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Hand Of Fate 2 and Alien: Isolation are free on Epic right now

In space, no one can hear you deal

Thursday is free game day on the Epic Games Store, and this week brings a pair of crackers free to keep. You have one week to grab deck-building beat 'em up Hand Of Fate 2 and, if you missed its previous giveaway, Alien: Isolation again. Good games there.

Alien: Isolation, it's a 2014 first-person horror sneak-o-shooter made by Creative Assembly, of all people. But wait! The studio known for Total War unexpectedly nailed it. It's too long but and shows too much of the alium, but it's a good'un alright. Our former Adam (RPS in peace) still said it's "the best Alien game I've ever played" in his Alien: Isolation review.

Hand Of Fate 2 is 2017's dungeon-crawling combination of deckbuilder and Batman-style beat 'em up. Each dungeon-dive draws its items, loot, and encounters from your deck, represented as cards dealt by a sarcy fella known as The Dealer. Then you biff up baddies.

The Dealer in a Hand Of Fate 2 screenshot.
Get this jerk

Our Hand Of Fate 2 called it "a bigger, better game than its predecessor in almost every respect", though Alec Meer did think The Dealer wasn't as strong a presence. Was a real 'love to hate to him' fella the first time. Game's still good, though. We've said it's one of the best RPGs too, whatever "RPG" means.

In short: two good games well worth grabbing for free. Epic do pay devs for these freebies, so you can do it guilt-free.

You have until 4pm (8am Pacific) on Thursday the 29th to claim 'em for keepsies from the Epic Games Store. After that, the next giveaway will be less exciting: character unlocks for the free-to-play idle clicker game Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms with a supposed "$100 value". I'll not be setting a calendar reminder for that.

Epic also did something quite unexpected with their store today: they added a whole other, better store to it. The Itch.io client is now on the Epic Games Store and alright, sure, okay.

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