Tribes: Ascend Gets Final Update, Again

Eleven months after Tribes: Ascend [official site] unexpectedly received the ‘Out of the Blue’ update, reviving development on the superfast multiplayer FPS, here comes ‘Parting Gifts’. Update 1.4 is now out and seems to be the end for this fleeting reinvigoration. 1.4 is less flashy than some of the recent patches, mostly bringing one last set of balance tweaks and bug fixes. You’re a big boy now, Tribes: Ascend.

Check out the patch notes here and this big spreadsheet of weapon statistics for the full scoop.

That seems to be it for Tribes: Ascend updates, barring unexpected disasters. I’m still a little surprised that Hi-Rez ever returned. They clearly had people passionate about it, but the continuing life and support of most free-to-play games ultimately comes down to how successful they are. Tribes: Ascend didn’t seem to make it. But it was nice Hi-Rez had another crack, even though some players will disagree about how successful this second round of updates was.

The servers are still running, mind, and Hi-Rez haven’t said that they’re shutting Tribes: Ascend down. They’re simply done with this string of new updates.

If you want Old Tribes, hey, Hi-Rez are giving those games away for free.

If you want New Old Tribes, Midair is a load of Tribes fans trying to make just that. Following a successful Kickstarter, it’s expected at the end of 2017.


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    • Mara says:

      If you have a look at RPS’ past coverage of Humble Bundles ( link to ) it’s a pretty safe bet that they are at least aware of it existing and it is likely to be / has been considered for an article.

      • darkhog says:

        Agreed. However I wanted to make sure they will know about that by making that comment.

        Going back to the article, I think T:A is feature complete as it is, so really no need to update it any further, maybe except bugfixes.