Commanderer: Wargame’s ‘Commander’ Add On Is Free

Phwoargame, more like.
Eugen send word that they’ve released a free DLC (aka “a patch”) for Wargame. It contains a new game mode, they explain: “Wargame’s DLC features “Economy”, a new game mode available in both multiplayer and AI matches with new objectives for commanders worldwide. To earn victory in this mode, you will have to reach a certain number of Command Points before your opponents (points obtained by taking control of areas in the field). These points can also be used to deploy reinforcements, and a hard choice will quickly be imposed: continue your march toward victory or batten down the hatches and build your defenses!” There are also five new maps. Better still, the game is currently super cheap. So now’s the time to start the downloading of this excellent piece of Cold War RTS.


  1. Moni says:

    I’d like people to start using the term “FreeLC”.

    • Pindie says:

      I am old enough to remember when Bohemia did that with all their games from Flashpoint on.
      We called them patches. They had new vehicles and maps…

      Suddenly a patch with some content is called DLC. Oh well…

      • DM says:

        There is actually quite a bit of mix-up there. The DLC only contain the maps and the new mode but a patch was also released at the same time introducing some bugfix, balance stuffs and an addition to the moral system.

        So yeah…

  2. Dominic White says:

    The complete lack of interest in this game is depressing. It’s probably the best RTS released this year, has had shittons of post-release support, and is now budget price (at least today). Buy it, you fools!

    • Vinraith says:

      As someone that primarily plays RTS’s for skirmish play and comp-stomps (barring a dynamic campaign, which is far too rare), I think it’s understandable that I’m skeptical of a game that launched without any co-op functionality at all. My sense is that Wargame was designed almost entirely for PvP gameplay, and while that’s fine it’s not something I’m interested in. Yes, they patched in comp-stomp capability later, but considering that it was an afterthought I have to wonder whether the AI is remotely up to the task.

      • DogKiller says:

        For what’s it’s worth, the AI has seemed reasonably competent when I’ve played in skirmish mode. Admittedly, I’m not a great RTS player, but it does actually fight back. But yeah, I agree with Dominic White. I wish more people had paid attention to this game, or at least pick it up in sale, as it is really good. It manages to work a nice balance between appeasing people like me who crave realism and detail, and people who point and laugh at games with hexes and NATO icons. They’ve been very good at supporting the game for free as well.

      • Dominic White says:

        The game had skirmish play at launch, and a full campaign. Dismissing the AI because you can’t do co-op Vs AI at launch (a feature they said would be patched in, and was) seems illogical at best.

        • Vinraith says:

          A scripted linear campaign is of no interest to me (which immediately makes most RTS games bargain bin purchases these days, sadly). A game designed primarily for PvP and scripted camapigns is of no interest. I think my skepticism was pretty well justified, and the post below this (regarding deck building) would appear to back that up.

      • DyingTickles says:

        It wouldn’t let you build a deck based off of skirmish play, though. That was why I never continued playing it. I had no interest in PvP, and wasn’t drawn into the single player campaign. I prefer skirmish modes in RTS games, and without deck building capabilities (a major component of the game) in skirmish, I lost interest.

        Have they added in the ability to get command points (or whatever they were called) from skirmish matches so I could build better skirmish decks? Even if they limited those decks to simply skirmish, I would be okay.

        • Arathain says:

          I confess this was my problem. I bounced off the campaign, but without playing through it (and repeating missions) I can’t get stars, and without stars I can’t unlock units. Since I have no time or space in my life to learn the PvP all that is left is skirmish, but that won’t let me unlock units.

          I keep meaning to go back to it and see if I can’t get more out of the campaign, but I have more great games than time, so we’ll see.

          • Vinraith says:

            That is just epically terrible design, I’m extremely glad I passed on this game. Honestly, if that hasn’t been changed, I don’t even see a reason to pick it up when it hits the bargain bin.

          • Nils Law says:

            Play against the AI on hard and you earn stars to unlock more units for your deck.

    • Pindie says:

      Single player experience I found lacking and underwhelming and the game was designed with PvP in mind,m which I cannot care about.
      It seems that everything but PvP is an afterthought and even then basing the PvP on collecting decks of units is not everybody’s thing.

      Saying it was the best RTS of the year, while true, seems to set the bar very low.

      • killias2 says:

        If the campaign is decent, I’ll buy it, but I’m simply not interested in another PvP RTS. When I want to scratch that itch, I have Starcraft 2 or Dawn of War 2. These are games that sort of place a premium on focusing, as they tend to take a long while to get decent at. As such, I doubt I’ll be shopping my RTS PvP time around any time soon.

    • JarLoz says:

      I concur. Wargame is an extraordinary RTS with some quite interesting mechanics behind it. It’s very different from any other RTS I’ve played with a more tactical approach and slower pacing that fits those of us who cannot pull off 300 APM Starcraft games. I wrote a rather long analysis on the game mechanics here.

      It’s a bit of a rough diamond though. The ingame menus are not very well designed, and the single player campaign was a disappointment to me, even with it’s interesting persistence system. It’s a PVP game trough and trough, and I can understand how that can be a downside to some.

    • pepper says:

      A couple of friends of mine skipped it because of the DRM, and I accidentally bought it before I knew what kind it was. So yeah, they poo pooh’ed themselves with that.

  3. Frantics says:

    I’m with Dominic this is amazing. Just play some of the campaign it’s good and a decent challenge from what I’ve seen so far (for me at least). It’s just great, crazy amount of fires and explosions and units and destruction going on. Doesn’t take long to unlock stars and you really don’t need everything, you can take your pick.

    Wait until you see how many different unit variations and types these nutters stuck in. Kind of grim though, multiple rocket launchers and fields do not make for nice company (though it looks impressive though if you’re into that sort of thing, I sure am!), as well as all the wanton slaughter, so be warned if you’re not keen on simulated warfare. Guess it’s good the cold war stayed mostly cold considering the amount of firepower you’re pouring at each other.

    Good stuff! Didn’t realise it was by the same people as RUSE, that was fast. Check it out if you’re into strategy or war games. I really like how it plays as well, it’s simpler then something like starcraft, better for slow idiots like me, you can worry less about stuff. Guess the camera could move more or something but who knows how this stuff works, I don’t have to do crazy shit like make games!

  4. buzzmong says:

    It’s a good game, but this whole “patches called free DLC” business really puts me off them as a company, as it’s making extra free awesome content optional.

    It’s especially odd when you look on Steam and see the game has a good chunk of free DLC.

    If it’s free, why not just include it as a necessary part of the game in the form of a patch, the sensible way that everyone else does and has done for ages?

    I will repeat it’s a good game though.

    • DyingTickles says:

      It’s just a new term. Patch has evolved to just fixing glitches and bugs, while DLC can mean anything downloadable and added. I love that they release it all for free, regardless of what they are calling it.

      Doesn’t Steam automatically download them? I just clicked on them all and it says I already own them. I can’t remember if I saw them being downloaded. They probably just want to list them separately as free DLC so they get credit for adding free content on a fairly regular basis.

  5. Nahkatakkimies says:

    Is the AirLand Battle expandalone still coming next year? I’ll rather wait for the promised dynamic campaing.

  6. Ohanka says:

    This game got very boring after launch. The community became full of elitists and when everyone had unlocked high-tier units, like Abrams, T-80’s, MI-28’s and Apaches it made the game boring and unfun to play. the AI is pathetic and just spams helicopters and leaves them at spawn 9 times out of 10.