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Dorfromantik has launched its creative mode in beta for you to puzzle over

It's free real estate

Tiny strategy puzzler Dorfromantik is a relaxing experience already, but it's now even more so thanks to the creative mode that the developers have been working on. It's still in a beta phase, which you can opt in to test yourself right now. You can now start snapping together its pretty landscapes free as you please if you don't care to worry about your score for a bit. The new test branch also reworks the save system to give you more freedom there too.

Dorfromantik is a little strategy 'em up about taking a stack of generated landscape hex tiles and snapping them together in sensible ways to earn points. The creative mode, for those who want to totally chill without even worrying about points, gives you an unlimited stack of tiles.

Here's the full list of features that Toukana Interactive say you'll find in the first run of the creative mode:

  • an infinite tile stack
  • option to skip unwanted tiles
  • creative mode configuration menu giving you control of spawn probabilities of different element types
  • options to switch individual biomes on or off
  • possibility to continue your classic mode session in creative mode after the session is over

In addition to creative mode, the developers say they've reworked the save system. You'll have unlimited save slots, see a screenshot of your world with each file, and more. You can catch the rest of the details in their post. You can opt in to the beta branch the way you do others on Steam, which the developers outline over here if you need a reminder.

Yaseen Ahmad calls it a "joy to look at and lovely to play" in our Dorfromantik review. It's also earned a spot on our favorite games of 2021 so far list, because Katharine just can't stop playing it.

"It's been my go-to wind down game at the end of the day, the perfect 'I'll just fire up a quick round while I have a cup of tea on a Saturday morning' kinda game, and it's genuinely just really very lovely," she says. "Its chill, pastoral tile-based town-building is a real tonic after hammering away at a keyboard all day, and its gentle guitar twangs and lilting soundtrack put me right at ease."

Dorfromantik itself is still in early access on Steam. Beyond the completion of creative mode, the developers also want to beef it up with more biomes and unlockable tiles before full launch, which the developers say they're targeting for late this year.

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