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Our news reporter CJ is leaving RPS, come say goodbye

Holding the front page, one last time

Sad news, folks. Our news reporter CJ is leaving for pastures new today, making this his last day at RPS. Please come and join me in wishing him a fond farewell.

CJ joined us full-time last April, although eagle-eyed Joy Of followers will remember his RPS debut actually came a few months before that, where he regaled us with the joy of going for a swim in the original Tomb Raider.

Since then, he's taken every opportunity to write about his love of Baldur's Gate and Stellaris whenever they've cropped up in the daily news cycle, making sure our coverage of PC gaming's greatest hits was just as plentiful as all the new, hip and happening things taking place alongside them.

He's done it all - staying up late to bring you the latest news from every last Geoff Fest in 2022, making his first video appearance when we rounded up our notE3 highlights, and even interviewed the last person playing Babylon's Fall, god bless 'em. My favourite bit of CJ's work, however, has always been his in-depth interview with Stellaris director Stephen Muray, where he looked back at the last six years of Paradox's 4X space epic, and how it's changed since its original release. It was a great chat, so do go and give it a read.

He will be missed, so please join me in wishing CJ all the best for the future in the comments below.

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