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Fodder For Thought: Recruits

The alpha version of Recruits, a Cannon Foddery squad shooter, is available to play through Desura for people pre-ordering the full game. It's a UDK-powered game, with simple objectives, tight maps and a sometimes infuriating fixed viewpoint. Enemy soldiers have a habit of being obscured by trees, meaning I've often been finding by following my squadmates' lead. I shoot where they shoot, knowing that something must be there. It's early days though and there's promise in the explodey barrels, destructible scenery, and the simple joy of shooting guns and lobbing grenades. Enemy soldiers are vulnerable, spurting blood as they crumple after a single shot, while the player's own squad are a little more robust. Less tension, more gung-ho charges. Trailer and more details below.

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While I don't think it's quite ready for your pennies yet, Recruits is a solid if unspectacular little shooter. There are more features planned, including a morale system that makes soldiers less effective if they witness or commit traumatic events. One to keep an eye on.

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