A List Of 1139 Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Games

I've seen things.

Update, September 14th: Shortly after this post, Five Nights fan games really took off. At one point, I had hoped to compile a new list of the 2362 games on Game Jolt, but, well, there were 2362 of them. I certainly did start, though, so now I’ve boshed another 922 games onto this list. I know, right? Game Jolt chose to section Five Nights fan games away from the main stream, as they were flooding everything else out, and currently hosts over 4,712 in various stages of completion.

My readme file obsession has tailed off in recent months, replaced by a fascination with fan games for Five Nights at Freddy’s [official site] – a game I’ve only played for ten minutes in the demo. Every morning I check Game Jolt, and every morning I see several new Five Nights games.

I realised how big it was when Fazbear and friends usurped Slender Man as the most popular fan game subject on Game Jolt. As I write this, the host-o-community has at least 217 entries that are clearly FNAF fan games. And that 217 is only on one site. And only since September. I didn’t know what to do with my obsession beyond compile it into one huge list so that’s what I did, okay.

Some game entries on Game Jolt are jokes, some aren’t finished, some will never be finished, and I suspect some were never really started. Most follow the classic formula. Many have silly names I must confess to giggling at, or delight in imagining what inspired them. The answer to that, mostly, is that they love the game. I’m always pleased when people celebrate something by creating. From a video they recorded, I know one game’s maker is literally in first grade.

I considered recording an audio version of this list, but there’s something impressive about the scale of it. Look, here are 217 Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games in chronological order of creation:

And here are the 922 new ones:


  1. RobF says:


    Five Nights At Illuminati cracked me up. Love to see stuff like this.

  2. J-Force says:

    I don’t know if I should be impressed or horrified.

  3. Anthile says:

    Are you okay?

  4. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    Every time I think RPS can’t get any better!

  5. thedosbox says:

    Someone should make a bet with Adam. If he loses, he has to play all of these.

  6. Sinomatic says:

    I think we all now love you just a little bit more Alice.

  7. Dinjoralo says:

    FredBear’s Swag. I can’t even begin to describe these emotions.

  8. Alice O'Connor says:

    Sorry, chums – this post is now outdated. Over the past few hours, both Five Nights at Nintendo Land and Freddy’s Maze 3D have appeared. And I am SO PLEASED by that.

    • sub-program 32 says:

      Another game has appeared too – FNAF 3 itself, in Greenlight form.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Sorry, sorry – this post is now outdated too. Last night brought Five Nights at Team Rocket HQ, Fnaf RPG: the rejected animatronics, Five nights at Freddy’s Trapped!, Minigames At Freddys, Five Nights at Freddys 2D, and Five Nights at Bikini Bottom.

  9. shaun says:

    Five Weeks at Snapple is still in development. I wanted to play it :(

  10. elilupe says:

    “Five Nights at Fuckboys”

    My personal favorite.

  11. Baines says:

    No mention of the now seemingly defunct Greenlight campaign for more garbage from The Slaughtering Ground devs, Six Nights at Suzie’s?

    I can’t find it on Greenlight anymore, but Jim Sterling still has his commentary about the Greenlight trailer for Six Nights, if you want to look for it and feel worse for yourself and others.

    Blast, is there any way to stop RPS comments from auto-embedding YouTube videos? I just wanted the text link. Though I guess it technically could count as a security feature to auto-embed?

    EDIT: Editing the comment killed both the auto-embed and the text link display? Even though the text link is still present in the edit box? I’ll just remove it entirely and point people to look for it themselves on YouTube.

  12. YogSo says:

    I didn’t know what to expect when I saw Five Nights at Freddy’s – RPS Edition listed, but I kinda feel let down after checking it.

  13. April March says:

    No cat-based fan games… My dream still lives on…

  14. DrLeoWollman says:

    I really hope this is only the first in a long series of earnest and enthusiastic lists.

  15. Raoul Duke says:

    What is a “fan game”? Are these mods? Something else?

    • Muzman says:

      That was my question too.
      A chilling image of a future appears in my mind where people can spit out games even faster than this.

      • Alice O'Connor says:

        Oh! Sorry, I didn’t think this would need explaining. You old fuddy-duddies… Like fan fiction and fan art, fan games are things people have made inspired by something they like. They’re games about Five Nights made by fans. Some copy the formula, while others are quizzes/RPGs/platformers etc.

        • Muzman says:

          That part is fairly self explanatory, yes. My particular befuddieduddlement I think stems from “How?!”. Even after a decade of Newgrounds and Fark etc leaning in that direction I still can’t really fathom making a joke game on a whim and certainly not 300 of them.

          (although looking at them, mostly they aren’t finished or debatably exist at this point. Phew. We haven’t yet reached the point where games can leap forth fully formed from the minds of children smarter than me)

          • Raoul Duke says:

            Yeah, this was the source of my confusion – how could people make 217 new games so quickly? Surely they are somehow re-using the original game for this?

  16. quarpec says:

    i dont understand what is going on anymore

  17. vahnn says:

    Where’s Four Days at Frankie’s or A Fortnight at Frieda’s?

  18. Shaun Green says:

    No Five Nights at the Inventory? Missed crossover potential!

  19. BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

    Upon seeing the title my only thought was “She can’t be serious. Though the number is awfully specifi- she was serious.” I’d heard there were a lot of crappy fan games but hadn’t seen any of them. But jesus, that’s… that’s a lot.

  20. bunnyhero says:

    not to mention all of the five night’s at freddy’s fan game jams on gamejolt, too…

  21. Fiyenyaa says:

    This is giving me the most wonderful/terrible flashback to a certain night. Play my fan-game, One Night Hearing Alice Read Out This List Two Effing Times. It’s a great and terrible evil.