Chivalry Teams With, Er, Spike TV For Expansion

The trailer even includes a Spartan Kick. That is a thing you can do.

Yes, a first-person medieval combat game with loose roots in actual history has teamed with the enriching, life-fulfilling network that’s given us hits like Bar Rescue, Manswers, Hooters Swimsuit Pageant, and ugh I can’t even look at its website anymore. The reason? Well, it makes slightly more sense than you’re probably expecting. Spike also lacquers its barbs with a program called Deadliest Warrior that’s – wait for it – often centered on medieval combat and has incredibly loose roots in actual history. Basically, it pits one type of fighter against another they’d have never actually faced in a million years and has them duke it out in hypothetical combat. And now, that’s more or less what Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is doing as well.

Unsurprisingly titled Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior, the expansion will feature multiple new eras with factions and maps to match. Details are scant for now, but Samurai, Spartans, and warrior class I’ve never heard of called “ANDMORE” are all in.

Basically, the show it’s based on is pretty dumb, but this looks like it could be kind of amusing. Chivalry has some of the best first-person melee combat out there, so strapping its systems onto other time periods could yield enjoyable enough results. Worst case scenario: the new factions just feel like Medieval Warfare’s old standbys, but with different skins. Admittedly, that’d be a pretty huge waste of potential, but the core game would still be a good time.

Best case scenario? Five words: low gravity hilarity through time.


  1. Bull0 says:

    And just like that Chivalry is no longer cool.

    • Fiatil says:

      Come on! Chivalry has always been silly medieval combat; adding silly ahistorical warriors fighting each other is a fantastic idea. I don’t really care if it’s a dumb licensed property or not, Chivalry with a bunch of different time period warriors seems great.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Quick somebody find the next thing that’s considered cool!

    • RegisteredUser says:

      I was actually one of the first to go “Say, this would all work really well with that asian setting” (Naginata, Samurai, Archers, Ninja etc translate almost 1:1 with the base game logic), but I have to say..

      The video looks cheap and crappy.
      I guess thats what you get when you try to pull a fast one and do xx things at once instead of making a great “era” gamepiece expansion.
      I suspect this is going to stay as budgety-crappy as it is looking now and I have no interest.

      I want more energy and time on chiv please.

      • Bull0 says:

        Looks low-rent as hell. Half the time, the characters don’t have shadows.

        • darkChozo says:

          Could just be a alpha-ish thing. The map textures in particular seemed somewhat placeholder-y. Chivalry looks better than that trailer, so the devs are capable of some sort of garphics, assuming this doesn’t end up being phoned in or something like that.

          • Bull0 says:

            Yeah, I actually think vanilla Chiv looks alright, but if this is super early internal footage then they shouldn’t really be using it for a trailer, since it looks like arse. I’m going to go with “this is as good as it’s going to get, because they’re making it on a shoestring”, final answer.

        • The Random One says:

          They don’t have shadows so the ninja can’t hide there!

    • Leb says:

      Chivalry is probably the silliest game I have ever played.

      This is right up chivalry’s alley, my chaps and I all squealed like excited teen girls after watching this trailer. I hope that these new characters will have just as many ridiculous and hilarious voice-command-quips as the vanilla ones

      I really wonder sometimes if RPS commenters play games to have fun, or play games to have something to be grumpy about

      • Bull0 says:

        I was mostly with you there – chiv wears its silliness on its sleeve- and then you got all unneccessary and unfair. Boo

  2. Fiyenyaa says:

    Deadliest Warrior is pretty balls, but Chivalry is good. Hopefully they just took the funding and made some cool new characters, weapons and maps with it.

  3. Maritz says:

    Haven’t played Chivalry for a while – did it ever get any more maps than the few it shipped with?

    • darkChozo says:

      They’ve had one big update since with a new objective map, a couple of TDM-ish maps, and a whole bunch of duel maps, as I recall.

      • povu says:

        Yeah the whole duel mode wasn’t in the game at launch. It’s fun.

  4. pupsikaso says:

    Chivalry has some of the best first-person melee combat out there

    I would like to refute the above statement. Chivalry in fact has some of the worst first-person melee combat I have ever played. The biggest reason being the accuracy of the melee attacks, which is very hard to get right and Chivalry certainly gets it very wrong. On your screen it might look like your poking stick should be poking through the enemy’s head, but in actually it’s actually nowhere near his face.

    Then there’s the momentum of the swings. Or rather that there is none. Any kind of melee attack sails by like an elder citizen taking doing a speedwalk around the mall.

    And of course the actual accuracy of where you hit your opponent, which ties with my first point. Lets say he has a shield and you have a poking stick. You poke your stick into an exposed piece of shoulder, you can see that your stick would touch his shoulder, but your stick instead bounces off his shield. Why? Because apparently there’s a piece of collision from the shield sticking out outside from the actual art of the shield that you can see on the screen. VERY frustrating.

    If you want “one of the best first-person melee combat, please take a look at Mount and Blade.

    • Berzee says:

      Mount and Blade is good (though generally beyond my limited capabilities =P). As you say it’s “one of” the best, does this mean you have other bests to suggest? I do like Chivalry but in a kind of “fun despite feeling mushy” way. I would be interested in further recommendations!

      (The First Person Sworder games I’m already familiar with are just M&B, Chivalry, WotR, and the PVK mods for HL1 and 2 ^_^).

    • Mad Hamish says:

      While M&B has plenty of collision problems with shields to, it has the superior melee combat I believe. You just have much more control over what you are doing. I’m going to continue waiting for the one true messiah, M&B2: Bannerlord.

    • dmastri says:

      Chivalry has the most fun melee I’ve ever played. War of the Roses was awful. MnB is quite good and more complex, but never really had as much fun playing. Not sure why. Chalk it up to “feelings”

    • RegisteredUser says:

      It has, or some would say had(Promod still has it), some of the best melee fighting mechanics in a PC game ever.

      Its a shame there aren’t more gray areas(in terms of PC games out, games using mechanics like this) like the melee with blood and gore slashing in Dead Island, but maybe some day we’ll pick up on that, too. For now, Chivalry, despite being rapidly run into the dirt by the devs, is still the only standout (first person POV) team objective melee game in existance.
      There is no tangible competition. At all.
      (And yes I own M&B Warband and know about WOTR)

      The “hit things” complaint, well. We had the “John Carmack isn’t relevant anymore” discussion the other day. He made an engine with actual pixel precision hit detection.
      Nobody used it.

      Unreal uses the weirdest, crappiest hitboxes, and Chivarly, due to it, has been plagued by it from day one.

      I’d say you need to blame the engine rather than the actual game for not having a feature, when the engine itself just isn’t able to supply it.
      Not that I know enough about the actual coding/implementing etc pp to tell just how precise it all _could_ be without asking for insane hardware requirements, to be honest.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        That’s like saying, “It’s not your car that sucks, just the engine!” Whatever the complaint is abou-, engine, controls, graphics- it IS the actual game.

    • Jimmy says:

      Yes, it is still a lot of mischievous mayhem, and I must try the ProMod later this year when I have time and it is a bit more advanced. The latest updates have reduced stamina greatly, reducing players to wheezing old farts. Many of the updates have been positive, but the quantity of tweaking updates is getting tiresome. Hence, something like promod might provide some stability.

      As for the new game, some will love it. I prefer the vaguely semi-historical ambience, even though now it has microtransactions hats and people running around in pink trim and neon helmets, so yeah, it is getting a bit silly, and this new game is just an extension of that. This idea of samurai and spartans occasionally did the rounds in the forums. Perhaps they will add a my little pony mode, complete with rainbow dashes?

      There is still a market there for Chivalry combat matched with War of the Roses historical accuracy (relatively speaking). Mods might do it, but as we all know mods can takes years to appear…

      Neither M&B nor WoTR is first person. Sure, there is an FPS mod for M&B, but it looks rough. It is the FPS experience that gives Chivalry the raw feeling of skilled combat.

      • Mad Hamish says:

        FPS mod for M&B? That’s a bit redundant. Just press the “r” key..

    • Slight0 says:

      Despite the flaws you mention it’s still better than 90% of what’s available. You’ve hardly mentioned something that outweighs its many strong points. If mount and blade is better, I’ve only seen videos, then its by a small margin.

  5. killias2 says:

    The show is terrible, but it’s not really a bad idea for a Chivalry expansion. I’d rather they go a different route, with deeper “battle” mechanics especially. However, as is, Chivalry is great in Duel mode. This fits that perfectly.

  6. Monkeh says:


    fine print: “Sometime, maybe, we really haven’t got anything else yet, but we’ll probably add one more.”

    Looked seriously awkward to me, starting a summary and only being able to name two things.

    Also Warband > Chivalry. Basically I wanted to enjoy both Chivalry and War of the Roses (also bought both on release), but couldn’t get into them, seeing as Warband’s gameplay feels so much deeper and more rewarding to play.

    • darkChozo says:

      Word on the imaginary street is that the third warrior type is US Marine, and that this is actually Torn Banner’s secret attempt to enter the CoD clone market.

  7. kwyjibo says:

    Fun Fact – The Torn Banner CEO is Tom Banner.

  8. Nein Nein Nein says:

    Sadly the developers weren’t able to deliver a real game. Chivalry feels and plays like a half-polished Source mod. And instead of patching it into a real playable game they decided to do something new? Oh my…

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Ironically, thats what it used to be and half of the oldtimers keep fondly referring to that period as better times.

      Or wait. Are you really just a bad troll who slacked on his research while trying to be sarcastic?

  9. Tei says:

    They must add Conquistadores. They killed the Incas God Quetzalcoatl, a man eating feathered flyiing snake. In a battle, 200 conquistares killed 10.000 americans just coughing in his general direction. Conquered the Amazons Gold City (it was a hard battle, and the amazons where half naked with bikini armours) and had many, many childrens. North America was inhabitable because the population of wendigos and bigfoot, and the consquistadors killed them all, to the last one. They also conquered the isle of Guam from the Japanese, and hidden a artifact of terrible power there, that could destroy a whole city. But not last, they sell the Florida to USA, with a no refund policy.
    Wen the Russian Polar Bear Chilvarry tried to conquer north america starting from Alaska, it was the conquistadors that stooped them somewhere in the Oregon coast. Russian has to flee to the west, beyond Kamakatcha.

    • Fiatil says:

      To be fair, those 10,000 warriors danced into battle with no weapons because the Inca ruler thought he could just intimidate them with their fantastic mass dancing skills.

      • Skabooga says:

        I hope before the massacre, someone said, “Cortes, you just got served.”

    • RedViv says:

      Heh, that coughing bit is both hilarious and sad in hindsight.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      *books a ticket to Guam*

  10. Jenks says:

    What a wasted opportunity. They should have partnered with Lifetime: Television for Women, imagine the progressive cries of joy from the video game blogosphere.

    • darkChozo says:

      I would totally play a game with a Chivalry warrior in a Lifetime movie situation. Just replace all the crying with yelling, and slightly increase the frequency of beheadings.

  11. Wedge says:

    Kind of odd when they actually made a standalone game for Deadliest Warrior already as well.

  12. Reapy says:

    Maybe spike just licensed it and are throwing in their own skins? Seems like a cool deal for torn banner if that is what is going down. It did look frame by frame the same character animations, so looks like they are going for a straight up reskin.

  13. Kong says:

    wow this first screenshot reminded me of my favorite arian schlachtfest movie 300. Where that dark skinned ambassador of the evil empire got kicked in the deep pit by the hero. This is a motherlovin sreenshot. We should have more of that shit.

  14. RegisteredUser says:

    Sure, I mean, why work on getting the base game working when you can just churn out expansions while the core and competitive community rages on hard in the forums.

    And while all official servers still, and now for over half a year, suffer massive and reliably reoccuring lagspikes. Which the devs and forum mods deny, while the people actually playing continue to experience them.

    (Don’t believe me, look at the last 6 months of forum posts surrounding the bug reports, discussion posts, etc pp)

  15. Om says:

    Does this mean an end to insightful live action explorations of conflict resolution such as the IRA vs the Taliban?

    • Bull0 says:

      So what they’re saying is we need to ban car parks in Afghanistan?

  16. Nogo says:

    The Deadliest Warrior game for XBLA is actually thoroughly entertaining (it’s basically the only modern game that resembles Bushido Blade), despite it’s poor appearance, so who knows.

  17. Shadowcat says:

    “Ugh I can’t even look at its website anymore” turned out to be one of the more entertaining reality TV concepts of the season.

  18. AngusPrune says:

    I’m sure this will be the best game tie-in since Hooters Road Trip. Which is why, as much as I love Chivalry, I’m not going to buy it.

  19. halo95945 says:

    The complete expansion pack will be unleashed this Fall for $14.99 on Steam
    sorce: link to