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Calvinball strategy RPG Disgaea 5 Complete due in May

Squad goals, dood

Fans of enormous numbers and beating your enemies to death with a living totem pole made of all of your friends, rejoice. Bizarro strategy-RPG Disgaea 5 is coming to PC next month, bundled up with every expansion and piece of DLC it accrued during its lengthy tenure on PlayStation 4.

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Hey Dood: Disgaea 2 Coming To PC In January 2017

The Windows debut of long-running zany JRPG series Disgaea was less than dazzling but I’m glad Nippon Ichi Software stuck with it. A few patches fixed a lot of the PC port’s problems, and now NIS have announced they’re continuing the series. Disgaea 2 [official site] will be round our way on January 30th, 2017 – a decade ater its PlayStation 2 debut. It sounds like NIS have learned from the last one, as they’re boasting about a few touches of fanciness.

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Disgaea Has Arrived On PC, Is A Bit Of A Shambles

Disgaea PC [official site], the touched-up PC port of NIS’s 2003 RPG, came out last night. Unfortunately, it seems to suffer similar the wonky portness we see from Japanese developers and publishers new to PC releases. While the game runs dandy for some, others – including folks with some monstrously powerful PCs – are reporting awful performance and other problems. NIS say they’re looking into it, but you might want to steer clear until things pick up.

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Grind-o! Japanese RPG Disgaea Coming To PC In 2016

Someone, somewhere, has been keeping JRPGs in a cage in the woods. Perhaps the jailor died, or perhaps the JRPGs rose up and killed them, as now a steady trickle of them are emerging from the trees emaciated, bloodied and gasping, calling out for new players. 2003’s Disgaea [official site] is the latest coming our way, another grindomatic tactical RPG. The series may be up to Disgaea 5 on console, but we’re starting at the start, albeit with a fancy revamped version.

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