What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

You think you’re so fancy, you and your weekend. Saturday happens for everyone, you know. Hark at you! Pff. Go on, be quick about it: tell me what you’re playing this weekend. Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: If it’s released before Monday, I’ll be spending most of the weekend with the Football Manager 2017 beta. If not, as is most likely the case, I’ll probably be carving my way through Shadow Warrior 2 cooperatively. I haven’t found anyone to play with yet but I’m sure I can rustle up a companion or two.
Alec: [Alec is fired.]
Alice: No games for me this weekend. I’m off down to That England to visit my mum and hug my cat, who currently lives with her, then take her to be put to sleep because she’s reached an age where she can’t care for herself or even stand herself up after she falls. Good times. I’ll be heartbroken when the day comes that I need to put my cat put down like my mum. Hey-o.
Brendan: I had a meltdown at the deranged computer in Event[0] this week, including an insult in almost every message and command I typed. But then my real computer had a meltdown of its own and installed a bunch of updates, closing the game and arresting control of my entire machine. I mean, it did mention the updates four hours previously. And again four hours previous to that. But it was still both annoying AND spooky to see my computer randomly start closing everything when I was in the middle of abusing a videogame AI. Anyway, I’ll probably play more of that.
Graham: This weekend I will be playing at childcare in Los Angeles, which is a lot like regular childcare but with more smog. There will be games nearby but I don’t think I’ll be playing them.
John: [John is fired.]
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing being out of the house so I’m thinking I’ll mostly be pottering about with casual mobile games if there’s gaming to be had. I was actually thinking of sneaking some time in with a big gallery show as I’ve not been to one in a while now. Maybe The Vulgar at The Barbican or Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear at the V&A. Oh! Or the Tate Modern for Philippe Parreno’s Turbine Hall commission and Georgia O’Keefe. Or Beyond Caravaggio at the National Gallery. Or the BOOKEND installation at the Westminster Reference Library…

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Henke says:

    Arma 2 co-op sesh tonight. Perhaps a bit of Dark Souls 3 (killed Yhorham The Giant or whatever he was called, and trying to figure out where to go next). Also trudging through Killzone Shadowfall on the PS4, tho I might give up on it and move on to Mirror’s Edge:Catalyst instead, which I picked up last night. Maybe I should give that Transformers game from the latest PS+ a whirl as well. Too many games!

    • Thirith says:

      Arma 2 coop? Tell me more! ;-)

      In addition to dying valiantly and repeatedly in defense of the free world (see above), I’ll be exploring Skellige, where I’ve only just arrived in The Witcher 3, and making some more money as a bounty-hunter in Elite Dangerous. Gotta get myself that Asp Explorer, but it doesn’t pay for itself.

  2. FFabian says:

    I’ll be heartbroken when the day comes that I need to put my cat put down like my mum.

    Wait, what .. not a native speaker here. You’re going to (or had) put down your mum like your cat? Isn’t that … I dunno .. illegal or something?

    • dahools says:

      Must be some devolved holyrood power. I can confirm its is illegal to put down your mum in england.
      Unless you are really strong and lifted her up high off the ground. Then I supose it is actively encouraged to put her down. (Gently I would recommend)

    • Fomorian1988 says:

      It’s a joke ;) Sort of black comedy – how Alice is dealing with the poor kitty’s fate.

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Yeah, I chuckled, but then wondered if it was a wording mistake…!?

        • Sin Vega says:

          I’m just glad Alice made the joke, as I was all set to make it and then feel terrible* before she closed the paragraph with it.

          *but still do it anyway, obviously.

          • Premium User Badge

            particlese says:

            Yeah, that really caught me off guard. I sleepily re-read the beginning several times in the airport, first being confused, then guiltily making a joke in my head, and then BOOM! A sarcastic reminder that I’m not as clever as I think I am. Good times. I love it here.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          Unless I’m missing something in my morning stupor, Alice was having fun with ambiguous use of the pronoun “her”, which in this case can refer to either Alice’s cat or Alice’s mum when Alice refers to putting “her” down.

    • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

      Man, having to put down both your mum and her cat? I’m so, so sorry Alice. You’re in for a nightmare ride of paperwork and lawyers, I’ve been there.

  3. caff says:

    Dying Light. I’ve been really impressed by it, given its open world feel the sense of progression and difficulty scale really well. The story is nonsense though.

    Plus more Rocket League and, if I have time, some Sunless Sea.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      DL has been getting a lot of BTL love, I must get my hands on it.

    • Risingson says:

      Dying Light will become part of that absurd list of games I buy because I love who made the soundtrack so much. Previous one was, of course, no man’s sky.

    • caff says:

      I ended up starting and finishing Oxenfree this weekend. And Pip is TOTALLY RIGHT about how great it is. It’s lovely.

    • The Amazing Alan says:

      Dying light does get a bit boring after you get a bow. That’s when you’re effectively unkillable in the day.
      Sunless sea is great and i regret not playing it earlier.

      • Halk says:

        Why ever use a bow though when you can dropkick zombies off rooftops or jump on them from above assassin creed style.

  4. Mungrul says:

    Rise of the Tomb Raider, and I’ll be joining Henke for that Arma II co-op session. May even get back around to finishing Arkham Origins, but blimey, it gets a bit boring, don’t it?

  5. Spuzzell says:

    I’m so sorry Alice, I’ll pour one out for your kitten compadre tonight.

  6. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I shall almost certainly be playing even more Endless Legend.

    Sorry to hear about the cat Alice, that’s always an awful situation.

    • defunct says:

      So, are you really liking it then? It caught my eye a couple times, and I notice it’s on sale right now, too, so was thinking about picking it up.

  7. Spacewalk says:

    It’s hit or miss but Warheads will run on Windows 7 without needed to use any compatibility settings. I noticed some messed up colours but I’m surprised it works at all. It was a fixture of LAN parties I went to back in the day so playing it on my own isn’t the same but I still got sucked into it for a few hours.

    It’s almost reassuring that I’m still shit at it.

  8. Arioch_RN says:

    A smidgen of Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor to start, Arkham Knight for an hour or so, then a main course of Red Dead Redemption on the 360 ‘cos I got distracted 6 years back and Westworld is a good series innit?

  9. Captain Narol says:

    A table RPG with my old RPG bunch, whose setting is Rome in the year of the four emperors (ie 69 AD). Quite a political mess but great context ! Death to the usurpator Vitellius !!

  10. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Sorry to hear about the cat Alice. Have had that day a couple of times myself, it’s never easy.

    As for me, I’ll be playing Dark Souls 3, been wanting to play it since release and the Humble weekend sale and DLC videos convinced me not to wait til its any cheaper.

    Business as usual so far, but the levels seem even twistier, have already got lost in the small opening area. Am really very excited about finally having me hands on it, they’re such good games!

  11. kwyjibo says:

    Pip, consider The Infinite Mix on the Strand. It’s a Heyward gallery pop up space focusing on music+video art. It’s mostly wank, but it’s free and the space is really good to wander about in.

    Going to a gallery, even one I’d describe as “mostly wank” is still significantly better than almost all walking simulators.

    • pikki says:

      Completely agree with this ( apart from the bit about walking simulators ) – the building’s generally better than the exhibits and well worth a visit although there were a couple of pieces I enjoyed ( Opera and the one about the mourners stick in my memory). Also worth visiting is Bjork Digital just round the corner at Somerset House

      • Scurra says:

        Yeah, those were the two from Infinite Mix that still stick in my mind – and I agree that the building itself is much more interesting than any of the works.

        The Caravaggio show is amazing. If you have any interest at all in paintings, you shouldn’t miss it. He was one of those one-a-generation talents and it shows.

  12. CriticalMammal says:

    Been obsessed with Thumper. It’s such a fantastic game, probably going to show it off to some friends this weekend.

    • banana says:

      Good luck to you! I’ll be thumpin’ away as well! It’s such an amazingly intensive and focused gem of a game, I really love it.

      But. it’s. fucking. TOUGH! *puts on try-hard-face and boots up hell again*

      • Geebs says:

        I ended up refunding Thumper (I have never previously refunded anything) because the beat timing’s broken on my system. I don’t know what the problem is, but I’ve seen the occasional post by people who play percussion who can’t get on with playing the game by ear. I like the whole package, but I can’t go messing up my own sense of rhythm for one game.

        Managed to reach 212 seconds in Devil Daggers instead, so not a total loss…

        • banana says:

          Ah, I think I get what you mean, but I don’t know if it’s really the game’s fault? My guess is that it might be due to the tricky rhythmic patterns it throws at you. You see, I’m a (hobby) guitar player myself, and have a pretty good sense of beat timing, but the game divides the 4/4 into sixteenths and accents (let’s you hit) different notes going from bar to bar. Only during some parts it stays “on-beat”, which are obviously the most driving sections.

          The only thing that really annoys me royally is that short slow-down and noise after a mistake. Always throws me off…

          • banana says:

            Too late for edit: But no offense though! It might be just a technical issue.

          • Geebs says:

            Yeah, I have a slightly unusual soundcard so I think there might have been latency problems. The thing I found frustrating was that I play guitar and drums myself, so the beats certainly weren’t hard for me to understand, and I’m used to adjusting my playing to deal with a bit of latency during digital recording, but there’s that tiny delay which throws me off. I might try it on PS4 if I get one, and see whether the standardised hardware fixes the issue.

            I do think the devs occasionally suffer from an excess of fussiness with the beats though – I understand the idea that it’s supposed to be unsettling, but it would be nice to be able to lock into a groove for more than a bar at a time.

            That thing with the beat getting thrown off after a crash – making the next crash inevitable – annoyed the hell out of me. That was a really bad call. By contrast, Bit.trip Runner’s thing where it plays a bar to let you get back into time was so much better.

  13. SableKeech says:

    The pink oboe.

  14. DanMan says:

    Shadow Warrior 2 in glorious HDR. Envy me!

    Have to use a controller though, because TV. Ah well, let’s see what the Steam Controller is good for. I bought it, so I might as well use it for once.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      Because your first two lines rhyme I read this like a poem. Nice poem.

    • Plake says:

      why “because TV”? I’m playing on TV with (BT)m&k…

      OT: As i just finished Mafia 3, time to get RE6 of my back(log)…

  15. lglethal says:

    The in-laws are here this weekend, so no gaming with me until Sunday night (when they leave) and then who knows – Stellaris or DX:MD are the likely choices depending on the mood…

    Right now to get ready for the hordes of cousins to descend…

  16. Mud says:

    I’m gonna play Mafia2 and LA Noir.

  17. michelangelo says:

    I launched System Shock 2. Buttons are configurated, first steps made me hooked once again and I am going to examine, how, and if, old teenage love persisted till adult age. Will it become bitter, or the love will grow and even get new depth?

    So that’s my plan for weekends and free time gaming nights of upcoming month, which is just rough estimate.

    There is also Witness challenge level inside the island mountain, and it’s still waiting for brain with automated puzzles pattern habit to solve it and find last projection blueprint.

    • floogles says:

      Hope you enjoy SS2! I half finished it in 1997, then recently completed it vanilla (except a skybox mod for the windows). Wonderful game, lived up to all my nostalgia and then some.

  18. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

    Speaking of animals, I’ll be playing “Pick up one of the dogs from the vet and keep an eye on her because the stupid little bugger is still in the – I’m gonna eat ANYTHING, no matter how toxic – phase of her youth”. I mean seriously, five months old and she managed to do it TWICE.

    As for videogames, basically the same as last week: Il-2 Sturmovik 1946, in which I start to finally see the end of the vertical wall that someone calls a difficulty “curve” with a straight face, with a sprinkle of stupid, easy DOOM multiplayer.
    I should also finish Hacknet, which was absolutely amazing. I picked it up mid week and, two or three hours in, I immediately wishlisted the upcoming expansion.

  19. zsd says:

    Very sorry, Alice. It’s never easy.

    My wife had to put down a family cat relatively early in our relationship. It was miserable. I cried harder for a cat I had only met a few times than I would even consider crying for a human. Made a fantastic impression on her family, I’m sure.

    Anyway, games! Bionic Dues! Why?! I don’t know!

  20. horus_lupercal says:

    I’m playing the new, for me at least, game of ‘look after a 10 week old baby while his mother has a well deserved Spa day’. The challenges are varied and getting the Burp achievement takes a damn long time but I’ve got used to the nappy stage and the bottle level is a breeze.

    When he eventually slumbers, gathering his energy to awake and demand more sustenance I’m going to be exploring the depths of the Unterzee hopefully.

  21. DompR says:

    Shenzhen I/O. Beating my head against prototype 2Awhatever for an hour and a half, feeling half a second of pride in a solution before seeing how far right off I am from the rest of the pack = FUN.

    So far it’s still much more forgiving than TIS-100 was to someone without programming knowledge (why write something elegant when MOAR CHIPS is always an option), but it makes me feel dumb all the same.

    • invitro says:

      Ditto for SHENZHEN I/O. Also The Pinball Arcade and maybe some Bully.

  22. poliovaccine says:

    I’ll be playing more Fallout than ever in continued preparation against the horrfying potential reality of a Trump presidency, or rather its natural outcome..

    • cockpisspartridge says:

      Beat me to it. Once the bug-out bag is packed, it’s fallout 3 for me as it’s the most miserable of the lot…..

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      When I was in primary school, I got voted in as captain of our football team “for a joke” (I do not even know the rules, have no interest in playing and possess zero real leadership skills, plus I was almost universally disliked back then). I have the awful sinking feeling that the result my peers experienced then is a lot like the one the world will see if Trump gets in.

      • DEspresso says:

        But then you turned the Team around and won State right? riiight?

        Go Ocelots!

  23. varangian says:

    This weekend I will be mainly playing Offworld Trading Company and maybe go for a cruise in Sunless Sea if there’s time. RPS folks gave OTC the thumbs up so when it came up on sale this w/e I thought I’d give it a go. So far I have learnt that it was a very wise choice for me not to go in business for myself as the AI hands me my head without breaking a sweat.

  24. robertlepervers says:

    Alec and John are fired ? It’s like a dream come true ! Please let it stay this way !

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      The timing is conspicuous, since both of them are *fired* just as the rest of us are getting *fired up* about all the autumn/winter releases soon to arrive.

  25. Yachmenev says:

    Tricky Towers

    The suprise package of 2016 when it comes to games for me. Fantastic party game to play with friends or against randoms online.

  26. A Wanderer says:

    Sunless Sea, again. The Zubmariner expansion reminded me why I loved and hated that game at the same time.
    Oh, and also playing the “get a new laptop and oh god why did I wait for so long to upgrade” game. It’s a delight to play in ultra/60 fps the game I had to play at low at barely 30 fps. Well. The Witcher 2 actually looks gorgeous. Skyrim in ultra is lovely. Dragon Age Inquisition is a beauty. WHAT ELSE DID I MISS ? AAARGH !

    And we have an edit button. A new computer and an edit button in the RPS comment section, there has to be a godess for gamers.

  27. magogjack says:

    Battlerite because its the best.
    Mechwarrior Online because I like being in an abusive relationship.
    Pillars of Eternity because I WILL beat it before 2017….

  28. rahji says:

    Wrapping up Final Fantasy XIII this week end. It was a long journey and now at the end I enjoy it more than at the start. The Combat system is really neat.

  29. Kaeoschassis says:

    Depends. Finally took the plunge and grabbed Arx Fatalis off GOG, a game I missed in its day and have been telling myself I’ll “get in the next sale” for at least four years. Few hours in and I’m absolutely kicking myself for never playing it sooner, it’s a gem, exactly the sort of slightly-broken experiment I love to see in gaming, and I hadn’t realised how much I missed the rpg/adventure sensibilities of its age. I’m not the sort of person to complain about map markers and compasses and quest trails and whatnot, but it’s surprisingly refreshing to have an npc tell me “the world is ending, you need to do x!” and then be just sort of… left there… to figure out how the hell to even start doing x, or what x even really is. Great fun.

    But on the other hand I’ve been meaning to pick up Wesnoth again for a while and I’m feeling the strategic itch today, so maybe that. And everyone seems to be playing Bionic Dues again for some reason, so now I have the weird desire to go kick robot ass again…

    I dunno, man. Choices are hard. Maybe the only way to win is not to play.

    Many virtual hugs, Alice, I haven’t the foggiest what you’re meant to say at times like this, but you and your kitty are in my thoughts. <3

  30. Drumclem says:

    I have fallen back into my old habits, that is playing everything Klei.

    So I have a new Don’t Starve base running, a new Invisible Inc. campaign, and I’m also playing The Witcher 3 which I have still not finished though I enjoy it a great deal.

    That, and marking a LOT of student papers.

    Help me out.

    • mgardner says:

      Assuming your grading system is anything like I’m used to: A B B C C C D D F. Repeat with next stack of papers.

      • welverin says:

        That explains a lot!

      • caff says:

        Is this tactic based on “Papers Please”?

        • Drumclem says:

          I’ve actually been thinking a lot about a “Papers, Please”-like game that would show the absurdity of marking 40 papers, often in a row, often late at night, in a completely arbitrary fashion, and often after having had a couple coffees and/or drinks.

          That would make for a horribly stressful game, I think.

          • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

            *raises hand* I’d play it. Also, can I go to the bathroom, please?

          • Drumclem says:

            Thank god the kids are not there when I am marking. I would probably throw one out of the window :)

            EDIT: Because I can and that is awesome. Why the five minutes though?

          • welverin says:

            To prevent the site from crashing.

  31. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I don’t expect to have a ton of time, as there’s a geek festival in town this weekend (it’s kind of like Comicon, but it’s about all things nerdy), and I’ll be capturing and editing video of the event for the website I work with. Getting free entry to things is awesome, even if you have to work a little once you get there.

    What time I do have will be spent playing Endless Legend. I snatched up Shifters and Echoes of Auriga last week for less than four bucks (Echoes was only like sixty cents). I’m really digging the Allayi and their focus on tall empires; it’s totally contrary to how I usually play 4Xs.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      Have fun at the festival. I accompanied my younger brother and sister to Comic Con in NYC last week, for the third year in a row… It’s increasingly becoming too much to handle. I mean, Jesus Christ there’s just… SO much, and SO many people. The effort required for the payoff just doesn’t compute any longer.

      Regardless: hopefully you have a great time with your experience this weekend!

  32. KindredPhantom says:

    I haven’t played any game apart from Pokémon Go for the past couple of months due to life.
    I’ve only played Pokémon Go because it’s quick and easy whilst I’m at work (on my break).
    So that’ll likely be the only game I’ll be playing this weekend.

  33. Mi-24 says:

    might be trying out that new-fangled inferno thimgumy, or doing assignments all due at midnight. probably csgo. Sorry to hear about the cat Alice.

  34. marceloabr says:

    I think these “Playing This Weekend” the most useless articles in RPS. Seriously, if I was interested in their lives I would follow them on Twitter.

    • Risingson says:

      Rps is two things: the main entry and the comment section. The “what are you playing” posts are great in the latter.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        It’s also a public service warning the populace when John is on the loose.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Given the usual turnout of commenters in this particular weekly bit, and the generally positive tone of the contributions they make, I would say I suspect you’re in a very small minority. It’s POSSIBLE I suppose that there are thousands of readers who roll their eyes and groan loudly when they check into RPS every weekend and see this regular feature, and that you’re just one of the only ones who’s decided to vocalise that complaint, but that seems improbable.

      As a result of the above it strikes me as highly unlikely that your input there will change anything, for better or worse. If you’d like to feel like you’re contributing or making a difference, might I suggest letting us know what you’re playing this weekend?

      • marceloabr says:

        I will answer only because you’re a very nice person ;) I played Daily Chthonicle Editor’s Edition and The Dark Spire for Nintendo DS.

    • gwop_the_derailer says:

      You should follow them on Twitter. Pip posts lovely pictures of bugs there.

      • Jac says:

        This is of little use to the countless Roger Rabbit aficionados.

    • caff says:

      I really enjoy this weekly post – it gives me an awareness of what is stressing the RPS staff out. It turns out this is mostly children, cats passing, plant life, and Scotland.

    • fish99 says:

      The point is for the readers to share what they’re playing, to help build a sense of community.

  35. malkav11 says:

    It seems like I’m dipping into WoW about once a week at this point, so that’s going to be item one. I’ve also managed to get back into Dragon Age Inquisition so I’ll be continuing my 90+ hour game of it by exploring a couple of new areas (the Hissing Wastes and the one from the first DLC, I am thinking). Might also do a bit of Sunless Sea, rate a few IFComp games, or do even more MMO with SWTOR (which I have been neglecting since Legion came out for WoW). And, as always, my free weekly Hex draft.

  36. obscured021 says:

    Gears of war 4, Shadow warrior 2 and replay some of the heist missions in GTAV, we started the human labs last night.

  37. criskywalker says:

    Rocket League, Rocket League, Rocket League.

  38. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Internet hugs/pat-on-the-back/whatever form of comfort you are cool with to Alice. Putting down an animal is never an easy thing to do.

    I’ll be playing Shadow Warrior 2 and Thumper this weekend. SW2 is pretty great so far. I like how the weapons all seem to be fixed and then it is a matter of your upgrades that changes their properties. I really like Thumper because it’s a game that requires so much concentration. You play for 30 minutes but it feels like hours. Those bosses are bastard hard though.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      And how ’bout that movement system in SW2? It’s so fluid, responsive, and rewarding. I am LOVING the combat and the game overall.

  39. Agnosticus says:

    Flat Heroes: Great fun with friends, lots of content already! Highly recommended!

    Shadow Warrior 2: Despite the hype the game seems to be getting boring very rapidly…lets see what the next 5 hours bring.

  40. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Since In-Flight Tetris is becoming a rarity with these newfangled touch-sensitive displays in airplanes’ seat backs, I will most likely be playing “try not to die from lack of sleep” today/tomorrow. I’ll also be reading and movie-watching, I guess, but I wouldn’t really call those games.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      There was In-Flight Tetris! But there was no controller, so it just exited out after showing the title screen for a frame or two. :<

      On the other hand, I think slept for ~3 hours and am not dead yet, so I call it a win. I'll celebrate with some Devil Daggers.

  41. Zenicetus says:

    Not Mafia III. I’ve gotten to the point where it’s just way too repetitive. I’ll keep it on the hard drive though, for when I just want an hour of mindless stabbing and shooting mans-in-face.

    So, probably Stellaris mostly. I haven’t played it in a while, and I need a refresher on the basics before the big new patch/DLC arrives next week. Also maybe a little Endless Space 2 early access, if I can manage to switch mental space 4x gears. There is a new political system that I don’t understand, and need to figure out.

  42. z-key says:

    Multiplayer Sir, You’re Being Hunted was surprisingly fun. I’ve come to really appreciate the terrain generation in that game too. Could use more robot types though.

    Played a little New Vegas on the side as well.

  43. AutonomyLost says:

    I plan to finish Gears of War 4, which I am absolutely loving, and slay some demons and whatnot in Shadow Warrior 2, which I am also loving. This month and next are filled to the brim with great games; it’s exciting, though not without an accompanying sense of inundation.

  44. liquidsoap89 says:

    After playing through about half of the game, I’ve decided that WatchunderscoreDogs is not a good game, so I’ll be putting that one to rest.

    I’m not sure what I’ll start now. I’d like to find something long enough to last me until Civ 6 comes out, so maybe it’s time for a couple of indie games.

  45. parsley says:

    I’ve been having fun wandering around in Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor.

    After dabbling in that, I might play more IFComp games. I have a few I love already, and I’ve barely started playing the submissions.

  46. Sauch says:

    I’ll be playing Battlerite all weekend long. I’m having a blast with this game.

    • magogjack says:

      Amazing game, although you need to listen to The Touch from Transformers every round to maximise your potential; link to youtube.com.

      • Sauch says:

        I just played that song every round, and it actually felt amazing. That song made me feel like I’m an invincible badass killing machine hacking and slashing noobs in 3v3 (even though I usually die too early in the round).

  47. Xipheas says:

    Elite: Dangerous, now that I can finally land on a planet, having bought a new PC, and Artemis, which definitely doesn’t require the same luxury.

  48. tayete says:

    This weekend,as the past one and the next two, drawing for this year’s Inktober.

  49. yogibbear says:

    Resident Evil 4 and LA Noire.

  50. Michael Fogg says:

    I never new it would come to this, but being completely broke I strted playing the beta of multiplayer f2p teamshooter Paladins. Actually quite fun, but it’s quite embarasing to see how a third of the support class lineup is ripped off the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.