Twice The Bundle, Twice The, Uh, Fundle

Don’t forget in these crowdsourced times that indie bundles remain very much a going concern. If anything, the huge success of the latest Humble Bundle (alright it might be only semi-indie, whatever, don’t be boring) means focus might once again turn to pay-what-you-want, publisher-free collections. Two more have turned up in recent days. IndieGala’s latest contains both PC and Android versions of some right little RPG and strategy crackers, while Indiefort’s second volley has a more fixed price for a selection of higher-tech PC games. Details below you may find, yes.*

IndieGala Mobile contains the following for Android if you pay whatever, but if you want the PC versions as well you need to beat the average price – currently $4.38.

Great Little Wargame (turn-based strategy)
Cardinal Quest (Guantlet-esque)
Legend of Yore (cheery turn-based Diablo-like)
Smiles (match-3 kinda thing)

I am familiar with the first three of those, and can confirm that they are eight otters out of high tea. Which, as you well know, means “quite good.”

If you do pay more than the average, you’ll also get the following on PC, none of which I know myself:
Turba (music-based match-3)
Pitiri 1977 (platformer)
Manor Of The Damned (RPG)

Also soundtracks and stuff, if that’s the way you bend. Money can be split as you desire between the devs, the Gala organisers, the Ablegamers charity for disabled and wounded folk and the Red Cross’ relief for the earthquake-hit Emilia Romagna region of Italy. This bundle has three days left on the clock.

Then there’s Gamersgate’s Indiefort 2, which asks a minimum of £3.99 for the following (which it claims is worth some £55):

Intrusion 2 (16-bit inspired platformer)
3079 (“futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game”. Hmm, I should probably look at that).
Aztaka (Atzec-inspired action RPG)
Fortix 2 (“reverse turret defense game”)
Demise: Ascension (an old-school RPG, with multiplayer)
Dark Scavenger (strategic/point’n’click RPG)

I must confess that the only one of those I’ve heard of previously is Fortix, so I can’t tell you anything useful. They all sound interesting in their own way though, and I hope to give ’em a spin soon. If you want to beat me to it, off you go. It runs for another six days. No charities involved, but you can lob in extra cash which will go direct to the devs if you like.

* ‘talk like Yoda’ is my latest technique for surviving endlessly posting about indie bundles.


  1. stele says:

    Make it “twice the fondle” and I’m in!

  2. djbriandamage says:

    If you take eight otters out of high tea whatever remains would not be joyous.

  3. Gilead says:

    Great Little Wargame is the only thing I’m interested in from the Indie Gala bundle, but sadly it’s also the only game that you don’t get a PC version for if you beat the average.

  4. Faldrath says:

    Dark Scavenger is the only one I’ve played, and it’s pretty good.

  5. johnki says:

    I’m actually really not interested in the Indie Gala Mobile bundle, which is a shame because there were some really nice games in the Humble Android Bundle, and ALL of them had PC/Mac/Linux versions. I actually have Cardinal Quest from the first Indiefort bundle, and after playing Hack, Slash, Loot, especially, I wasn’t really all that impressed.

    As for the Indiefort Bundle #2, I have Fortix and 3079 already, but it’d be nice to have Aztaka after only demo-ing it a while back, as the setting was really neat and the gameplay was solid. As for the rest, I’ve never heard of them, but they all really interest me. Intrusion looks really, really well done, and who doesn’t love riding on wolves? The concept behind Dark Scavenger sounds neat, and Demise is a multiplayer dungeon crawler from the Devil Whiskey guys, so I’m sold. :P

    EDIT: Also, was the Mystery Perk the launch of a Kickstarter for phr00t’s next game? If so, that’s a bit of a letdown, to say the least.

  6. MadTinkerer says:

    “I must confess that the only one of those I’ve heard of previously is Fortix, so I can’t tell you anything useful.”

    You need to read RPS more. ;)

    EDIT: Huh. So Intrusion 2 is out. It would be nice if the developers would update their website with this fact.

    Come on guys: you’ve gone through the hard part of completing the game. Now you need to put in some marketing effort. Yes, you may be worn out, but marketing isn’t as hard as programming or art, and you need to put in some effort to actually make money on what you’ve been working so hard on. If the only reason I didn’t buy your game was because I didn’t know your game was out, you failed at marketing.

    • Eclipse says:

      that puzzled me as well, how is that even possible? you complete a game and you don’t even bother to update your site or spread the word a bit? O_____o

  7. Hoaxfish says:

    ah, back to the natural cycle of bundles… 1 or 2 games I might want/have even heard of.

  8. Dana says:

    I do not own an Android device :(

  9. sonofsanta says:

    3079 (“futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game”. Hmm, I should probably look at that).

    Just ask Nathan.

    • neonordnance says:

      It’s definitely worth a look. It has some great ideas and a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the developer, Phr00t, has moved on to the next project. He was pretty good about adding updates for a while, and fixed a lot of early problems, but the game still has some gaps it needs filled in. For one, the npc models are atrocious, and do not fit the feel of the game. For two, it needs added depth. Construction, for instance, feels unfinished, and the game lacks variety in terms of exploring. Also, the shooting lacks any weight whatsoever, and the rpg side could be filled out more.

      But for a one-man team, theres a lot to like here. Great concept, solid execution in terms of the landscape and style (besides aforementioned npc’s), very good job looking similar to minecraft but different enough to stand on its own. A slightly larger team, with a dedicated artist, could make this diamond in the rough into a refined, classic gem. Here’s hoping inevitable sequel 3089 improves on the solid foundation.

      • Mattressi says:

        Damn, I’m sad to hear that he’s moved on from 3079. As you said, it has a lot of features, but very few of them feel like they have much depth. If I were more cynical, I’d say it’s like he’s added heaps of shallow features just so that he can show everyone a huge list of what he’s got in the game (but he doesn’t do that, from what I know).

        It’s still reasonably fun and has a lot of content, but as I said, it lacks depth of content.

        • neonordnance says:

          I’ve been following him on twitter for a while, and from what I can tell he seems like a decent bloke. He’s very generous with giving out screenshots and teasers, and he’s done a good job taking community suggestions and fixing things. But i really think 3079 could’ve done with 2 or 3 more big patches before it really felt “complete.”

  10. frightlever says:

    I played the (sizeable) demo for the original Demise back in the day (um, that day being Windows 98 vintage I think) and signed up for the Beta of the latest game in the series just a month or two back, but it coughed on first run, asking me to change the graphics settings on my desktop to 16bit before it could continue… so I un-installed it and never looked back.

    3079 was featured in an RPS article a while back – it’s kinda Minecraft-graphics sandbox FPS thing, that doesn’t come close to fulfilling its promises.

    • misterT0AST says:

      I disagree. 3079 is very close to being a good game.
      I spent at least 5 hours in it just wandering around, gathering items, losing items, gathering them again in a very adventurous fashion.
      It’s fun and somehow relaxing. It’s always different and yet always the same, everything felt pretty good to me: killed enemies crumble to pieces after a big explosion or a good headshot, if I have good equipment I genuinely panic when my health is low, your “followers” are unique because of their very very silly randomized look, flying is pretty fun, and there is a lot to try (vehicles, weapons, switching faction, building giant penises with crates).
      It does get boring after some time, but it does take a while.

      Unfortunately I can’t for the life of me get the multiplayer to work, I’d love to wander the wasteland with my friends.

  11. trjp says:

    Smiles is a fantastic little twist on the match-3 formula – has that addictive ‘can I keep the chain going’ thing which makes ZooKeeper a VASTLY better game than Bejewelled BUT I play it on iPad, I’ve no idea if it will work well on a phone.

    I didn’t even realise CQ was on Android – that’s a must (but again I’m not totally sold that it will work on a phone?).

    The last Android Humble Bundle was a bit of a washout in my book because almost none of the games actually worked on anything but the latest handsets and tablets Given that Android tablets are utter and total shit, this was a bit of a disappointment overall – really. Perhaps these games will fair better, I’ll give them a whirl later (having a pile of Android devices here for testing atm – I should get a pretty decent picture!) :)

    • johnki says:

      I’m not sure what Humble Android Bundle you’re talking about, but every one of the games in the last one except Avadon, which is an RPG, and it makes sense to require a tablet, works on my girlfriend’s Droid.

  12. Kuschelwampe says:

    What’s that Ascension Suite listed as bonus?

  13. trjp says:

    (was in reply to Johnki – above) I was mostly thinking of the one which had Zen Bound 2, Avadon, Cogs, Canabalt and Swords and Soldiers in it.

    Avadon is billed as tablet only – fair enough – but of the others, only Canabalt would run on my Desire and it ran so poorly as to be unplayable. Eventually but a bit of APK hacking I got Swords and Soldiers and Zen Bound into the same state (running but not playable) but Cogs remains unplayable (it displays gibberish).

    A Desire is a 2 year old phone of course – but it’s a 1GHZ handset which outpowers most of the cheaper Android handsets knocking about. If you’re releasing games targetting higher than that, you’re targetting a small part of the ‘Android’ market – much like releasing a game which needs 1920×1080 and a quad core.

    • ComradePenguin says:

      That’s weird. My Desire handled Swords and Soldiers and Canabalt fine though Zen Bound is unplayable. Even the menus run in single figure FPS. Perhaps it’s the custom ROM I have on there.

      It’s also worth remembering that the Desire, whilst an all round good phone, had fairly weedy graphics even for the time.

      • neonordnance says:

        Everything runs like butter on my droid 4. Man i LOVE this phone. I would highly recommend it if you’re shopping for an upgrade.

      • trjp says:

        Desire’s graphics are fine (as good as anything pre-Tegra was) – it’s problem is lack of memory. Even a ‘clean’ Desire only has maybe 80Mb of memory free – and anyone with any apps installed will whittle that down FAST – I usually have between 20 and 30Mb free and some APKs are bigger than that.

        Cardinal Quest’s is almost 40Mb, for example, so there’s no chance it will work on this device.

        Smiles (regular) installs and runs AOK and plays almost as well as it does on the iPad – so that’s my purchase made worthwhile right there.

        Legends of Yore runs but I’ve not played far into it

        GLWG installs OK and runs but again I’ve not tried to do much and it’s one of those games where the text is just a BIT too small to be actually readable!!

        All of this reminds me I’m overdue for an upgrade and a One X or an S3 are calling – it’s just when you have devices lying around for testing all the time you lose interest in PAYING for one of your own :)

  14. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    Heh, android.

  15. Namos says:

    Fortix a reverse tower defense game? What the what?

    It’s a volfied clone. Pretty fun, actually, for an hour or two. Was a lot more fun than most of the achievements for the Summer Camp Valve ran on Steam last year.

  16. Larington says:

    Aww shucks, and I paid full price for Demise: Ascension (Ascension is an expansion pack for Demise that adds a lot of new content) a few weeks back. Demise was Mordor 2 back in the day and you may be more familiar with that name than Demise, I went back to it after I finished Legend of Grimrock and wanted something less puzzle oriented but in a similar vein.

    Gameplay is very much suited to anyone who (for the most part) wants to sit back and relax while playing a game, combat is mostly automated except where you choose to cast spells. The game can take up a massive amount of your free time if you choose to let it do so (more so than many MMO’s in my opinion). You can either play it in multiplayer mode and control only 1 character or in single player mode where you can run around with a party of 4 adventurers. It’s probably the only RPG I can think of that has an ‘explorer’ class.

    Hope the above helps for anyone unsure as to what Demise actually is.

    • rei says:

      Oh, wow, Mordor 2. Had a lot of fun with that back in the day, so I’ll have to give Demise a try.

  17. Radiant says:

    Intrusion 2 is really fun but the real gem is Great Little War Game.

    It’s absolutely fucking brilliant.
    Essentially Advanced Wars I can’t recommend it enough.
    [you can get the ‘lite’ version for free on ipad/phone/pod it’s no different to the paid version]

  18. Nihilexistentialist says:

    I’m guessing that since there’s no mention of the Android Market Play Store then I guess they just give you the files? Disappointing.

    • trjp says:

      I recently tried to get Google to agree to giving keys or other means access for a charity app/game and I got told – in a roundabout way and after spending a LOT of time asking – to fuck off.

      Google are becoming a nasty company to deal with – they are impossible to contact and when you finally get someone, they are generally hostile and unhelpful – they will soon be worse than MS ever was IMO – the suits are well in charge now.

      HOWEVER – The beauty of Android is that you can load APKs from anywhere – and so you can do this sort of thing without the permission of the platform owner – something you could never, ever do with Apple – so it’s mildly churlish to complain!?

  19. dhankinson says:

    Fundle is my eleventyseventh favourite word.

  20. Nallen says:

    Why are there no good phone games? Real games. I wish Legend of Grimrock was on Android :(