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Cute townbuilder Dorfromantik is out now

Come for the puzzling, stay for the chillest of vibes

Dorfromantik is a delightful-looking strategy puzzle game which lets you plop little hexagonal landscape tiles amongst pretty forests, fields and towns to create a little world. It's made by German game developers Toukana Interactive, and our hardware queen Katharine just can't get enough of it.

Dorfromantik really does sound like a very relaxing time - even the developer chatting over the trailer below has a nice soothing voice.

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In Dorfromantik, you're given a stack of procedurally generated tiles with various bits of landscape, and it's your job to click them all together like a freeform puzzle. Got a windmill? That'll go nicely next to those fields. Bunch of trees? Put 'em next to the others and you've got a forest on the go.

As you progress, you'll unlock new biomes and quests. You get more points for placing tiles in sensible spots, and there are high-scores to beat, though you can absolutely just play it to chill out too. The whole game looks like it's lit as though you're always playing at sunset, which has a really calming vibe.

The game is currently in early access, though the developers hadn't planned to launch it in that state originally. On the Steam page, they say they released it in early access after players of their prototype said it helped them unwind in the strange and stressful times we're living in. The devs plan on improving the game from player feedback, and expect to release it in full later this year.

Dorfromantik is out now in early access on Steam, priced at £7/€8/$9 in its launch sale.

Oh, and the developers previously made an adorable mouse village sim. It's worth a mention because it just looks so dang cute.

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