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Diorama Dreams: The Handcrafted World Of Lumino City

Featuring the world's most adorable washing machine

We've admired the papercraft world of Lumino City before and oh me oh my, it's still looking gorgeous a year later. A new trailer lets us into State of Play's world of paper and card and wood and metal and motors and electric lights and crafty bits for another two minutes before politely bringing the conversation round to how, it's late, they're busy tomorrow, and they've got to get up early. "Wheee!" we giggle as the pinball machine lights up and bings before starting the trailer over.

So it's pretty, you get that, but what is it? Lumino City's an adventure game, the sequel to Lume from 2011. Our John had a play, delighted by the look but finding the puzzles--with one impossible exception--a cinch. Having drifted away from adventure games over the years myself, I'm certainly happy not swearing at lock puzzles for hours. We've yet to play Lumino City ourselves, though, so who knows where the puzzles are pitched this time?

If needs be, I'd happily stride into the depths of the Steam subforums for solutions if it meant I'd get to continue exploring its world. Just look at some of these designs, like the washing machine spinning little card clothes around on a Ferris wheel sort of contraption while a hose sprays them.

Here's the new trailer, coming via Kill Screen:

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Lumino City

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