Setting Sale: The Adventure Bundle (In A Box)

If they were nice, they'd do it for Planescape: Torment too.
Adventure, ho! In the sense of heading out, of course, not issuing a demand to an unimaginative lady of the night. This latest pay-more-or-less-what-you-want bundle to hit the net is a pretty good deal, with seven games for the usual pay-more-or-less-what-you want, including Gemini Rue and a brand new offering called The Sea Will Claim Everything, a bit of charity, and an interesting way to help kickstart a new developer without spending a penny extra.

Invented Velcro, 100m sprinting championship, telling butter from I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - it's true, the Sea really will Claim Everything!

Premiering in this very bundle is The Sea Will Claim Everything from Jonas “I Hope I Spell This Correctly” Kyratzes. It’s in the same Land of Dream series as last year’s The Book Of Living Magic – a world of crayon landscapes and squiggly storytelling that I’ve not had a chance to play properly yet, but looks very welcoming and friendly and snuggly indeed.

Other games on offer are more familiar, including what’s probably your fifteenth copy of Ben There Dan That and Time Gentleman Please, the superb Gemini Rue, and the ageing but still entertaining The Shivah, the rabbi themed murder mystery, which is worth playing just for its questions based take on the classic Monkey Island insult swordfighting mechanic.

(Which reminds me, I still want to see it done like this one day…)

More like Words Fair, amiright? Come one. High-five? Anyone?

Finally, there are two slightly more obscure releases. The first is Metal Dead, which came out earlier this year and is a fun old-school zombie adventure with a good sense of humour, and 1893: A World’s Fair Adventure, which is so old-school that while it uses a few photos, it primarily tells its whole story through something called ‘text’. A ‘text adventure’, if you will.

As ever with bundles, there’s a charity connection – for once, not Child’s Play. Instead, the money will be going to Perivolaki – The Hellenic Centre For Mental Health and Treatment of Child And Family – a non-profit helping mentally ill patients and their families.

In addition to this, for every 15,000 bundles sold, $2,000 will also be put into a pot labelled “Indie Dev Grant”. After the sale finishes, this will all be wrapped up in a neat little bow and handed over to one developer selected by vote to help them develop their dream game without having to make funny videos and dance for coins over on the Kickstarter flesh market.

Games are all DRM free, with Steam and Desura codes available for Gemini Rue, Been There, Dan That, and Time Gentleman Please, and a Desura one available for Metal Dead, which isn’t on Steam. Pricing starts at $2.99, dropping as more and more people buy the bundle.


  1. SquareWheel says:

    That there’s an exposed web server.

    • trjp says:

      Comedy gold this bundle is…

    • Soapeh says:

      It’s part text adventure, part point and click.

    • Alien426 says:

      Embrace the World Wide Web, Mr. Cobbet! Go here!

      Edit: Only shows a teaser page, though.

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    • perruci says:

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  2. golem09 says:

    Do I have to give them my money bit per bit?

  3. lordcooper says:

    So much fail :/

  4. Gnoupi says:

    > Examine room
    “You see a webserver, smoke, and a panicked IT guy”

    > Look at webserver
    “The webserver seems to have imploded. Smoke is going out from the back.”

    > Use webserver
    “You poke the webserver. It does not react.”

    > Use webserver
    “You poke the webserver. It’s still down. The IT guy watches you strangely.”

    • oceanclub says:



      • Gnoupi says:

        “You clap your hands. The IT guy takes it as an offense and is now angry at you.”


        • ghling says:

          give redbull to IT guy

          • Gnoupi says:

            “you give a can of energy drink to the IT guy. After watching it with doubt, he drinks it. The IT guy is now changing into a flying pig. The server is still down. Sparkles are starting to emerge from it.”


          • Qwallath says:

            > Use Twilight with Sparkles

          • Gnoupi says:

            “The room becomes dark, except for the webserver and the IT guy, now as shiny as a disco-ball. The server is still down.”


          • Qwallath says:

            > use lasso with flying pig

          • Gnoupi says:

            “In a move that would make a comics superhero proud, you manage to catch the pig with the lasso, around the wings. Surprised by the move, he falls on the ground. The IT pig looks as angry as you would imagine a pig can be. He starts to scratch the ground with his left paw.”


          • Qwallath says:

            > use wax lips with IT pig

          • Gnoupi says:

            “The pig turns back to a panicked human being. Said human being starts working on the webserver, mumbling something like ‘uptime’.”


          • mnnzcxivn says:

            You’ll have to admit though that the price is beyond reasonable. And you can always gift the codes you don’t use yourself :)

  5. neofit says:

    My first two computer games ever were Manic Miner and the text adventure “Hobbit” on the ZX Spectrum. I had a lot of fun with text adventures back in the day. Now if an NPC does not have proper lip-syncing like in Skyrim (looking at you, TSW), I’m not interested :).

  6. Skabooga says:

    Heh, and here I was thinking I had bought all the bundles I would ever buy. Probably helps that I do not yet own any of these games yet. Also, I’ve had my eye on Gemini Rue for some time now, but haven’t had the time to get around to it (that probably still hasn’t changed), and I’ve greatly enjoyed the last few Kyratzes adventures I’ve played and would enjoy the opportunity to pay for one of his games.

  7. InternetBatman says:

    I hope they use amazon payments. Wouldn’t really trust them with my credit card data.

  8. Atic Atac says:

    You can huff and puff as you like about the web server….fact is though that 1893 is an absolutely brilliant game. A real classic.

  9. Gnome says:


    it’s gnome from Bundle In A Box. Just wanted to let you know that we haven’t gone live yet and that this admittedly excellent post (thanks a ton Richard) hit us just as we were moving everything to the public server. Sorry about that…

    Let me just point out that nothing has gone wrong (yet) and that that the bundle will indeed launch in less than an hour.

    It’s just that you caught us during these most vulnerable and awkward 45 minutes.

    Then again, the text-adventury comments were definitely worth it. Made my day and finally forced me to subscribe to the RPS commenting thingy.

    Please do feel free to ask me anything.

    Oh, and thank you so very much Mr. Cobbett!

    Cheers everyone :)

  10. Gnome says:

    Oh, and it is live now…

    • JamesPatton says:

      Can I decide where my money goes? I already own Gemini Rue and the two Ben and Dan games, and while they’re both great developers, they already have my money. Whereas Jonas Kyratzes has been literally starving for the past year or so, and I’ve played a ton of his games for free (since they were browser/freeware), so I’d like to give him a lot more money.

      • Gnome says:

        Sadly no. I fully understand what you mean James, but that would be both impossible right now and unfair to everyone else involved. Mind you, you can always donate over at link to


        • JamesPatton says:

          Good point – I think I’ll take your advice and donate (but I’ll still pay the bundle a reasonable sum, since I think it’s a worthy enterprise and I like all the developers anyway).

  11. Gnoupi says:

    I’m not sure I understand the idea behind the price dropping with time.
    Isn’t that exactly telling people to wait instead of buying?

    • Richard Cobbett says:

      It’s a bit weird. But it’s the minimum price that drops, while the cost to get the bonuses increases.

      • Aninhumer says:

        It says the minimum price for bonuses is the average price paid, which would surely drop as the minimum decreased?

      • Gnome says:

        Well spotted!

      • Gnoupi says:

        Hm, indeed. So in a way, it’s increasing with time for people who want all of it, but also decreasing the minimum so you still get people who just want the minimum. and most likely, as this minimum decreases, you entice more such people to buy it. Tricky, a bit, indeed.

        Interesting concept. But it still seems to give the idea that you should buy much later, on first sight.

  12. povu says:

    Gemini Rue is fantastic, and one of the few adventures games in which I didn’t have to resort to a guide or get stuck. It’s not that it’s easy but it’s logical, and it doesn’t require combining nonsensical objects together.

    Nice story and voice acting as well.

    • JamesPatton says:

      Agreed! One of the best adventure games I’ve ever played.

    • Unfair says:

      Anyone who enjoyed the play style of Gemini Rue would probably enjoy “The Sea Will Claim Everything” as well. It’s pretty intuitive, and I was amazed at the amount of work that must have gone into all the flavor text. Looks nice too.

      I have a quick video review of all the games on my YouTube if you want to see them in action: link to

    • Qwallath says:

      Yeah, indeed! Played the first bit up until the perspective switch back to Delta – great atmosphere and music.

  13. Yosharian says:

    Just wanna add to the chorus of voices saying PLAY GEMINI RUE TODAY

  14. JonasKyratzes says:

    From now on I shall always introduce myself as Jonas “I Hope I Spell This Correctly” Kyratzes.

  15. Stellar Duck says:

    I quite want some of those games, but I got all the Wadjet Eye and Zombie Cow ones already. :\

    • Gnome says:

      You’ll have to admit though that the price is beyond reasonable. And you can always gift the codes you don’t use yourself :)

  16. kikito says:

    Damn, these seem to be windows – only. I would have loved having them on Ubuntu (with Desura).

    • vogre says:

      TSWCE works with wine, perhaps more do too.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      As a rule anything that’s done with AGS should work fine in Wine. I can vouch for Gemini Rue, Ben There Dan That and Time Gentlemen Please – I finished them all without any problems.

      I did hit a weird bug with The Shivah, where it locked up at a certain point in Wine (right at the end) and I had to run it in Windows to finish it, so be warned about that one. It was ages ago, though, so current Wine versions may have fixed it.

  17. sirdavies says:

    lol I just bought 3 of those games individually last week. Oh well, those developers deserve all the money they can get IMO.

  18. Didero says:

    While I don’t really have time for something like adventure games at the moment, I’d like to thank you for the link to those sketches, mister Cobbett. It really cheered up my morning.

  19. Lucifalle says:

    Brilliant! I may be the only one, but I’ve been looking for a copy of 1893: A World’s Fair Adventure for years now! Then again, I’m a huge Interactive Fiction and history fan.

    The original price was always a bit too steep for a starving student, but now I can finally buy it guilt free.

    The adventure games are also a pleasant bonus (in fact, someone may have read my mind and catered this bundle specifically to me… hey, if you’re listening, can I also have a sequel to Grim Fandango, Baldur’s Gate 2 and Full Throttle? Please?).