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Support Rock Paper Shotgun with the Standard plan

The Standard subscription plan gives you access to many perks like a monthly letter from the editor, ad-free browsing, and discounts. This plan offers two different subscription options: monthly and yearly.

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What's included in the Standard plan

"Supporter" commenting status

We have special digital signifiers to separate you from the common-folk if you're a supporter.

Ad-free browsing

  • Completely ad-free site
  • Faster load times
  • More handsome to look at
  • Don't feel guilty for ad-blocking

Discounts on RPS merch and other products from the ReedPop store

  • 10% discount for ReedPop store

A "letter from the editor" post every month

Get a lovely article from the editor with updates on all that's happening with Rock Paper Shotgun.

Need help deciding?

If there's anything you're unsure about with the subscription or want to discuss the benefits more, please contact our support team.