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Genshin Impact's first free five-star character is Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn

Available in November

Genshin Impact is getting its first crossover event. Aloy, the protagonist from Horizon: Zero Dawn, is arriving in Teyvat "in search of a new challenges". She's also Genshin's first free five-star character.

All other five-star characters need to be rolled for in Genshin Impact, whereas Aloy will be gifted for free as long as you're adventure rank 20 or higher.

Aloy will be added alongside version 2.2 on November 24th, and will be available to unlock until maintenance begins for update 2.3 sometime in December or January. She'll arrive on PlayStation a month earlier, on October 13th, with extra access to a platform-exclusive four-star bow.

I say this is Genshin Impact's first crossover event, but that depends on whether you count its Kentucky Fried Chicken event from back in March. Genshin-themed pins and in-game items, including a KFC red and white glider and recipes, were available via KFC stores in China, and generated such enormous crowds that the event was shut down due to Covid-19 concerns.

Genshin Impact update 2.0 also launched this week, adding the new territory of Inazuma and a new character to unlock, with two more on the way. I haven't played the game since the first few weeks after its launch, and though I'd like to return to it, I honestly have no idea what's going on in the trailer below.

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