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Memoirs Of Magic

1 year ago

Memoirs Of Magic is a charming, free blend of ’90s FPS and JRPG

Last night, Memoirs Of Magic launched, a free, cute and bouncy old-school FPS by Strawberry Octopus Productions that I've been following on and off for years. Inspired by Doom and early 32-bit JRPGs, it's a large, semi-non-linear FPS and RPG hybrid, like an adorable, squishy version of Hexen. There's seven characters to play as solo or co-op, lots of monsters to zap, punch, clobber and…

2 years ago

Modder Superior: The many free descendants of Doom

Here is a riddle for you. When is Doom not Doom? Why, when its open-source code has gone through countless iterations and become a modern development platform in its own right!Sometimes a Doom mod outgrows its old home and breaks away as a completely standalone game. This week I'm bringing you an all-you-can-eat buffet of free, full games (and some demos) that are the best…