Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition Riding Out Tomorrow

The ‘Deathinitive Edition’ of Darksiders II [official site] will ride onto PC tomorrow, publishers Nordic Games have announced at awfully short notice. It took them ages to even quietly confirm a PC version of the open-world hacking-and-slashing action-RPG’s revamp and now boom, here, it’s out tomorrow. (John really dug its original release in 2012.) Expect improved graphics, a rebalancing, and a fair bit of confusion over whether current DS2 owners will receive it as an update or not.

First of all, what’s in the Deathfinitive Edition? Nordic say:

  • Darksiders II with All DLCs included and integrated into the game, offering a total playtime of more than 30 hours
  • Improved Graphic Render Engine for higher visual quality especially in terms of lighting and shadows, optimised for PC
  • Improved and reworked level, character and environment graphics
  • Running in native 1080p resolution
  • Reworked and tuned game balancing and loot distribution

Aye, sure, that sounds good. The Facebook page has a few comparison screenshots showing yep, that’s prettier. Darksiders II had bigger problems than any of this but it’s a remaster, not a remake. And how will you get this stuff?

If you don’t own Darksiders II at all, hey, it’ll launch with a 20% discount for the first week. If you own Darksiders II on Steam or GOG, you’ll be offered an 80% discount during the first week. Some people will receive the Deathinitive Edition for free, but this gets tricky. On Steam, if you own the Darksiders Franchise Pack containing both games and all the DLC and everything, you’ll get Deathinitive free, but you must specifically have bought that bundle – it’s not enough to own everything in it. On GOG, you’ll get Deathinitive free if you’ve bought both games and the DLC bundle.

What’s up with the mess on Steam? Nordic explain:

“Our original plan was to have the free copy unlocked for everyone owning Darksiders II and ALL DLCs but unfortunately this was technically not possible so we were told and therefore we chose the Steam version being the one unit unlocking the free copy which is as close as possible to the content we wanted our loyal fans to own – the Darksiders Franchise pack.”

Bit messy, that.

Nordic Games bought Darksiders after original publishers THQ shut down, though not the studio who made it, Vigil Games. Last year they talked about having plans for the series, and hopefully those still extend beyond the Deathinitive Edition. Getting DS2 onto the latest Xbox and PlayStation was probably a fair start for building interest in the series again. Fingers crossed.


  1. Gaminggumper says:

    Pricing on this on consoles has been super strange. I’ve seen it for everything from $40 to $29 and change. But I’ll take an 80% discount since I don’t own the DLC that seem resonable.

  2. Cryio says:

    Improved Graphic Render Engine for higher visual quality especially in terms of lighting and shadows, optimised for PC

    Wait, what ? This wasn’t coming to PC AFAIK. Would’ve loved it though.

  3. Talahar says:

    Obviously I’m not a loyal fan, because I bought everything full price before there even was a gosh darn franchise pack.

    • alms says:

      Agreed, this solution is beyond stupid and most punitive for early adopters. I know Steam has a problem exposing DLC ownership for third party sites, but their own store, seriously? It’s cool to make fun of Valve, but I’m having a hard time buying into the explanation, sorry.

    • jasta85 says:

      I’m probably in the same category as you, I own the THQ pack that has pretty much everything ever made by them, guess that doesn’t qualify me though.

  4. Wowbagger says:

    I hope it runs better then the current build i’ve had issues with it in the past. the PS4 remaster is locked at 30 fps which is a bit poo.

  5. brucethemoose says:

    This gives me hope. If Nordic Games went to the trouble of remastering DS2, there’s hope for a co-op Darksiders with Fury and Strife.

    • PancakeWizard says:

      Hopefully will never happen. A game each? Sure. A game where you can hot-swap between the four? Sure. But no multiplayer of any kind. This is a single player franchise!

  6. Chekote says:

    I just recently finished a second play through of the first DarkSiders, so this is perfect timing!

  7. internisus says:

    Well, I have everything Darksiders on Steam, but like many I’m sure that I picked it up before that franchise pack bundle existed. So I feel pretty garbage about this.

    • internisus says:

      I mean, I’m very glad that a reworked version of the game with improved balancing and better textures and junk is coming to PC as well as the consoles. That’s great! But I’m always getting screwed over in these situations for buying games earlier than other people (and for more money) when the opposite should be the case.

      • internisus says:

        Then again, 80% off is more than reasonable. It’s not like it didn’t cost them anything to produce this edition of the game. So don’t listen to me after all—or pretend that this comment chain is a protest over the lack of a delete button at RPS.

        • xGryfter says:

          I’m just looking at it like a $6 tip. It’s my way of saying thanks for improving on something I enjoy and I hope this helps with the creation of DSIII.

          I do think they should have put in the effort to make it free to more than just those with the franchise pack but that ship has likely sailed.

          The only real problem I have with this is that the 80% is only good for a week and they are doing little to no promotional work for this so by the time a lot of the people who may be interested in this find out about it it will be too late to take advantage of the discount.

          • PancakeWizard says:

            This is the thing. I was expecting to pay full price because I want to support a sequel, and they’ve basically forced me to pay only a fiver. That’s hardly money-grubbing tactics.

          • alms says:

            By all means if you feel forced, just wait until Nov 13th. I mean, it’s just a little sacrifice right?

  8. haldolium says:

    All my hope is going into aiming sensitivity and camera control (fov/distance), which were my sole issues with Darksiders really. Even though its been 3rd person, the fov was extremely low and made me sick. And the aiming control was overly sensitive/had awful acceleration.

  9. dkfgo says:

    At least now I now what to expect from the future installments in this franchise.

  10. Pyrolux says:

    I’m calling BS on that last quote by them.

    Larian can gave D:OS EE to all previous owners of D:OS (and it has DLC). PLUS, Neocore is giving the Van Helsing Final Cut to all who own all 3 VH games (and that is 3 games and lots of DLC for each). So seriously, I’m calling BS on that last quote about why only some Steam people might get this for free when most won’t.

    • Gaminggumper says:

      It may get fuzzy specifically because of the rights transfer. As the quote says Nordic “wanted to” and Steam certainly can tell if you own it all+DLC, where it gets funny is who owns the original sale.

      • Pyrolux says:

        And to be clear, I DO own the Franchise pack; got it Aug of last year, I double checked, therefore I will possibly be getting the remastered. I am more upset that those who do own the game(s) and DLC but didn’t buy the franchise pack, are getting stiffed somewhat, because the GOG people get it if they’ve got all the games and DLC (follow the GOG link):
        “Tier 1: everybody owning Darksiders, Darksiders II, and the DLC pack on gog.com up until the release of Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition on November 5th 2015, will get the Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition for free (i.e. freebie, gratuit, gratuito, kostenlos, gratuito). ”

        It is only the Steam users who bought it piece by piece (yet own it all) or the Franchise pack elsewhere, who seem to be getting a bit screwed here.

      • PancakeWizard says:


        People seem to forget that Nordic also haven’t made a penny off this IP acquisition yet. It’s not even remotely like Larian’s business model where they’ve released their own game, its already done well and they were in a good position to pump some money back into the game because of a new console version.

        • alms says:

          People seem to forget that Nordic also haven’t made a penny off this IP acquisition yet.

          …come again?

  11. DrollRemark says:

    Our original plan was to have the free copy unlocked for everyone owning Darksiders II and ALL DLCs but unfortunately this was technically not possible

    Really? All that information Steam has on what titles everyone owns, and they couldn’t possibly tell if someone owns a particular combination of them? Seems highly unlikely to me.

  12. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I’m a bit fucked off they aren’t giving me it for free tbh, it’s not like I’m going to pay for it, I’ve already played it. It just seems like they’ve chosen to mildly annoy fans for nothing.

  13. xGryfter says:

    It looks like it may be a “rights” thing. I’m obviously just speculating here but everything having to do with Darksiders before the franchise pack was released by Vigil/THQ while the Franchise pack was released by Nordic so maybe it has something to do with the way game rights and the corresponding data are accumulated by Steam or sum such bs and… or not. Who knows?

  14. Lobotomist says:

    I dont buy it. Not giving fee copy to people that own the game. There is no excuse.

    I own the game, so I am certainly not going to buy it again. So what they have to lose ? Nothing else than good will of a customer that will now not buy sequel if it ever happens.

    • Jalan says:

      The worrisome bit about this is how many people just seem to be perfectly fine/accepting of it. Not that it’s setting a precedent for this kind of thing by any means, but the more people seem keen to stand by and take it then the worse it could potentially grow in the future.

      • PancakeWizard says:

        I’m way more worried that just because of a couple of new indie titles being able to hand out stuff like candy it’s apparently heinous that a company wants to make money.

        • alms says:

          Fucking indies ruining everything that is right with the gaming industry.

        • Jalan says:

          The opposite end, still valid ground for concern.

          Although the issue isn’t a problem with anyone wanting to make money (nor the truly laughable idea that buying this edition of the game is somehow going to make a third Darksiders game actually happen), it’s the (as of yet) vague notion that eventually the need to want to make money will lead to nothing but paid patches. Nordic already put their toe close to the line when they published Painkiller HD, which used paid DLC to essentially patch in the remainder of the game.

        • EhexT says:

          It would have been fine if they had admitted they just want to make more money. The fact that they’re clearly lying and expecting everyone to eat it up is the issue. They’re treating their customers like they’re idiots by expecting them to believe that nordic are special little snowflakes for whom something that’s been done and is planned to be done repeatedly on Steam just isn’t possible.

  15. Creeping Death says:

    Looking at the comparison screenshots and the only thing that seems different is… the lighting? I guess? It just seems a bit darker which isnt really an improvement…

    • Creeping Death says:

      In saying that… if the 80% off places the price around £5 then I’ll grab it. If for no other reason than in the hope of showing there is still interest in the series and that we’ll see a continuation of Darksiders 3.

  16. MeestaNob says:

    80% off is very generous but I’d have really prefered they just straight up replaced every Darksiders 2 install with the new version as I hate clutter and like having all my playtime funnelled into one listing (see Arkham Asylum/City and Human Revolution for examples of other games which got this wrong when re-released). Deciding who gets what based on the DLC ownership seems a strange way of going about things.

    • PancakeWizard says:

      “I’d have really prefered they just straight up replaced every Darksiders 2 install with the new version as I hate clutter”

      You and me both. Wasteland 2 and Divinity:OS, I’m looking at you.

  17. Muffintop says:

    For some reason, this Deathinitive edition doesn’t seem to be available in Australia. Doesn’t show up in Steam or EB Games or any other place I search. Am I just terribly bad at looking for things, or is it really not being sold down under?

    • Frosty_2.0 says:

      Not showing for me either here, yep, Oceania apparently exists on a parallel plane of non-commitment ;)

      • poohbear says:

        because it’s not out yet. it comes out tomorrow USA time.

        • Frosty_2.0 says:

          So why no store page? Should be up and unlock at launch like every other game.. literally the first title I’ve searched for that would be put on Steam only on launch day if true.

          There’s no retail PC version but both console versions are available for pre-order here.

          If this is indeed the official PC announcement the day before, that says something about the disorgisation..

        • Frosty_2.0 says:


  18. poohbear says:

    So the most loyal fans who paid full price for all DLC and the game, aren’t getting it free? These guys are seriously out to lunch. With the developers of Witcher 3 treating their fans like gold, where do they get off treating us like this? make it a 100% discount and be done with it!

  19. PancakeWizard says:

    I freaking love Darksiders, and will probably be getting this (for the third time), again. However something to note which disappointed me that I feel others should know:

    When they say the DLC is fully integrated, they mean the gear DLC. The mission packs, while they are ‘unlocked’ via key points in the main game, are still access via the main menu which I think is kind of poor and a missed opportunity for a more fluid narrative. Sad as I am, this was the potentially most exciting part of the remaster for me.

  20. petya says:

    Darkthiderth: The Deathinitive Edithion

  21. socrate says:

    repaying a game you’ve already bought for a “definitive edition”….i just don’t get gamer and gaming in general today..then again recycling old stuff seems to work fine why do otherwise…might aswell stretch it for all its worth