Fee-Fi-Fo-Fun – Don’t Starve: Reign Of Giants Out Now

Spider Face / Spider Face / Does whatever it wants / While I hide

Are you starving for more Don’t Starve? Do you long to sink your teeth into more juicy, wholesome content and suck the marrow from its bones like the thirstiest of draculas? Then you’re in luck. After a brief Steam Early Access testing period, the brilliantly quirky survival adventure’s Reign of Giants DLC expansion is now available on Steam proper. Venture below for a new trailer, but beware: unspeakable terrors lurk in RPS’ whispering woods. We’ve got evil trees, deerclops, notorious human hunter Adam Smith – all of it. Proceed at your own risk.

LOOK OUT IT’S ADAM. No wait, that was just a colossal spider queen. Phew.

Reign of Giants will make Don’t Starve’s odd world of the weird, wacky, and occult even more frighteningly and secret-laden. Observe its contents:

  • New playable characters: Reign of Giants adds two characters for players to discover and survive with. Play as Wigfrid, a stage actress who went a bit too far with method acting on her latest role, an ancient Valkyrie, or Webber, a young boy who lives inside the spider who tried to eat him long ago.
  • Year-round starvation: Struggle through a full year of seasons as you experience the torrential rain falls of spring and the blistering heat of summer.
  • A bigger, badder world: New biomes have been filled the the brim with new creatures and gatherables that will either help you survive – or kill you.
  • An extra save slot: You asked, we delivered.
  • Giants: They’re in the name for crying out loud!

I feel like I’ll best identify with Webber, as I too am a spider who mercilessly devoured a young boy but – in a shocking twist – was then almost immediately consumed by another spider, whom I now live inside. I embody all sides of the character, really.

Reign of Giants will only run you $4.99. How’s that sound? Think you’ll give it a go?


Top comments

  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    How odd.
    I never knew there were other people who are actually spiders devoured by young boys.
    I always thought that I was the only one!
  2. Steven Hutton says:

    If only Obsidian would take a crack at this.
  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    How odd.
    I never knew there were other people who are actually spiders devoured by young boys.
    I always thought that I was the only one!

  2. HiFiHair says:

    What, no Giant Fur-Bearing Trout?

  3. cpy says:

    Without multiplayer, i got bored pretty quickly in this game. Seriously who play games alone anymore?

    • HiFiHair says:

      Robert Wentrcek
      Lloyd Outterridge
      Řehoř Daalman
      Gerhild Honeysett
      Netta Ellsworth
      Clarice Kuhn
      Colmán Endicott
      Norbert Croft
      Kaleb Johns
      Eddy Jones
      Daly Townsend
      Walter Newman
      Clancy Stafford
      Rexana Wilcox
      Bud Ó Cnáimhín
      Claribel Graner
      Roxana Travers
      Fawn Horn
      Cree Tobias
      Zola Lindsey
      Finlay Garb
      Ansley Knopp
      Hoyt Gerver
      Cody Skinner
      Gilchrist Gros
      Ursella Unkle
      Carroll Atterberry
      Danna Lewis
      Mairtín Elvis
      Aurora Ahearn
      Raynard Cline
      Porter Hightower
      Rica Peters
      Gwynfor Turner
      Brent Johnston
      Loreen Steffen
      Ruadhán Haward
      Méabh Cory
      Earle Rennoll
      Rolland Simon
      Sigismund Ryer
      Nia Ryers
      Gruffudd Oursler
      Jördis Goode
      Parker McGinnis
      Ivor Kuhn
      Essence Brock
      Chrysanta Causey
      Gethin Montgomery
      Frank Norris
      Kasimira Jund
      Farquhar Wolf
      Deven Quickley
      and Finn Ross to name just a few.

      • soulblur says:

        Where has this list come from? Certainly there are people who play games alone (I do, for an additional example). But I feel that Don’t Starve would be more fun with another person. I understand that Klei has said that would defeat the purpose, but I don’t think it would – just ramp up the difficulty a bit (slightly tougher monsters, for example), and things would be fine. It’s hard enough to support coop, and the addition of another person would add more interest to a game that can feel a bit old after a little while.

        • SillyWizard says:

          While I can see the appeal of playing Don’t Starve with a friend, from a design perspective, I understand why Klei doesn’t care to make the option available.

          It’s a game about being cold, alone, and frightened in a dangerous world. Running around with a friend — while perhaps being amusing — would really take the wind out of its sails when you’re crouching by a dying fired, ghostly laughter mocking you, shadowy predators edging ever closer as the circle of light around you inexorably shrinks.

          No thanks.

      • frightlever says:

        I call shenanigans on that list! Clancy Stafford is on my League of Legends team.

        (psst… link to listofrandomnames.com )

    • Solidstate89 says:

      I do. I can’t stand multiplayer games.

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      The same people who read books by themselves, I guess? Not everything has to be a party.

  4. rpsKman says:

    You don’t need Steam for this, that was just for the trial/beta thing.

    • evileeyore says:

      Yup, I bought back during “Early Access” even though I don’t use Steam because it was cheaper (by like a buck).

      Why don’t I use Steam? It’s DRM.

  5. Jason Moyer says:

    There’s a much bigger release happening today. Hope RPS reports it.

  6. Steven Hutton says:

    If only Obsidian would take a crack at this.

    • tormos says:

      I think they should let Obsidian have the series for a while, see what they do with it

  7. Golden Pantaloons says:

    There’s just something fascinating about Don’t Starve that keeps me coming back to it. Probably the aesthetics.
    I haven’t managed to finish it with any characters yet, and I often die to the same things and feel terrible for a few seconds afterwards… but I’ll always start it up again at some point.

  8. SillyWizard says:

    So have any of you ever “beaten” the game? I’ve made it to around 109 or 110 days a couple of times, but typically I’m toast shortly after the end of the first winter. It seems like every time I get a good bit of farmland going, I end up running out of seeds.

    The vast majority of things which can be created by the Science Engine/Alchemy Engine/Prestihatitator I’ve never managed to make. Many of these are things which I had the materials to build, but no idea if they’d really be beneficial.

    Just reviewing the ingredients necessary, there are creatures I’ve still never seen. Koalefunt? Wtf is that.

    It’s amazing that after 72 hours in the game, there’s still stuff I’m just learning. (I just discovered yesterday that I could steal pengull eggs and live. And I have yet to brave the depths of a cave.)

    Anyway. This game is like crack. Carry on.

    • Golden Pantaloons says:

      Build a birdcage (You need reeds which means you need to find a swamp) and you’ll never run out of seeds. Just feed the bird seeds and you get 1-3 seeds back. During the winter, you’ll most likely have to live off rabbits and monster meat.

      I can only encourage extensive use of the wiki, as DS is very much a “wiki game”. Some game mechanics are arbitrary and stuff like combining food resources for maximum fullness tends to make the game a lot less frustrating (less time spent hunting and foraging).

      • hotmaildidntwork says:

        *That’s* what the birdcage is for? I thought it was just decoration!
        Ditto on rabbits being a good winter food source, I usually set up my base in a prairie with a bunch of rabbit holes and leave traps on top of each one. Combined with a crockpot (burn trees for charcoal) you’ll have meatballs year round.

        I actually discourage use of the wiki. So much of the satisfaction of the game is about discovering things for yourself that it’s best not consulted if you can help it. I do encourage sharing knowledge though, so on that note:

        Koalefant have to be hunted by using dirt mounds and then following the direction of the tracks they leave. They both scare easily and make for dangerous opponents when forced into a fight, but they yield a bunch of meat and a trunk when killed.
        Now how did you manage to get those pengull eggs? I’ve yet to manage such a feat.

      • SillyWizard says:

        Ah neat, good to know!

        And yes, I’ll never forget surviving my first winter. It was a battle of wills between Wilson and the elements. Cold and starving, the poor man’s only readily available food source were the spiders from several nearby nests incessantly encroaching upon his den.

        He held off on eating their foul meat as long as he could, but after surviving an attack from a pack of wild dogs — including several which burst in to flame which consumed the chest in which he was storing the last of his beefalo jerkey — he resigned himself to making monster-meat jerky, and scraped through the last days of winter full…though with a bare sliver of health, and not a lot of sanity to spread around.

        (In a later run, I actually died eating monster meat. Whoops!)


        And…yes, I refuse to touch a wiki for this game. It’s so satisfying whenever I do manage to figure something out. Begone Pantallons, you foul temptress!

        As for the pengull eggs…it’s actually quite simple. The pengulls constantly drop and pick up their eggs. However, they aren’t particularly prone to attacking you so long as you don’t hit them or hang around too long. You can simply dart in, grab an unwatched egg, and leave. They won’t even chase you! However, if you hang around eyeballing their eggs, the do seem to become more careful about keeping them guarded.

    • whorhay says:

      I think I have a game that is closing in on or just over 300 days. My strategy is to always spend the first few days exploring as much as possible looking for early gold. Then setup camp in a Savannah preferably with a bunch of rabbit holes within the fire pits light radius. Then I focus on replanting grass tufts, saplings, and berry bushes in my base. A lightning rod is critical to making your base unless you want all your stuff to burn up from a stroke of misfortune. A few crock pots and some drying racks are also very helpful, and a birdcage is near godlike, especially once you grow a dragon fruit. Whenever I find a pig house I tear it down along with the pig heads on sticks, use the skins to make a pig village near my base, preferably just off the screen.

      Once you have enough pig houses near your base you can replant a spider nest nearby. Then you make some pig friends to slaughter spiders every day. Gather all the silk, glands and monster meat you can. Then feed the monster meat to pigs one at a time to make them turn to werepigs. When killed as werepigs you get no negative karma and max loot. Doing this systematically lets you grow your pig village to the point that you’ve always got a large work force nearby. You can also make a Hambat and helmet whenever you need one. And possibly one of the biggest benefits, you can dump whole stacks of berries on the ground in the village and they will rapidly turn it into manure, letting you build as many turbo farms as you want.

      For hounds early on I just beat them down with a log suit and spear, away from my base. It is critical when you start getting fire hounds that you fight them far enough from your base that they won’t burn it to the ground. I prepare an area to fight hounds about an 8 – 10 second run from my base. I tear up all the sod and replace it with wooden plank flooring, to prevent eye plants from ruining everything. I surround the fire pit with all the hound tooth traps I can make and leave a stack of logs, log suit and a weapon next to the fire pit just in case everything goes horribly wrong. At the first sign of an incoming attack I go stand by the fire pit, don my armor, equip a weapon and stoke the fire if necessary. When the hounds come I kite them around through the traps and finish with weapon if necessary.

      • SillyWizard says:

        Wow. You’re…you’re like Robinson Crusoe.

        Pretty much 80% of the things you just talked about are things that I didn’t know you could do or wondered about but never managed to try.

        Whooo boy.

      • hotmaildidntwork says:

        I’ve been experimenting with the meat bulbs, but I had no idea you could replant a spider nest. And the pig heads on sticks! Why didn’t I ever think to knock those down!

        • whorhay says:

          To plant a new spider nest/lair/den you have to get eggs from destroying a tier 3 spider den. Spider Queens also rarely drop eggs but T3 dens are the easiest way to get them.

    • MattM says:

      I like to use spider-meat to make meatballs during the first winter. It allows your vegetables to stretch much further. If you are quick on the ball you can make 20+ improved farms before the first winter. I found having a nearby spider nest (use traps to kill them), farms, and nearby rabbit holes were the best early game food source. Kiting a beefalo is also possible to get a lot of quick food in winter. Combine the beef with spider-meat to make meaty stew.
      You don’t exactly beat the main game, but at some point you will have faced every challenge the game has to offer and reached the top of the crafting tree. Once you know all the games elements you can prepare for all of them and the game becomes easy to play indefinitely (always have a meat-effigy built and one pre-built). The adventure mode has a definite end and some new challenges. It took me around 80 hours to beat the main game and adventure mode.