Cardboard Children – Rab’s Top 50 (40-31): The Video

Hello youse!

It’s the big reveal video of numbers 40-31 on my TOP 50 Boardgames of ALL the TIMES list. I do hope you enjoy it. Next week I’ll dig into the games in a wee bit more detail. For now – go see what’s made the list!


  1. AngelTear says:

    Where do I fill the form to request being adopted by you, Rab *o*

  2. soulblur says:

    Better from the front.

    But my, what a lot of games those are. Great, beautiful games.

  3. TheBuff1 says:

    My goodness that is a nice collection of games! And I thought it was only Tom Vasel and The Dice Tower who displayed games like that! Rab I salute you! You’ve got me back into boardgames in a big way! Miss you on Twitter :(

  4. Yserbius says:

    In all seriousness, I understood maybe about 1 word out of 3. Rab, I knew that you’re Bri’ish and suspected Sco’ish, but I never would have pegged you with an accent that makes David Tennant sound like he grew up in Chicago.

    “Kuuuh has a couple of characters that are hitten”

    • Antsy says:


    • buzzmong says:

      Pffft. Rab’s got a pretty soft Scottish accent. Some of the other ones, especially from the countryside, are nigh impossible to fathom.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      As an American who has done some traveling in Scotland, I can assure you that his accent is pretty mild.

      Alternatively: try watching Gregory’s Girl with the original audio track (NOT the English dub). It’s…well, the accents are strong enough that they did an English dub for a Scottish film.

      • Sleepymatt says:

        This just reminded me of this episode of another Rab… the subtitles start around 6:35 for any heathens not able or willing to watch the whole thing!

        Comedy genius, assuming you understand Weegie.

    • BooleanBob says:

      Aw, awa’ and bile yer heed!

    • Tams80 says:

      That’s definitely a milder Scottish accent.

      Oh and it’s those from Yorkshire who are best known for dropping thier ‘t’s.

      • libdab says:

        Not just Yorkshire. Southerners (e.g. London, Kent, Essex, etc.) drop T’s all the time, ma(t)e.

        • Tams80 says:

          I know ma’e. i’s jus’ Yorkshure men and women are be’er known for i’.

      • Yserbius says:

        My in-head British accent often defaults to Catherine Tate’s Lauren.

  5. Edgewise says:

    Excellent video, great direction. Personally, I’d put Risk: Legacy higher on the list. I’ve been playing this game with four of my coworkers over the last couple of months, and the consensus is that this is the most fun any of us have had with a board game. We’re not all board gamers, but some of us are, so this is a remarkable consensus. It’s not a perfect game, but I can say with great confidence that it’s a genius design and endlessly fun.

  6. Saarlaender39 says:

    31: Hour of Glory
    32: Fury of Dracula
    33: Pret-a-porter
    34: Warhammer Invasion
    35: Colosseum
    36: Shadow Hunters
    37: Risk Legacy
    38: Coup
    39: Formula D
    40: Claustrophobia
    41: ThunderRoad
    42: Rattus
    43: Dixit
    44: Trains
    45: Nexus Ops
    46: Kingsburg
    47: Ninjato
    48: Mission Red Planet
    49: The Duke
    50: Conquest of Planet Earth

  7. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Legacy only at 37? I’m pretty shocked.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      But then again The Duke is easily in my top 10 :P

    • apocraphyn says:

      Was about to say the same damn thing! Loved Legacy, it was an immensely refreshing board game and, as Rab said, it creates a solid memento to look back on after you’ve finished the 15 games. Cheers for giving it such a glowing review way back when, Rab – probably wouldn’t have heard of it if you hadn’t mentioned it, and that in turn spurred me and my mates to look into more board games.

  8. Sleepymatt says:

    “This game’s amazing!”
    “I’ve not even heard of that game, haven’t seen you play it, I haven’t even seen it in your game collection”

    Love it! Aptly sabotaged by your own director… this gave me a real belly laugh!

  9. rexx.sabotage says:

    THIS series makes me want to play more board games!

  10. Severian says:

    This series is great. Keep it coming.

  11. Randomgit says:

    I want to be Rab when I grow up. Shit, I’m 40…… just in time for my mid life crisis then! Huzzah ‘n stuff.

  12. squareking says:

    Letter Gothic, best gothic.

    And now I really want Hour of Glory.

  13. Slazia says:

    Great video. Love the passion.

  14. celticdr says:

    Rab makes me want to play boardgames again, with a Glaswegian… unless I’m mistaken on the accent :)

  15. damaki says:

    Thanks Rab.
    Gotta love these games, gotta love this overwhelming passion, gotta love this accent. Many thanks, pal.


  16. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    I’ve only just watched the first video, but it’s brilliant. Glad to see your boundless enthusiasm does as well on screen as it does in words. Looking forward to watching this instalment.

  17. Bull0 says:

    Good to see Risk Legacy make the cut. Fantastic thing that it is.

  18. webs1 says:

    Love the video.
    Also love the “subtle” criticisms of his daughter(?). I mean, he’s older than me, how dare he wear a cap back to front!?

    • TWChristine says:

      “He’ll take a wee minute, sorry about this..”

      I almost died.

  19. Edgar the Peaceful says:

    Never mind boardgames, Rab’s posts always make me feel good about the world.

  20. jarowdowsky says:

    fucking hell, Rab giving us all hope those exercise plans might actually work. And he’s only gone and done a game wall! Nice work

  21. Wendelius says:

    I can just see it. Now that you have told your daughter that choice is good, watch her rip cards and draw on the board of other games. You better set up a boardgame neighbourhood watch. ;)

  22. ben_reck says:

    Enjoying the series. Was his shirt a wee small?

    I would like to start hearing a little more about why he prefers the games in the 40’s to the ones in the 50’s (and the ones in the 30’s to the 40’s). What propels one game ahead of another? However, there might be too much genre variety to do that at the moment.