Against All Squads: Recruits Demo

The alpha version of UDK-powered top-down kill ’em up Recruits showed promise, so news of an improved two level demo is most welcome. There’s a superficial similarity to Cannon Fodder, particularly in relation to how easy it is to pop an enemy’s guts with a well-placed shot and the fact that your own squaddies become perma-dead if they fall in combat. The demo includes two missions, one of which caters for the stealthier soldier, although if that approach fails, it’s still possible to succeed. There’s an interesting approach to victory and failure throughout – quitting a mission abandons the soldiers who are in the field, unless they are at an evacuation point. Download at the links listed on the right.

Purchasing Recruits now provides the current build and future versions up to completion. It’ll set you back £3.29 on Desura and is also gunning for a Steam Greenlight release.

Here are some chickens.


  1. gravity_spoon says:

    Looks like Alien Swarm in ‘nam. Can anyone suggest more games of this type (besides Shadowngrounds)

  2. Col Sanders says:

    Any mention of Cannon Fodder must be followed by the theme song because it just so damned good.
    link to

    Looks interesting time to get the demo..

  3. derf says:

    Looks like a shit version of Jagged Alliance.