Conano: Tiny Barbarian DX

The original Tiny Barbarian was a splendid little platformer, with secrets to discover and monsters to be barbaric toward. Based on The Frost Giant’s Daughter, an original Conan story, it was lovely and free. StarQuail are working on a semi-sequel, Tiny Barbarian DX, and it looks even more lovely and there’s no indication that it will be any less free. Barbarians riding on top of animonsters immediately reminds me of Golden Axe and the way that arrows are chopped out of the air immediately reminds me of awesome, so I’m now referring to Tiny Barbarian DX as Awesome Axe. Or Golden Awesome, but that sounds like a rubbish wrestler or the most incredible apple ever grown. Video below.

I do not know what happened to the audio. It wasn’t there earlier either.

Thanks to Chris Priestman for the tip.


  1. Totally heterosexual says:


    I Remember hating it, for some reason. I should maybe play it again to see what was up with that.

    • TAPETRVE says:

      That’s most likely because, with all due respect, the original is an unplayable piece of shit that’s more like a cute little tech demo than an actual game.

      And the awesome little video above proves me right. The “original” IS pretty much a techdemo.

      • rvr67michael says:

        @TAPETRVE, you are more or less correct! I listened (painfully) to all the feedback from the first game and the new one is much smoother, responsive, and destroys the original in general. I hope you’ll all enjoy it when the time comes!

  2. Chaz says:

    That looks great. I’ve read all the Conan’s so I’ll have to give these a go. I love the Hunchback inspired moment there in the video, with the guards and their spears. I half expected him to grab a bell rope at the end of the wall.

  3. mrt181 says:

    would love to play it on my 3ds :(

  4. HothMonster says:

    Awesome Axe the Golden Barbarian of Awesomeness: A Quest for Golden Awesome, via Axes.

  5. Hoaxfish says:

    This is just too old school, where’s my tiny snarky mostly-metrosexual male voiced by nolan north game?

  6. frChuck says:

    Yup I liked the first one. Kinda hard but cool anyway.

  7. Slurpy says:

    Remember when “It’s just another platformer?” was an insult?

    Now, with nothing but CoDs and DotA clones being released, I look at these platformers and get excited that I still have a PC to game on,

  8. rvr67michael says:

    Hey, Michael Stearns from StarQuail here. Just to correct the one particular thing, this one will not be freeware. It is going to be substantially longer, and you can already see there is a lot more stuff going on. It will still be digestible in smallish “episodes” (and once you buy in, you will get all the episodes, as they are released) but even the first episode (shown here) will be longer than the first game.

    There is no sound in this video because there is no sound in the game as of yet. This should be corrected soon!

  9. pertusaria says:

    I missed the original on the first go. Downloaded and enjoyed the first few levels so far. Cheers!

  10. LowBitLovecraft says:

    All of the art looks great, but that blue dungeon is perfect.
    The entire game should be in the blue dungeon.