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PlanetSide 2's new continent is finally in the works

More info to come on its 9th anniversary

PlanetSide 2's developers teased the creation of a new, fifth continent to be added to the aging MMOFPS back in 2018. Now it's actually happening. The islands of Oshur are a tropical paradise and a "return to the game's roots," say the developers.

In a post on the game's site, it's explained that when first teasing the new continent, PlanetSide 2 only had a development team of 6 people. They've since focused on other, more urgent features, as well as growing the team, and now feel ready to undertake the challenge.

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Oshur, the first new continent added to the game since 2014, will be "a return to the game's roots, in some ways, with a heavily logistics-based experience. Construction, transportation, and strategy will be vital to maneuver this chain of islands."

Building will be a little easier on the islands due to an abundance of resources, and there will be changes to the construction system, but you'll need to use both to build bases if you're to make progress in controlling the islands. You'll also be able to head onto and into the water surrounding the islands, with all the game's vehicles re-tooled "to interact with water in new ways."

PlanetSide 2 is now under the care of Rogue Planet Games, a new studio spun up by Dabreak Games last year specifically to handle the now 9-year-old MMO. It's cool that they have ambitious plans, for an old game with a relatively niche audience. They're running a 9th anniversary stream to preview Oshur on November 17th at the PlanetSide 2 Twitch channel.

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