Lume Sequel Lumino City Looks Incredible

Lume might not have been a particularly challenging adventure, but the visuals were nothing less than inspired. Taking their inspiration from classic stop-frame animation, the game was actually made from cardboard and paper, and consequently looked incredible. The sequel, Lumnino City, uses the same approach, creating “a wondrous sprawling puzzle adventure game, entirely made from paper, card, wood, miniature lights and electric motors.” And it looks completely beautiful. Really, go look at the video below.

It’s due later this year.


  1. Wreckdum says:

    My balls are tingling in anticipation!

  2. Gap Gen says:

    This is clearly a game of some magnitude, though my opinion remains in flux.

    • The Random One says:

      It’s certainly a brilliant look, very fitting for a light story. I hope it finds no resistence during its development and comes out to glowing reviews.

  3. JFS says:

    Oh yeaah. One warface game series goes, another inspired game series continues. The ciiiiircle of liiiifeee…

  4. CaspianRoach says:


  5. AIAndy says:

    The question will be if it is as extremely short as Lume (which was so short that I would have felt ripped off if I had not gotten it as part of a cheap bundle).
    But no doubt that its unique visuals are very nice.

    • ShadowNate says:

      Indeed Lume was too short. More like a demo of a game, and definitely not a complete game by any stretch of the imagination. Even buying it from a sale didn’t sweeten its disappointingly short length.

      This teaser does look impressive. Hopefully, this time it’s gonna by a full-sized (or decent-sized) adventure game.

  6. DrAmateurScience says:

    Ask me about Lume.

  7. SuperNashwanPower says:

    This just made me emotional. Maybe I will play Proteus after all.

  8. Shazbut says:

    My endless wishing for Loom 2 seems to have been misunderstood by the powers that be. That said, this looks lovely. I do hope they’re putting a similar amount of effort into the actual game though.

    • derella says:

      I loved Loom. It was quite easy, but the setting/story really grabbed me. I was quite young when I received it for Christmas(it came packed with Secret of Monkey Island), and I recall listening to the audio tape that came with it(which set up the story) multiple times.

  9. UpsilonCrux says:


  10. TomxJ says:

    Played through lume last week as it happends. Been Following the State of play blog as a result. Developing this looked like the best best job in the world.

    Although if there is another ‘cupboard under the sink’ puzzle I’ll go godzilla on that set of thiers.

  11. Hulk Handsome says:

    Looks wonderful, but I really hope the actual game is more interesting than the first one. Wasn’t bad, just very eh.

  12. sharklaser says:

    i dont want to sound douchebag but i will just pirate it the day it is cracked because i actually bought the lume. (or should i say, level 1 of this game) and a word to developers if they read; you should give this lumino city free to buyers of first game or make a huge discount like %80 . (considering this is actually a game, not another 30 minute level)

    • Jackablade says:

      I”m not sure you’ve really succeeded in not sounding like a douche-bag there.

  13. frightlever says:

    God, it would have been some fun to make those sets. I assume the sets are real – hard to tell these days.

    Have we all seen this Disney video that uses 3d-model computer animation that’s been “flattened to make it look drawn? (saw it via io9)

    link to

    I laughed, I cried…

  14. OhHaiMe says:

    Lume! Sequel!! *Head Asplode*