Get Kraken, Lads: Stellaris Gets V1.3, Leviathans DLC

Today’s a big day for Stellaris [official site] as Paradox’s spacefaring grand strategy game receives both the long-awaited patch codenamed ‘Heinlein’ and its meatiest add-on yet, the Leviathans Story Pack. But wait! If you’re stuck into a game from the last patch, do be aware that update 1.3 will not work with your save file. Paradox do handily have a way to get back that old version, if you desperately want to polish it off before moving on. But if not, coo ‘eck let’s look at all that’s new today.

Update 1.3 is now live. It’ll download automatically, as Steam patches will. The full Heinlein patch notes are huge so here are a handful of changes that caught my eye:

  • NEW: “Federation Victory” victory condition
  • NEW: New galaxy setup options – max Fallen Empires, amount of habitable worlds, whether to allow advanced empires near player at start, whether to use clustered starts, and whether to allow end-game crises
  • NEW: Added extra large weapon slots. Extra large weapons can only be mounted on battleships and have a limited firing arch
  • NEW: It is now possible to ask empires to become your tributary (and to offer to become theirs)
  • NEW: Terraforming rework – terraforming stations have been removed. Any planet within your borders can be terraformed for a cost
  • NEW: Mega Cannon, unlocks the Mega Cannon extra large weapon
  • NEW: Giga Cannon, unlocks the Giga Cannon extra large weapon
  • Fallen Empires can now ‘awaken’ and become Awakened Empires if regular empires are growing too strong, if another fallen empire has lost planets, or if there is an end-game crisis ongoing. Awakened Empires get a new personality type and new goals and will attempt to force the rest of the galaxy to bend to their will.
  • There is now an independence wargoal that can be used by multiple subjects rebelling together.
  • Lots of tweaks and improvements to AI fleet movement and army handling during war

That’s so very far from a complete list of changes, mind, and misses some important changes. Do call out in the comments any changes that are big to you.

And yes, 1.3 will break saves from 1.2 but you can revert back to finish games off if you want.

Lastly, the Leviathans Story Pack. That DLC is out now on Steam for £7.49/9,99€/$9.99, adding a load of new bits into the general Stellaris experience. It adds Guardians, huge space oddities from star men to mystery spheres, who can lead to great benefits but might cause you a wee bit of trouble. Then there are Enclaves, outposts of traders and artists who can help you for a price. New art and music fancies the place up a little. Then the ‘War in Heaven’ event might see two Fallen Empires reignite ancient rivalries, which can give you troubles and opportunities.

That’s a fairly big day in space.


  1. Sorbicol says:

    Just purchased for £7.49 on steam! Looking forward to getting back into this, looks like they have addressed many of the mid game lull issues I had after playing the game at launch.

    Also a lot cheaper than getting BF1 or Civ VI tomorrow. Let’s up my resistance to those holds out.

    • LennyLeonardUK says:

      My resistance to both failed about 3 days ago. I’ve currently got Battlefield 1 downloading (slowly thanks to my internet), and Civ 6 being shipped to me.

      I think my resistance towards buying this DLC is about to give up the ghost as well….

      I have no willpower what so ever.

  2. vahnn says:

    This patch really creepy up on me. I knew it was coming in October, but damn! Barely got a chance to play around with Tempest for Endless Legend!

    This is The One for me, the patch that gets the game to a state where the last of my major gripes are (hopefully) absolved. And in my day off, how perfect!

  3. Zenicetus says:

    I will buy Leviathans soon, but there is so much new and game-changing in the Heinlein patch that I think I’ll wait until I get comfortable with the changes. I’ll need to see how they revamped ship types and weapons before tackling scary space beasties.

    It may be churlish and unappreciative of all the work in that patch to say this, but it feels like Leviathan is a placeholder for content in the mid-game that should arise more organically from the game systems. I’m sure it will add interest, but instead of scripted content I’d like to see more interaction between factions — more developed trade, espionage, and diplomacy options instead of just fighting stuff.

    I guess that will come in later DLC’s or patches. The next big patch is apparently named “Banks” so maybe that’s the espionage one (Department of Special Circumstances, etc).

    • A Wanderer says:

      The next patch has to feature artificial worlds, sentient ships, utopias and ship names lacking gravitas, or Paradox doesn’t know its job.

  4. mike2R says:

    Link to the What they really mean post.

    Always worth a read for any Paradox patch IMO – funny and actually an easier way of getting the gist of the patch than the full patch notes.

  5. Laurentius says:

    This is stupid. I stoped playing Stelaris and havn’t “finihsd” my game as it got incredibly stale. All this new features of new patch, awakened empires and stuff that should kick the things into some fun in late game won’t work with my save so I have to start new game? Bonkers…

    • SirRoderick says:

      A game as complex as this where entire mechanics get overhauled or changed with a patch, you really cannot expect them to support older save games every time. You can roll back on steam to a previous patch to use old saves, but that’s the limit for their support.