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13 kewl knuckle tattoo ideas to get inked this Cyber Monday


You know you've walked into a cool space for serious cyberdudes when someone is casually getting tattooed at a filthy table littered with unspooled cable, PCI cards, rollerblades, and crushed energy drink cans. But how will they know that you too can jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace? Because you will establish your cybercred with a flash of your kewl knuckle tattoos. You do have some, don't you? If you're coming up clean-handed, there's no better day to fix this than Cyber Monday. Scroll through this gallery above of 13 kewl ideas for inspiration!

I'd be delighted to hear what else you might want. Go on, reader dear: do tell us all about the kewl knuckle tattoos you already have, or the ones you're getting this Cyber Monday.

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