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Genre-blending dystopia Sunday Gold releases next month, with a free prologue available now

The gang's getting together for a billionaire hunt

Turn-based-combat-escape-room-puzzler-RPG blend Sunday Gold will be coming out on September 13th. But if you want to get acquainted with its Cockney cast early, and get some practice with making your best comic book WHAP!s and POW!s, there's also a free prologue available on Steam now.

The new trailer shows off some more of its comic book stylings, a rather blood-spattered crime scene investigation, and a generous heap of dystopian vibes. Plus a whole lot of argy bargy. There's a peek at how that'll develop, too, with upgradable stats and switchable weapons. For when you just really want to take a samurai sword to a bloke picking a fight in a pub.

All those weapons and pub brawl practice fights are for a good cause, though. Sunday Gold's website lays out the stakes: "Once bustling and full of life, the city of London is in a dark and dismal state. Unemployment and homelessness are at an all time high. Ethical boundaries are being stretched to their limit and [a] corrupt billionaire is up to no good." And in the game, too.

Exposing said billionaire is the job of our three criminal heroes: Robin Hood thief Frank Barber, digital hacker type Gavin Dorsey, and animal shelter employee/underground bare knuckle fighter Sally Wheeler. In the game's prologue, you can step into Frank's shoes as he puts the team together. That's available now on Steam.

Then the full game will be launching in a little over a month, on September 13th, also on Steam.

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