The Line For The Line Of Defense Beta Starts Here

Yes, my crotch is mesmerising. Gaze up on it like you would the sunset on the last day of your life
I’ve been waiting for a large-scale sci-fi MMO shooter ever since the original Planetside, and it looks like 2012 will do it’s best to provide. Before I fuel up Firefall’s jetpacks, or scrawl penises over Planetside 2’s map, it looks like I’ll be dropping into Line of Defense: of all those games, it’s the first with a release date, end of June, so I’d imagine the beta form that I just signed up to will deliver me from orbit to the action a tad sooner than the others. You know what? I’ve just noticed all those are free-to-play*. I mean, I knew that all were, but lumping them all together makes it quite the thing. As is the not-at-all-MMO-but -rather-shooty Tribes: Ascend. I wonder if I’ll ever need to pay for a shooter ever again? Line of Defense trailer is herein, btw.

And if you missed it, this weekend we caught up with Line of Defense’s Derek Smart.

Line of Defense is out in June.

**LoD has a split model, where you can buy the game as well.


  1. cliffski says:

    Ah but craig…You seem to be mistaking F2P as actually *free*. Ultimately none of these games are entirely free, they are very profitable, which is why so many game developers flock to them.

    You get *some* part of the game free, but that happens anyway with a demo.

    • Dominic White says:

      These days, a demo gets you 10-15 minutes of a game. The ‘free’ component of most F2P games I’ve seen will last you a good 10-15 hours, which is significantly more than most $50 retail games would get you anyway.

    • kzrkp says:

      those BASTARDS! working for MONEY!? D:
      In all seriousness I like free-to-play pay model, if it’s done correctly and priced humanely. Makes more sense than a demo.
      Also I’m surprised this game is getting another article. More surprised it’s a serious article. How can you do a serious article to that trailer? Trailer is comedy gold!

    • wodin says:

      The trailer looked no better or worse than the Star Wars MMO traliers to be honest. Both poor, but one is an Indy and the other a major player.

    • nfire3 says:

      It’s not really a free component of a game because the demo is only there to give you a taste for the game and to get you to buy it.

      But, That’s alot of free-to-play shooter stuff coming out

  2. RF says:

    Derek Smart, Derek Smart, Derek Smart.

    Yeah. I have a rule.

    Never play anything Derek Smart has touched.

  3. RogB says:

    not wishing to be too unkind but they could do with umm.. improving the animations somewhat.

    • Dr. Evanzan says:

      I’m not sure what is was exactly, maybe the framerate, but I began to see the trailer as a stop-motion model animation (particularly around the 1 – 2 minute mark).

      In that context I quite enjoyed it as it was certainly different from the other things out there.

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Yeah I agree! As a player of FPSes when I see things like that guy jump off that thing and stab the other guy with the pointy thing when apparently he(?) wasnt even anywhere near the other guy… well it would make me sad to see that in game. And that’s BEFORE lag.

      Also all the character models appear to look like Stikfas. Not sure the game looks cool enough.

  4. wodin says:

    has a cartoon quality to i rather than realistic. Mr Smart may not be popular but he does try to innovate, though i don’t see it here.

  5. PointyShinyBurning says:

    Smart’s total refusal to limit the scope of his games is inspiring in a quixotic kind of way. I cannot fathom who would pay money for his products, though.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      When my friend and I were younger we picked up one of his games (many many years ago!!) with child like awe of the possibilities. Unfortunately it did not live up to our expectations. Having recently devoted months of our shared time to Frontier Elite (one copy of the game, carting it to each others houses, saved game on disk) the promises of mr Smart’s game was exciting but it was possibly too complex for our young minds. Or, more likely given the we’d just been playing Elite for months it might not have had quite the sense of wonder we were looking for.

      Regardless, this does mean that at some point in my past I have bough half a Derek Smart game

  6. darkmouse20001 says:

    Sooner or later Derek is going to get it right and when he does it’ll be awesome (whatever ‘it’ may be), until then, I too can only applaud his refusal to limit his scope. For instance, combining his love of complex space simulators with a good looking action game (wing commander stylee) would be immense!

  7. Tomhai says:

    I’m sorry RPS guys, but do you really think that this is a game that you should be actually covering? It looks boring and outdated in every single aspect. Granted a quality FPSMMO is something we have been expecting a long time but by the looks of it there is no quality in this game whatsover – nonexistent level desing, crappy animations, unimaginative “characters”, zero world detail. I’m happy if i will be proven wrong, but boy is this one of the least impressive trailers I have ever seen.

    • mckertis says:

      “there is no quality in this game whatsover – nonexistent level desing, crappy animations, unimaginative “characters”, zero world detail.”

      Same can be said about Minecraft. And Minecraft looks much worse than this.

    • dazman76 says:

      The difference being that Minecraft has an entirely intentional level of simplicity – can the same be said about this game? I’m not so sure myself – it strikes me as a straight-up, serious product. A budget product from 2005, or thereabouts.

  8. Eynonz says:

    I may give it a bash.

  9. 0WaxMan0 says:

    The man has earned my respect in continually trying to make the game I want, and not limiting him self to reality. One day he will get the core right and then may be deal with some of the ease of use issues. With LOD he has admitted that previous games were lacking in things most people want (terrain), so hoping his next iteration may include animations. Until then I hope i can get over the learning curve this time around.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      perhaps he should look at the infinity engine? I gather they are partly wanting other developers to pick it up and make their own space games with it.

  10. JackDandy says:

    The trailer looks like crap.

    That, plus the bad rep his games get, makes me very uninterested in this title.

    • Fadobo says:

      Yep, it does. Cheap, stiff animations, effects rendered badly into the clip… looks really really old.

    • Stromko says:

      Yeah I forgot who was making this, only reason I clicked on the article.

      Someone needs to rescue the Hivemind’s goldfish from Smart’s compound so they stop having to mention every game he’s working on. I’d like to believe that one of these days, he’s going to bring to fruition this great game concept he’s been working on for so long, but every time it’s the same unintuitive, unfinished, bug-ridden abortion.

    • Stromko says:

      Saddest thing is he might even be a talented developer (aside from a marked unwillingness to accept criticism, constructive or no). As far as I know, the only games he’s put out are these ones dealing with huge, unwieldy concepts like seamless 3D ground / air / space warfare, wherein each one of these things represents a huge design challenge all on their own.

      The games end up like emaciated and sickly giants because there just isn’t the funding or time or design complexity to properly mesh all these things together and make a compelling game. He’d make things a thousand times easier if he’d just work on some smaller, small-picture games, maybe get rid of the 3D plane altogether, go more abstract, or any number of other ways to just pare things down so they’re approachable and doable.

  11. Generico says:

    Game looks more like it was made by 2000AD. Those animations are absolutely amateur.

  12. Thunder13 says:

    Line of Defense
    Line of Defense is a sci-fi MMORPG currently under development by 3000AD, Inc. There are no fixed classes in the game,
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    Training Certificates, which could be earned through battles.
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