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Diablo 2's most popular mod is getting a major update next month

Median XL 2.0 is over ten years in the making

Median XL is one of the oldest and most popular mods for Diablo 2 - and it's still being updated. A trailer was released last night for Sigma 2.0, the mod's "largest engine and content patch." It'll bring new skills, progression changes, endgame content, and quality-of-life features including a revamped UI, colour blind mode, and 4K rescaling.

You can find the trailer below ahead of its August 27th release.

For a lot of people - Alice Bell included - Diablo 2 remains the peak of action RPGs. For a lot of other people, Median XL succeeds where Diablo 3 fails, by vastly expanding its character skill trees and loot while remaining within the original spirit of the series. Over ten years, Median XL has been further expanded and refined, and if you haven't played it before then the currently available version 1.8.0 is worth trying out right away.

Next month, version 2.0 will bring a lot more extra content and tweaks to accomodate modern computers, but features like worldwide multiplayer are already popular in 1.8.0. If you're new to Diablo 2, I'd still say you should start with the base game, but Median XL is ideal for anyone already experienced.

Diablo 2 Resurrected is promising its own revamp of the classic hack-and-slasher this September, but if you don't want to give Blizzard any money until they treat and protect their staff better, then Median XL 2.0 is coming at the right time.

You can download Median XL for free via a downloader on its official site. It requires a copy of Diablo 2: Lords Of Destruction to play.

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