and daily witchery in the new trailer as well. Alice B took Black Book for a spin last summer and called it one of the best Steam Festival demos from last June's event. She explained a bit more of the non-combat witching then as well:

"But the most interesting bit is that you have to do the day to day business of witching, i.e. seeing people who have come to you for help and advice. The first of these, in the demo, is a miller who has been seeing strange shapes in the darkness at his mill. So the next day you have to go visit the mill and see what's up. It's sort of a Granny Weatherwax 'em up, in that way - although in this case most of the demons are real, so you can't use headology and sugarwater placebos."

You can still play the Black Book prologue yourself for free over on Steam if you'd like to take a peek before August.

Black Book will launch on August 10 over on Steam, Epic (no store page yet), and GOG for £20/$25/€25 with a 15% discount during launch week. You'll also be able to find it on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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