A Game Of Wax And Feathers: NyxQuest

The rather pretty platformer NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits has turned up on Steam, where it also has a demo. It’s a playful retelling of the Icarus myth, with plenty of monsters and spikes to put an end to our winged lady as she makes her way through imaginary side-scrolling Greece. Worth a look, I would say. A trailer is having its sins addressed in the Hadean space beneath the click.


  1. LewieP says:

    I played the Wii version, and liked it. The biggest problem was that it was hard to make out some detail because it was so zoomed out, and the resolution was pretty low.

    Presumably the mighty PC version fixes that.

    • mbp says:

      Also played the Wii version and liked it. It is a relaxed platformer with a much slower pace than the zaniness of Mario. Recommended for the older gamer who might appreciate the slower pace or the younger gamer who is new to platform games.

  2. rei says:

    Winged ladies are the best kind of ladies.

    Looks a bit Trineish.

    • Eclipse says:

      I think it’s older than Trine, and it’s not like Trine invented 2.5d platforms anyway!

    • rei says:

      It seems to me that both those facts are completely irrelevant to the assertion that it looks a bit Trineish :p

  3. rocketman71 says:

    Ohhhh. Kinda strange to see quality coming from Spain since Gonzo left Pyro Studios.

  4. sbs says:

    would have liked to see some combat in the demo.

    • Mark says:

      There isn’t any. Or hardly any, as I recall from the Wii version.

  5. BooleanBob says:

    I’d rather play A Game Of Fax and Weathers, but that might be because I’m insufferably pleased with myself for the spoonerism. Let me check – yes – yes, it is. As you were.

  6. Wulf says:

    Hmm, this looks lovely. It’s also the sort of thing I tend to latch onto and completely adore the hell out of, and the kind of thing I frequently lament there not being enough of on the PC. More, more I Say!

    Still, the one Wii game I truly wish to see on the PC is Lost Winds, and its sequel. Especially the sequel, really, because it’s almost an unreasonably lovely game, unreasonably because it’s a Wii exclusive! >:C

    I’d really buy Lost Winds just to complete both games all over again on the PC, at a higher resolution.

  7. Eric says:

    I downloaded this for WiiWare when it came out there, and had a blast with it – it’s a really great WASD+mouse (or nunchuk + pointer on the Wii) style action puzzler. Aesthetically pleasing, some good tricky levels, controls well. I was very happy with it for the price.

  8. Sagan says:

    Ah I like you comment guys. I think I’m going to have to buy this one of these days.

  9. Roloki says:

    @sbs, you really didn’t miss much, that was the weakest point of the entire game. The puzzle elements are far better. Actually, the entire game is worth it for one level near the end that played like a stealth game. Probably the most epic experience I’ve had on a game that small.

  10. Amadeus says:

    It’s a fabulous, fabulous platformer – good controls, good level design, and it never gets stale or boring.

    Do beware of the awful translation, though. For anyone with a love for the English language, there are a few laugh-out-loud moments. It was clearly translated by someone who really has no business translating things.

    But don’t let that stand in your war – next to LostWinds and World of Goo, this is one of my favorite WiiWare titles :)

  11. yourgrandma says:

    one of the few enjoyable wii games. only wii game i have played were the wiimote made the game more fun to play as well. should work just fine with a keyboard and mouse.

  12. Al3xand3r says:

    One of the many great Wii and WiiWare gems. I’m not sure how well the controls will translate though, unless you use a gamepad in your left hand for comfortable character control and the mouse in your right hand for the cursor based powers. That sorrt of gameplay is one of the things Wii does best.

  13. The Unshaven says:

    I want to like this, since the visuals are very pretty and the concept sings. However, it just wasn’t FUN for me, mainly because of the laboured ‘flight’ mechanic where you don’t fly so much as quadruple-jump. Gliding is available, which definitely helps, but yeah – frantic button mashing does not add to a platformer for me, which is a pity.

    – The Unshaven.

  14. Al3xand3r says:

    Frantic button mashing? You were doing it wrong, there’s nothing frantic about the game…

  15. Barnaby Jones says:

    I tried the demo out and it was really enjoyable. Very charming visual style plus a clever platforming concept. The controls worked great on a PC though i have no Wii experience to compare it to. Thanks RPS/Jim Rossignol for the article. I probably never would of heard of this as well as Recettear if not for your site.