Starbreeze Making Co-op FPS Based On F2P CrossFire

Starbreeze Studios, makers of the Riddick FPS and owners of Payday devs Overkill, have announced a new co-op FPS based on Smilegate’s F2P mega-hit CrossFire (pictured above). How big a hit? Up to six million players online at once big. I’m familiar with South Korean developers making free-to-play versions of western FPS–and still fascinated by Counter-Strike Nexon Zombies–but can’t think of many times it’s gone the other way. Fingers crossed their CrossFire embraces the original’s weirdness.

I’ve no idea what sort of game Starbreeze will be making. CrossFire started as a riff on Counter-Strike (I’m being generous here), but its various modes now include ninjas with swords fighting mutants, co-op wave survival modes with zombies, supersoldiers, and all sorts of zany things. I’ve no idea what’s going on with its character lineup. But that’s the CrossFire I’m more interested in. We have so many straightforward modern combat FPSs where terrorists and militarymen run around dusty cities. What I most enjoyed in CS Nexon Zombies was poking around at oddities, like discovering it has a mode making CS a (pretty fun!) survival game with hours-long rounds and base-building. A few mutants and ninjas in CrossFire would be okay with me.

Today’s announcement doesn’t say much, mostly that “Starbreeze will develop an all new premium first-person-shooter (FPS) co-op game for PC based on Smilegate’s CrossFire franchise, aimed to attract western gamers in particular.”

Starbreeze will focus on the boring militaryman side, won’t they? Boo.

This is part of a larger deal where Smilegate are investing $40 million into Starbreeze. It’ll also see Starbreeze releasing Overkill’s Payday 2 and The Walking Dead to Asian markets through Smilegate’s platform.

No word of a release date yet. I bet Starbreeze won’t even have pop stars in trailers.


  1. LexW1 says:

    The character line-up you link to is indeed bizarre – it seems like the characters in the game are either:

    1) Serious, non-over-the-top, realistic-looking, sensibly-armoured male characters with modern military equipment.


    2) Huge-eyed and delicate-looking female characters in what appear to be cheap Halloween-catalogue-style “sexy soldier” outfits, featuring tons of skin and in an entirely different aesthetic to the men.


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      Oakreef says:

      Yeah it’s really weird. It looks like someone made a webpage pulling artwork from two completely unrelated games.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      It’s the same Hyung-Tae Kim inspired female design as in every Korean online game since the late 90’s. It’s become so homogenous that it’s hard to tell which game is which just from screenshots or video.

    • Butts says:

      Did anyone keep going down the list though? It stays the course of realistic men/sexy boob women but gets pretty insane pretty quickly. Most of the entries give juuuuust enough backstory to make you sure you have no idea what’s going on. Some highlights:

      SAS: Why are they all wearing spooky gas masks? They look like Snorks.

      ARCH: Pretty sure the artistic direction on this one was “Sexy Nazi Halloween Costumes.”

      DX: They dual wield axes…to fight ghosts. Not regular ghosts, though. Nano ghosts. Which I’d guess are a lot smaller? Neither character is pictured holding an axe.

      LA SWAT: There was already a SWAT team earlier on the list, but LA SWAT is an all-sexy-lady version. Because that is how things are done in LA.

      Navy SEALS: The soldier on the right is OBVIOUSLY wearing black metal corpse paint. Though I don’t know a lot about the Navy, so this could be accurate?

      SFG: Without question the guy on the left is Wham-era George Michael.

      STAR: The description say something about the Malaysian Coast Guard but the picture is anime pirate girls.

      UNSF: A quick google search suggests the term UNSF was used by a fighting force during a conflict in Iran in the 60s, so naturally the picture is guys in space suits.

      Orchid: The only characters on the list with Asian-looking facial features. Fortunately, the artists decided to go the subtle route and dress them all in Chinese-style cheongsam dresses so you wouldn’t miss what they were going for.

      Vipers: The blonde girl is wearing a spiked dog collar as a headband.

      I can’t imagine ever wanting to play this game, but reading though the character list was a good time.

  2. slerbal says:

    Definite no for me. Still burned by the ruination of Payday 2. Plus as LexW1 says: sexy soldier outfits for the laydeeees are crap.

    • Razumen says:

      I don’t really see how paid weapons skins with slight bonuses suddenly ruined the game altogether.

  3. ZIGS says:

    I just want a new Riddick game :(

  4. Aysir says:

    Starbreeze did also make the Syndicate FPS. The single player may have been terrible, but the co-op multiplayer was great fun.

  5. gordanfreemon says:

    As far as I know, the team responsible for Riddick at Starbreeze left to form Machine Games, who made Wolfenstein TNO.

    I wouldn’t expect much from what’s left of Starbreeze Studios.

    • Herr_C says:

      Yeah, but CrossFire is so bad even they can make a better game.

  6. dkfgo says:

    When I first heard about Crossfire in 2013, I had a hard time believing people actually played it. We are in 2016 now and I’m still baffled by it’s existence. The main game mode is like the original Counter-Strike minus everything that made it a good game (and we are talking about a Half Life mod made in 1999 here). Whats more surprising, until last year or so there were more brazillians playing this crap than CS:GO (my egoshooter of choice).

    • CptPlanet says:

      Looks like you have an ego problem, dkfgo. Specifically, that other people don’t play your game of choice.

      • dkfgo says:

        I can live with the “ego problem” that is having an actual opinion on something.

    • Zankman says:

      Don’t forget Korea, “The Country Of E-Sports”, playing this game as well as primarily Point Blank and Sudden Attack as opposed to CS:GO.

      I share your feeling of annoyance and disbelief at the fact that these absolutely shit games are still popular in Korea… China and Brazil? I guess, due to the generally higher levels of poverty and such, but even then…

      To be fair, it is partially Valve’s fault for not putting any effort, though; They should just give in and make a F2P version for those countries.

      • dkfgo says:

        Agreed. I think that if Valve cared just a little bit about advertising this scenario would be really different. I remember watching brazillian CS:GO streams in 2014 (what the heck, even in 2015) and there were people asking which game was that.

        Crossfire on the other hand had regional qualifiers to some sort of world tournament or something, and they directly fund streamers too (X5TV here in Brazil, they promote a lot of these F2P shooters and League). So there’s that.

        • Zankman says:

          Yeah, Valve is just crap at some things – advertising, promoting and fighting for the market is one of them.

          People will defend Valve and say “that is just their style”, but, IMO, that is just bull. It may be their chosen style, but I still think that that choice is asinine in on itself.

          I mean, look at DotA 2 in Korea… Nothing.

          Meanwhile, not only Heroes Of The Storm – which is understandable due to it being a Blizzard IP – but also fucking tablet MOBA Vainglory have freakin’ OGN-supported Leagues and Tournaments, are steadily growing and are already above DotA 2 and CS:GO in Korea…

          Valve could have made DotA 2 and CS:GO big in these problem countries, with just a bit of actual effort.

  7. cpt_freakout says:

    That trailer is… um, well-shot?

  8. pockoman says:

    “The DX are an elite force that specializes in dual weilding axes to fight the Nano Ghosts.”
    “These girls have removed their armor for speed and agility.”
    “The Joint Task Force was created from mercenaries on both sides of the war to combat the zombie and mutant menace.”
    “SABLE is a mercenary group with ancestry heralding from the Thieves’ Guild of medieval Europe. ”

    Pure gold. There’s enough hollywood blockbusters in there to feed a small country.

    Also, we have the SEALS, SAS GSG9, OMOH and Commando. Just commando. Seems fairly standard for a man-shoot game.
    Wait, there’s SWAT too?
    Wait, there’s L.A. SWAT? How is that differ- Oh. They’re girls in tank tops.
    Wait, what is STAR? Why are they dressed in Nazi officer uniforms? Why are they all female?! It’s…. The Malaysian coast guard!? This is like a bad scooby doo with Korean popstars and guns.